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  1. We used LCM for our move from Ohio and hired daylabor in Ohio to help load the trailer. We used all 28 feet. WE packed most of the boxes ourselves and wrapped the upholstered furniture. Purchased the supplies at a wholesale business - flat cardboard, bolts of shrink wrap, plain newsprint, various sized bubble wrap and cardboard boxes. LCM arranged transport of the trailer and pick up was quick. Because our subdivision did not allow a trailer we moved everything to two large storage units and the trailer was able to park there for 4 days while we fuss and fooled with loading it. The load let Ohio on Dec 20 and arrived in Ajijic on January 10th. Excellent time considering the holidays. We had two broken chair backs but had them repaired and didn't bother with a claim. Too much hassle. Total cost for transport and LCM was just over $10K. The storage units and daylabor was, 8 years ago, about $1500.
  2. shoot, used that years ago when chaairing a community fundraiser...new is caldwell7661653@gmail.com

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