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  1. Get on some of the Facebook pages for Guadalajara if you aren't already.  MexPATS Guadalajara is a good one.  There are several Facebook pages for expat medical students and their spouses.  I have seen these issues discussed on those pages.  Even the Indian technology worker Facebook pages mention the problem.  

  2. Just a suggestion.  We pay Aguinaldo, of course, but we also yearly bonus/holiday gift our workers and do that as a New Year gift.  We found early on that they often used all available cash for the holidays and then when water bills and taxes hit in January they were strapped financially and couldn't take advantage of the discounts.   Now we separate the payments and pay Aguinaldo on Dec 5 then pay their yearly bonus on January 6.  And we pay vacation time the 3rd night of San Andres festival in November.  So essentially there are hunks coming their way November, December and January.  I also might note we contract our employees and they know this from day one AND we never lend money.  We have gifted some, but we never ever lend it.  Happy holidays.

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  3. The Maskaras crew have tried this hospital thing 3 times.  The idea that they are looking for shops makes me think it might not be quite what they proposed it to be.  Professionals would have all that space contracted to appropriate vendors and service providers long before 60 days before they say it will open. We will see.

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  4. I listened to it too. Painted a nice picture.  Mexico can always hope.  Castro comparison is apt.  Personally I am left with the general feeling that Mexico for Mexicans will find the rules for US immigrants tightened without access to nationalized health options possibly even proof of health insurance, some larger financial requirements, no vehicles on temporals, maybe a property tax differentiation or a yearly fee like coastal properties along with a rental tax requirement.  The upshot is I think some residency changes will be coming.

  5. We know well over 100 people who have left over almost 15 years.  If you have been involved in a major single activity here for over a decade you can easily know 250 couples as acquaintances to know when and why they leave. Most people don't just disappear all at once.  Sometimes it was just a bad fit all the way around.  Those people last less than 18 months or so.  Then are the few people who come and everything goes wrong for them from the minute they step in country - trouble at the border, car troubles, bad rentals, crappy real estate agents, loaning money to con men, making the wrong friends and some how pissing off enough people from both cultures.  Those people just have a black cloud over their whole Mexico experience.  They usually try to 'fix it' and it just gets worse until they leave.  And predictably there are the usual reasons of health and family whether parents need care or missing the grandchildren growing up the desire to go is strong.  However there was an exodus with the economic downturn in 2009ish and those few years.  People went back for monetary reasons.  Not only their own economics circumstances changed but that of family members.  Several couple friends said they had to return because their adult children had lost jobs, were losing houses and their social security and retirement monies were necessary to maintain those households.  Dreadful situations.  And of course not too many houses were being sold then so that illiquid asset was also a drag.  So I think over 10 years there is a 50% turn around.  We see a LOT of new faces everywhere however we also see those 200 friendly faces we've seen since the early 2000s that comprise a group of longtimers.  

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  6. On 11/19/2018 at 10:54 AM, sue said:

    Wow amazing what people get away with saying I have never refused to allow someone to adopt a cat  or extorted monies from them I do not believe in mutilating an animal by declawing but I do know there are situations where there is no choice.  We do not give out our kittens for free but I am surprised that you considered our 150 Peso fee as a bundle.

    I said the vet required me to pay a premium to do something he doesn't ordinarily do.  I recall it was 5 cat spays per procedure for our cats.  Two back then and one since then. Not an onerous amount but it was very difficult to get him to do the declawing and he refused until we had a letter in spanish from husbands family NoB vet office of more than 40 years explaining the variety and number of animals under the family care over decades.  

    As for dogs I did sit near three dogs with four people just recently because they had finished their meal and were awaiting the check.  However once that was taken care of the pulled out a game and proceeded to settle in for the afternoon.  Now we have payed cards with another couple at a restaurant on a quiet and non-busy Sunday afternoon making sure to continue to purchase beverages after a hearty lunch but not for a couple hours with dogs in tow.  I learned and I won't be so foolish again.

    I have a couple leads and harnesses for cats for travelling.  I wonder if I can teach them to take walks and go to restaurants.  It would be an interesting exercise.

  7. I have no medical problems, thank heavens BUT I get scratch fever.  Dogs or cats doesn't matter.  Every single scratch breaking the skin lays me low for 3 or 4 days.  WE have had cats our entire married life.  None have claws. All were indoor-outdoor and killers magnifico!   The oldest lived to be 22 1/2 and the next was 19.  My husband has 4 cats.  They have no claws. You would faint at what premium  I had to pay the vet because Sue the "Cat Lady" was not going to give my husband new kitties unless I paid a bundle to help other kitties.  She understood it was medical necessity but no paga no gatitas.  Anyway I don't want  your dog near me.  At all. Not in the grocery, not at your house, not in your car, not in the restaurant.

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  8. I am surprised the state and federal government have not required the muncipality to allow them to review any plans on the mountainside for the purpose of predetermining if the development would impede a highway skirting along the mountain.  Something is going to happen with the auto crowding and as always the cart is before the horse.


    That could actually be a reason to delay development.  Appeal to the feds and state to assess the need for a mountain roadway.



  9. Bookings.com     or the last time we rented there it was thru a rental agency specializing in the village and they advertise in the Guadalajara Reporter. LaManzanilla is a relatively small place.  

    I understand about not wanting to "do" Facebook or AirBnb however at a certain point unless you are willing to plow thru the internet searches those sites do cut your time. 

  10. We need someone with professional level Medicare information to help us decide our next step in our older health insurance.


    Our options are going to change in the next couple of years.  My husband needs to get into the Medicare system and I will in three years.  We have literally no experience in any of this and since we have been here so many years (2005) we haven't had the usual reading material, tv shows, chats with friends  etc.. where a person might glean and accumulate some information.  


    So we need to hire someone to walk us through the choices in Medicare plans.  If you know of anyone have them contact me. Thanks

  11. Ohhhhh, very nice view.  Request for a Fiador is fairly common in Guadalajara however there are companies whose business is being a fiador so I am guessing that is similar to your insurance policy. I vaguely recall that it cost is equal to a month rent. Here I have only heard of a Fiador being required twice.  Both times for very high-end national owned properties which in around 2011 were $2500 US each and both were leased to executives of Hershey on their housing package.  There are some national owners now requesting the entire year of Pagares but those are still not common.  Its a whole new market.

  12. We been with Jesus Tejeda since 2005 for home, renter, 4 vehicles - 2 US and 2 MX, and full health insurance.  Guys who are busy are busy for a reason - just like you are and it's always a good thing to do business with guys who are busy in their field.  Tejeda has a secondman now and that has been wonderful.  jtejada17@hotmail.com  3336670499 or 3335631300

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  13. They pretty much take the trip once a month.  The next one is to La Casita.  Cost is about $400 pesos for the day.  City Market had some interesting cheese and deli items but realistically its a basic grocery store with fresh breads, deli and a awesome wine selection.  Once or twice a year maybe a special trip in but the killer is that the new Bed BAth and Beyond is just an escalator away.  The traffic is horrendous.  So if I would do it again it's be midweek, about 10 am coupled with a trip to La Casita which actually has a better selection of food stuffs and Costco, Jeffry's Bakery and probably Home Depot to keep my driver happy.

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