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  1. One set of family from Sydney flew via a cheap flights to the US west coast SFO then a cheap flight to I think Las Vegas and then a mexican airline flight Vegas to GDL, 2014 and I think it ran them about $1800 US each for RT.  Another set of young people came thru Europe via a Australian vacation company flights and I think it was Sydney to Thailand to Germany to London to MExico City to Guadalajara and that too was about $1800.


    Be creative. 


    There is a more than one website that regularly post incrredible flight deals, find those and track them.



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  2. For years we have paid our house, vehicle and medical insurances with a credit card in US Dollars.  The AXA policies, in Spanish, have premiums in USD in the total column.  Last year we took out two policies on a friends behalf with the same company AXA and indicated we didn't want those on our card and the agent could pick up the premium.  Those policies were written with MXN premium amounts. 

    Just tell them to write it in pesos.  They probably figure you want it in USD.


  3. We are VERY glad to hear that the music start time has been pushed to further in the evening.  We do not enjoy band music with our meals and conversation.  Our last 3 trips there we had to drive on by and go to Tango.  Once it was just the 2 of us, once we were a party of 6 and last week a party of 5.  Dining out is getting harder to find.  Pedro's GO now has music twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday.  At least he's left some nights for dining with conversation.


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