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  1. I just don't hear any of it anymore, praise or condemnation, since nothing changes. For less than $200 US a year in property taxes I figure I buy some group of 4 a nice dinner at in some conference city where they contract for municipal services we don't want or need. What I get tired of is the whining. Add $275 more to your tax bill and then spend it on your own street fixing potholes lots of guys know how to do that work. Or for $100 pesos a week hire a neighbor kid to put clean bags in the abandoned wastecans on poles on your street and they can take them ut on trash day too. That
  2. There are companies which do this as a business. Find some Guadalajara facebook pages like MexPatGuadalajara and ask there. It would be a topic at this time of year as the medical students come in and leave. It is not usual in the Lake Chapala area to have to provide this but is regular business elsewhere.
  3. Africa, India, etc... know full well that any effort made by the 1st world is doomed by the continued growth of the 3rd world. Population and pollution. Then China who has no worries and owns the African continent and soon the world.....
  4. And they disintegrate and rip apart quickly but are not recyclable and go straight to trash piles.
  5. Why? It doesn't matter which airline. We fly many and to lots of different places. We don't pay tourist tax to Mexico because we are not tourists. Every airline has respected the request to refund the tax.
  6. You can pay a boy to bring it to you. A neighbor used to do that. Kid did it in the morning before he went to afternoon session school.
  7. We send a letter to the airline customer service when we return from each trip. Photo of each persons ticket, boarding pass stub and INM card plus our passport. We get refunded every time.
  8. Wouldn't you suppose that the project simply bought the use of the Wyndham name like the el Dorado property did with Radisson.
  9. Moved, changed, resurrected...all reasons to have the administrator archive posts older than say a year. You can still get the old info just prevents misunderstandings. That said the Chapala Government Facebook pages are very informative. Or the newspaper. Yes many say - oh my privacy etc... well yes, maybe, probably. However "they" already know all that info about you.
  10. Many expats do not realize just how well-to-do citizens of the area are, both expat and Mexican households, and they reflect many stratas of society. As for electing someone to do your bidding that change isn't going to happen becuase those political candidates and opportunities are decided years ahead as rewards for support and cooperation. It is very much who you know and what you did for them. Terrible but not changing as long as there are families with members in the pipeline awaiting their turn at the treasury.
  11. No titles. No bank trust available. Just makes me shiver.
  12. Another Aguagente convert. After years of regular delivery to our door in Ajijic centro (we rotated 3 bottles) the idea of not bothering with the garrafons was appealing. I have a husband at home who can lift garrafons for me. And we have whole house UV etc..even he says it tastes better.
  13. Profeco is the BBB which I hadn't thought was of any use in the US. Except for places where Angie's List is very active the recourse is small claims court in the US. If you haven't $800 pesos for a consult then gas and time in the city are your only options and those expenses are unrecoverable. Like many we have just walked away making sure everyone we know is told about the behavior. But then we've never had $1500 US at stake without a contract and a quarter total payment agreement. This is your second need for a Profeco type of solution. That is unusual and I am sorry for your poor
  14. Soriana - might try over with the curtains and rods. Travis you haven't asked me but I have some. I gave Gringal some black a year or two ago and I haven't any white or I'd have offered it up. My sewing notions have been lonely for years.
  15. Since my FedEx package doesn't say AJIJIC MX am I correct thinking that the package has not left Guadalajra and is in the Guad "local FedEx station" Monday, 05/20/201906:35GUADALAJARA MX At the local FedEx station Sunday, 05/19/201911:14GUADALAJARA MX At the local FedEx station Saturday, 05/18/201902:26GUADALAJARA MX At the local FedEx station 02:05GUADALAJARA MX At the local FedEx station Friday, 05/17/201919:56GUADALAJARA MX In transit 09:06GUADALAJARA MX In transit The package is available to be checked by customs 07:17GUADALAJARA MX In destination cl
  16. It has been years. There are two that I have seen but they are privately owned for pleasure boating.
  17. We took the pontoon "ferry" across several times, took about an hour each way.
  18. I forgot to take a photo. I wll tomorrow with the measurements. i have decided not to furnish the house we are selling in upper Ajijic. Just the basics so someone can have fun doing it themselves. There is so much available.
  19. I have two, will photo them tomorrow when at the house.
  20. Love the eord too. As for wider shoes any cobbler shop can widen them for you with spreaders where a B becomes a C and on thin leather a C+ width. Even fabric tennis shoes can be stretched.
  21. We went in last night, Friday, at 7. Music so loud we could not hear the waiter. Asked for mule drink, nope. Asked for 3 different beers, Nope. Asked for Ice Tea, Nope. Finally asked for what he could bring us. A Equis light and a Corona. No label on the Corona which generally means its been in the cooler for ages. Then he started to tell me what wasn't available on the menu we were done. There were 4 of us. Music still too loud after asking it to be dialed down a bit. Other couple we knew came and decided to get their pizza to go. Because of the music. So 6 people, figure 250-35
  22. a great article. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/04/david-frum-how-much-immigration-is-too-much/583252/ I. The Wave That’s Still Building Through much of the 20th century, the United States received comparatively few immigrants. In the 60 years from 1915 until 1975, nearly a human lifetime, the United States admitted fewer immigrants than arrived, legally and illegally, in the single decade of the 1990s. If you grew up in the 1950s, the 1960s, or even the 1970s, heavy immigration seemed mostly a chapter from the American past, narrated to the nostalgic st
  23. Where are the instructions for blocking a poster. Never thought of doing that but I am not enjoying this person at all. They bring nothing to the table.
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