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  1. Just find someone willing to hire you out of their office and then have at it.
  2. We had them for 4 years for a rental in which we do not live. We liked that the women lived in the neighborhood. Leticia was always on top of it for changes and for our tenants in and out times. Very flexible and yet consistent. We have had them for our own home when we were between cleaning women. We paid $500 pesos for 4 hours for 2 women to clean a typical 2 story 2 bed/3 bath with a living space on the mirador. They hustled no doubt about it and it was always "company ready". they were able to do sheets and towels during that time. No tip however they were remembered w
  3. solajijic


    What a bunch of hooey, Tom's was about as innocuous as a bar can be. It had its time and place long ago.
  4. I saw it at Walmart with the plastic pots in the housewares etc.. aisle. Small box.
  5. The original poster in 2012 mentions info about the Seis Esquinas clinic which is no longer correct. Rony the next poster mentions procedures for sign up which are no longer correct. The Dr. Santiago mentions his program and is challenged on his position in the community. He has been here and proven himself many times over since 2012 as a valuable medical asset to the area. Costs mentioned are no longer valid, hospital registration info is not correct, there are english speaking physicians, etc.... Information on immigration procedures and he
  6. This thread is a prime example why the administrators should find a way to lock all thread that are over 2 years old. Locking them would allow them to be read for background information on a topic but not allow them to be reactivated with old and erroneous information.
  7. Well I am not sure what place you all were hearing because the sound I heard was loud but not thumping. It was not a live band but the interior sound system of CDs. In fact we were entertaining outside all evening from 6 to 12 without really noticing the regular dinner music in the air. We did notice there were not many patrons for dinner and we did notice when the restaurant shut down. That is why this tendency to have staff stay after hours and turn on the sound system and party and be noisy until the early morning hours is noticable and incredibly inconsiderate. The vocalist usua
  8. Your neighbors generally have no problem with your noise and music during regular business hours. HOWEVER, we have decided to join together to stop your staff and the after business noise from midnight 12:00 into the morning hours. It is 1:30 and you haven't had anyone in your restaurant for over 2 hours. Your doors are closed which means your business should be silent. Last weekend your staff party went until 4:30 am. With four different people stationed around the neighborhood we are each logging the time, the noise level by actual recording and an official volume meter. We are also calling
  9. June 11 mid-afternoon about 3. I will be lamenting the start because THIS is my favorite time of year here and we are not going north this summer so I will have to suffer a rainy season - ugh.
  10. That is helpful..................unfortunately for about the 3rd weekend there has been partying inside the business after it closed, with music and screaming which finally stopped this morning at 4:30 am. I am not sure the principals of the business know that this after hours activity is becoming regular. Probably time to get the neighbors together to have a chat about mutual consideration.
  11. I did try to search this but there has been so much on the topic that culling out the rules on the hours a business can have noise and the measurable level has been difficult. Does anyone have them at hand to share. I would appreciate it. Our local noise place has recently begun to start new sets of music at 11:30 whereas they used to finish about that time. I realize they need to do more to get business in the doors and do not begrudge them the evening, but this is too late and too loud. So we in the neighborhood need to begin to keep records.
  12. It now takes me 15 minutes to see and scroll thru the latest posts. Not for me. I usually look at this while doing something else mindless. So for a late night activity, maybe this would work, but I won't be checking a time or two during the day because of the slowness.
  13. I think you have to have a CFE bill or phone bill and your lease. Along with your identification, INM card and passport. You just can't show up in the office and claim you live at a real address you have to have the papers too.
  14. Well shoot, we usually give a place a while to settle in before wandering over to try it out. Early reviews were burger size, over salt on the fries and milkshake issues. We found all of those were still items of contention on our visit this afternoon. The burger tastes great, we had doubles with everything. Husband wants the two patties put together so it will be a little thicker and have bigger bun coverage. He will go without the grilled onions because they made the bun mushy because the onions were "wet'. They should be drained almost dry. The fries were way too salty. Way Way too salt
  15. There has been a group playing for a little more than 5 years. Monday and Wednesday mornings around 10ish down at the Ajijic Malecon. Stroll down, look around for them and introduce yourself.
  16. Great and fun trail rides out in Vista del Lago. Send me a PM and I will share the email.
  17. Escalera Motors does it. On the Carretera near S&S Auto, lakeside of the road.
  18. Try asking on this new facebook page ....https://www.facebook.com/groups/785666514831385/ this is a local buy, sell, barter and trade. I have a set of Franciscian Autumn leaves coming on later today.
  19. Friends had couples plastic surgery with Dr. Villaran and was absolutely AMAZED at the result. He was careful to make them natural and younger enough to look just awesome.
  20. I have never been a believer in the highly anticipated great boomer exodus to Mexico. Its never seemed to me that expats here have a true appreciation for how unusual a move here is for the general populace. Virtually everyone we know in the US aged mid-50s to mid-60s has taken advantage of the buying opportunity these past 5 years to purchase a southern home in Arizona, Nevada, Texas hill country, Florida and the Keys with a couple landing in the lower eastern seaboard and two couples bought in San Diego area because their kids are there for good. Three couples who have had condos in Napl
  21. I wonder if you can add his name to your title and then take it to the border and bring it in under his name?
  22. For all the site is it is missing more than a few of the recent Las Salvias burglaries and from last week the two early morning while people were home burglaries in the east Ajijic village area. Of the four this week in the west south central Ajijic area only one is reported. Why does no one use this to report to the greater area what is going on? We know 5 households which have been burgled recently and only one has decided many weeks after the fact to think about putting it out there. Any ideas why people don't use the website? Any ideas how to make it more important for people to report i
  23. We used LCM for our move from Ohio and hired daylabor in Ohio to help load the trailer. We used all 28 feet. WE packed most of the boxes ourselves and wrapped the upholstered furniture. Purchased the supplies at a wholesale business - flat cardboard, bolts of shrink wrap, plain newsprint, various sized bubble wrap and cardboard boxes. LCM arranged transport of the trailer and pick up was quick. Because our subdivision did not allow a trailer we moved everything to two large storage units and the trailer was able to park there for 4 days while we fuss and fooled with loading it. The load
  24. shoot, used that years ago when chaairing a community fundraiser...new is caldwell7661653@gmail.com

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