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  1. Chapala.com administrators - again, since it has been so long and so many changes since 2013 shouldn't you put a LOCK on threads older than 2 years.  They would still be there for background info but it is so wrong to let items like this show up 5 or 6years after they are valid.  It cannot be that hard to lock down a date every 4 months.  I suggest June 2017.



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  2. Encarcion Rosas and the Carreterra  (Farmacia Guadalajara and Donas Donuts Lloyds and the mediterranean food truck are at that corner)  at the light turn toward the mountain, north and drive up Encarcion Rosas.  Go past the first cross street and in the middle of the block on the right side, west, is a store with a big sign in it that says, "Helios".  The store is just about at the tree in the roadway.


  3. A 8-10 inch trunked ficus has a root ball that can be dug out by hand with a couple guys and a pick axe.  It is actually easier if you trim the leafy top back hard  and then deep shovel cut (poacher spade works great) around the root ball out about 18 inches from the trunk.  Then rock the trunk to loosen the grip on the earth and push it over to pull the root ball out of the ground and then cut it up.


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  4. Natasha you are so sweet to worry.  The point of capturing feral cats is to move them away from the neighborhood where they have become comfortable.  One cat is ill and will be put down.  The other cat will be snipped and released kilometers away near a barn in a village.  Someone there is expecting the cat so it will not be alone in the relocation. These feral cats  are a serious health hazard to my own 4 indoor/outdoor cats and to my neighbors 2 indoor/outdoor cats and the single cat next door who is strictly indoor but whom they lament about at the house windows.  They defecate on miradors and on terraces and in garden beds in the yards.  If they get into the house they spray everything and everywhere. They fight with neighborhood cats and howl all night.  This is the 3rd set of two feral cats in 2 years.  I am not heartless about this but my first obligation is to the cats who own us.  Then to my neighbors cats and lastly to the feral cats.  They will get what they need medically but then be relocated.  They are not adoptable.

  5. The mail service which we used for a couple years did the incoming packages like this:  The package went to the Laredo address.  It was a drop office. We went there once to pick an item up on our way into the country.  The small 10 x 10 space  had some shelves and one table and the room was a mess of opened boxes,  pieces parts of items strewn about and cast off packaging thrown in the corner.  Once the girl opened the box she took the  item in its sales package and put it in a suit case.  She was paid to do only one suitcase a week.The suitcase went across the border into N. Laredo in her mothers vehicle as personal belongings.  On the N. Laredo side the items were packaged into a cardboard moving box and sent by post to family in Guadalajara.  Then it was brought by car into Ajijic and unloaded onto the shelves in the mail service office.  Every item had to have a cost invoice and the duty was a standard % of the item cost. The standard percentage was negotiable depending on who you were, how many friends you had using the service and how much you brought in thru the service.

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  6. bdlington you have been here a long time and are fluent and uou cannot tell me you haven't figured out that restaurants reason for being in business after 3 years and no business patrons.


    Anyway, Ashley B, you will have a lot of fun here with the kids.  Take the bus into Chapala and at the eastern end of the Malecon are some great restaurants for seafood.  The patio on the eastern end by the government buildings and brightly painted CHAPALA tourist sign for photos makes guacamole tableside which is always fun.  


    Go to Ajijic Newbies facebook page and join and there you will find a file of names and phone numbers for drivers.  Drivers are a better bet than cabs, put a couple names and numbers on a list the prices are resonable enough with two tired kids at the end of a long day.  You won't see cabs trolling for fares.

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  7. https://www.facebook.com/notes/gringos-ajijic-lakeside/lakeside-drivers-and-taxis/1783082931752976/


    This is file of private drivers.  Most will come to ZMG Guadalajara to pick you up and return you that day.  Several have vans for 3 adults and 3 children.  This is not the least expensive way but probably the best way to get a full day without a lot of hassle.  Join the FAcebook page.  


    You do have to join the group to access the names and card pictures.  Everybody should anyway because the info on FAcebook is more like we used to get on this site and MExconnect.  Everything moves and changes.



  8. We are also from Ohio and when we left in 2005 our financial guys had us "divorce" the state of Ohio.  We wrote a letter to the Secretary of State and copied the Tax Department that we were leaving the state with no intention of returning and since we were leaving the US we would not be establishing  state tax liability in another state.  Under these rules we had to leave for 5 years an if we returned within 5 years we would owe state taxes on the intervening years.  We allowed our state drivers license to expire and got Mexican licenses.  Before we left we registered our vehicles with Clay county South Dakota for registration, license plates and insurability.


    The IRS has our Mexican address and everything they send over the years gets delivered in a rather timely manner straight into our buzon slot in the front door.


  9. We are very pleased with our construction crew.  However they do not do the fine details inside that I need to have to finish.  Paint lines are crooked..etc... So if you know of a finish crew for some surface concrete work, painting, and door installation please send me their info.  I know everyone is busy but maybe someone's timing is off on their project.  THanks.

  10. We love watching the shipping lanes in Manzanillo because my husband childhood neighbor Steinbrenner owned shipping company and he got all the neighbor boys their maritime cards and jobs on the ships for a few weeks each summer. We have stayed at the Pink Posada (charmingly retro) and just to the north at a private condo complex.  Beach and cards all day long.  OR try Melaque try the  Posada Pablo  www.posadapablodetarso.com  3153555707 o 3555717.


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