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  1. The mail service which we used for a couple years did the incoming packages like this: The package went to the Laredo address. It was a drop office. We went there once to pick an item up on our way into the country. The small 10 x 10 space had some shelves and one table and the room was a mess of opened boxes, pieces parts of items strewn about and cast off packaging thrown in the corner. Once the girl opened the box she took the item in its sales package and put it in a suit case. She was paid to do only one suitcase a week.The suitcase went across the border into N. Laredo in her mot
  2. bdlington you have been here a long time and are fluent and uou cannot tell me you haven't figured out that restaurants reason for being in business after 3 years and no business patrons. Anyway, Ashley B, you will have a lot of fun here with the kids. Take the bus into Chapala and at the eastern end of the Malecon are some great restaurants for seafood. The patio on the eastern end by the government buildings and brightly painted CHAPALA tourist sign for photos makes guacamole tableside which is always fun. Go to Ajijic Newbies facebook page and join and there you
  3. Who has one of these that we can use to capture two feral male cats in the neighborhood? One at a time for vet trips. Not only for snipping but we think one is ill and putting the domesticated cats on our block at risk. We need to get him to the vet first. Thanks.
  4. I am on the hunt for 1/4 hardy board and need to give them a call. Need a piece 36 x48. Anyone have the number. Thanks.
  5. A card afternoon would be fun. There is a Euchre group meeting at the Blue Moon on Tuesdays about 1 that seats 3 or 4 tables every week. There is plenty of room. The drinks are cold and he does have good food so some of us come early and nibble.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/273139823133380/?fref=gc&dti=528636037269927&hc_location=ufi is the face book page for Gay Alliance Ajijic/Chapala
  7. https://www.facebook.com/notes/gringos-ajijic-lakeside/lakeside-drivers-and-taxis/1783082931752976/ This is file of private drivers. Most will come to ZMG Guadalajara to pick you up and return you that day. Several have vans for 3 adults and 3 children. This is not the least expensive way but probably the best way to get a full day without a lot of hassle. Join the FAcebook page. You do have to join the group to access the names and card pictures. Everybody should anyway because the info on FAcebook is more like we used to get on this site and MExconnect. Everyt
  8. I have a gallon of it out in my garage. There are recipes for making it on Pinterest.com.
  9. Thanks for posting that it was aired. I had forgotten all about it. Let's hope nobody watches BBC. We are full up.
  10. Yep, lots of revenue. Just like the parking meter debacle. Money in pockets that is all it is going to be.
  11. We are also from Ohio and when we left in 2005 our financial guys had us "divorce" the state of Ohio. We wrote a letter to the Secretary of State and copied the Tax Department that we were leaving the state with no intention of returning and since we were leaving the US we would not be establishing state tax liability in another state. Under these rules we had to leave for 5 years an if we returned within 5 years we would owe state taxes on the intervening years. We allowed our state drivers license to expire and got Mexican licenses. Before we left we registered our vehicles with Clay co
  12. slabs on the laterals in Tonala, into center off the ramp turn left at the light about 3 blocks on the left.
  13. Anyone know who was driving this around Ajijic this morning. Baby blue.
  14. We are very pleased with our construction crew. However they do not do the fine details inside that I need to have to finish. Paint lines are crooked..etc... So if you know of a finish crew for some surface concrete work, painting, and door installation please send me their info. I know everyone is busy but maybe someone's timing is off on their project. THanks.
  15. Open one or two savings accounts connected to your checking account and get debit cards for checking account, Savings 1 and Savings 2. Then transfer between them. If one card gets eaten you have two remaining.
  16. I prefer the Spanish Facebook page. Everything gets put on there quickly.
  17. We love watching the shipping lanes in Manzanillo because my husband childhood neighbor Steinbrenner owned shipping company and he got all the neighbor boys their maritime cards and jobs on the ships for a few weeks each summer. We have stayed at the Pink Posada (charmingly retro) and just to the north at a private condo complex. Beach and cards all day long. OR try Melaque try the Posada Pablo www.posadapablodetarso.com 3153555707 o 3555717.
  18. It is time to get it out of the box. We are not decorating this year but this is always a favorite. Husbands when he was just a wee one. Thanks for the reminder.
  19. Get on some of the Facebook pages for Guadalajara if you aren't already. MexPATS Guadalajara is a good one. There are several Facebook pages for expat medical students and their spouses. I have seen these issues discussed on those pages. Even the Indian technology worker Facebook pages mention the problem.
  20. Just a suggestion. We pay Aguinaldo, of course, but we also yearly bonus/holiday gift our workers and do that as a New Year gift. We found early on that they often used all available cash for the holidays and then when water bills and taxes hit in January they were strapped financially and couldn't take advantage of the discounts. Now we separate the payments and pay Aguinaldo on Dec 5 then pay their yearly bonus on January 6. And we pay vacation time the 3rd night of San Andres festival in November. So essentially there are hunks coming their way November, December and January. I also
  21. The Maskaras crew have tried this hospital thing 3 times. The idea that they are looking for shops makes me think it might not be quite what they proposed it to be. Professionals would have all that space contracted to appropriate vendors and service providers long before 60 days before they say it will open. We will see.
  22. We have built several interior curtain walls from wood and drywall. We also haven't had termites at our closet doors or furniture in the village.. A house we are rermodeling which is near vacant land has had termites. So maybe its more location.
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