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  1. Doesn't anyone negotiate anymore? Go to your bank or investment institution and talk with a manager who can make decisions. Tell them something like, "I want to move $35,000 US ( however much) to my account here but I don't want to miss an advantageous jump in the exchange rate. When you can give me 19.75 (or whatever but be reasonable) let me know and I will execute the move that day." You can bet that manager has someone they can call who will be able to tell them to give you a better rate. You have to ask and you have to tell them what you will do and then follow
  2. Use the search function. You would be surprised how many times this subject has been discussed over the last decade. Ask Polo the hearing specialist who comes to LCS in Ajijic every week. 045-331-571-4088
  3. One set of family from Sydney flew via a cheap flights to the US west coast SFO then a cheap flight to I think Las Vegas and then a mexican airline flight Vegas to GDL, 2014 and I think it ran them about $1800 US each for RT. Another set of young people came thru Europe via a Australian vacation company flights and I think it was Sydney to Thailand to Germany to London to MExico City to Guadalajara and that too was about $1800. Be creative. There is a more than one website that regularly post incrredible flight deals, find those and track them.
  4. For years we have paid our house, vehicle and medical insurances with a credit card in US Dollars. The AXA policies, in Spanish, have premiums in USD in the total column. Last year we took out two policies on a friends behalf with the same company AXA and indicated we didn't want those on our card and the agent could pick up the premium. Those policies were written with MXN premium amounts. Just tell them to write it in pesos. They probably figure you want it in USD.
  5. We are VERY glad to hear that the music start time has been pushed to further in the evening. We do not enjoy band music with our meals and conversation. Our last 3 trips there we had to drive on by and go to Tango. Once it was just the 2 of us, once we were a party of 6 and last week a party of 5. Dining out is getting harder to find. Pedro's GO now has music twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. At least he's left some nights for dining with conversation.
  6. I just had some brought from NoB, I am in the village if you want to come get some I will be home today.
  7. HAs anyone figured out how to use the mobile app for check deposit into a US based bank. We expect paper checks for the next couple of years and need to figure a way to deposit them short of sending them back to the US once they arrive here. Would an anonymizer on the device work? Yeah, PIA.
  8. If you are in Ajijic I know a women who irons at your house and might be wanting more work. There is also an organized group of women in San Antonio who iron but you must drop off the items to them. I do not know how to reach them other than to wander the street and ask the ladies walking. ITs been a while but I know hear that they are still working.
  9. We moved here from the midwest. Over a decade ago it was usual to find people mostly from high cost of living areas, primarily the west coast. They would just gab on and on about how much less, 30 to 50% less, it cost them to live here and how much house they could buy compared to wherever they came from in CA, WA or OR. We found that for our style of living it was a lateral move for our daily living costs. Our moving here savings were in mortgage and property taxes along with state income taxes. Of course those savings go along with the reduced retirement income level. I am beg
  10. Yes but the closing is indicative of the state of the health of public health services, both IMSS and Seguro Popular. If you are counting on them you might want to plan a back up.
  11. The Hospital Civil in Guadalajara was closed last week for 4 days or so. I would suspect the enitre system was under severe stress before, during and after that difficult situation.
  12. There are numerous listings on www.AirBnb.com for Ajijic. They range from huge houses to single rooms and have many casitas listed. Prices range from $20 to $200 at night.
  13. I am seeing the diagonal lines of a crosswalk and anything parked ahead of that would be too close to the corner. Been there. Costly.
  14. This was great fun last year and we are looking forward to it!
  15. Two people in our household need to go get a license. And I have a van that carries 7 . Send me a PM if you want to get a group together.
  16. The WEA representatives in other countries have told me this week that their premium increases were known 90 days ahead and that not notifying clients that the previous year premium was miscalculated is reason to change agencies. WEA is available on the internet from several companies. A personal policy is oftentimes less expensive than a group. Since Boomers doesn't offer any agent handholding as a matter of course just buying off the rack seems just as good.
  17. RVGringo, thanks. I have been looking on VRBo, Homeway and AirBnB and thought to ask here just looking for a closer connection. The fees VRBO are now charging are outrageous so maybe someone will see my request and we will both save ourselves a bundle. At $3K a month or so every bit helps. I am not sure I understand the hurricane time frame in the high season, Jan-Feb-March, isn't typically considered a weather risk in PV area. We enjoyed last winter in that area versus the overcast dreary Ajijic weather we have begun to have during January and February.
  18. We are looking for local people who might know whom to contact in Puerto Vallarta to Bucerias area for a winter rental. We and another couple will be renting our Ajijic houses. We are looking for 3 bedroom, pool and on the beach or within a block or two. Jan to mid-March 2017. We are willing to try different areas but prefer at least 3 weeks in each location. Thanks for any leads you have for that area..
  19. As a Clevelander I will assumer you dont' know much about the place. However as to getting items back that way if it is furniture etc she is trying to move and she is capable of driving the distance she should get a local person to drive the items to Texas, rent a truck there and drive them back. if she can't drive it then she should ship them from Texas, It will be less expensive from there. We used Lake Chapala Movers to bring a houseful of furniture. We knew then that the bigger pieces wouldn't ever be going back. The traditional furniture we prefer is practically given awa
  20. I get further and further behind every day. Had to look this up on Google. Maybe since you guys know this stuff you might also know someone who could give lessons on Android phones and tablets. Send me a PM. Thanks
  21. Has anyone had architectural drawings copied? If so, where? I don't want to go back to the fellow who did them because he has been paid and it was a can of worms and I am not happy with his not making the changes I requested. He didn't like them. I need a couple sets I can write on and a couple for friends to write on....well,you know, it takes a village. Thanks.
  22. Well Harry, looks like a threat to move a "Banda" bar has been made.  Could you look into this and perhaps if we are proactive it won't happen.  4 has virtually no patrons - maybe a smattering of a dozen or so on weekend nights.  High season is a bit better but not much as we were aware of a major downturn in business this winter.    Thanks, Anita


    Anyway, here it is:


    Dear Neighbors,

    We do no frequent this board, but this post was mentioned by guests.

    “4” Management apologizes to the complaining neighbor(s), regarding any sound(s) that may have come out of the premises after hours. There was indeed ONE private birthday party after hours. We sincerely regret that anyone was bothered.

    Now, we have a water bottling business to our right, a couple of apartments and a hotel to our left, so we have a mixed use neighborhood, and some of our neighbors actually work at “4”. Furthermore, there were several other parties going on that night in the area, with much louder music (our sound system has bookshelves speakers). We think we know where the issue is, so it's an easy fix.

    That been said, ignorance seems to permeates a few of the posts here, while others are plain stupid. And like Ron white said, you can’t fix stupid. So we won’t waste time with that non sense. The obvious smart one being the one asking: What is “4” response? Well “4” could not have responded since NO ONE talked to Management. To remediate this “4” is inviting you, our neighbors, to cross the street, visit with us and talk around a glass of wine, like civilized people.

    To set the record straight, Number 4 did not fail miserably. Being from Toronto, Kim brought with her exacting standards and a level of sophistication still unequalled around these shores. She got tired, for reasons we now clearly understand.


    Finally, “4” enjoys what is referred to as the “Banda Put”. So you should actually pray and even patronize the new “4” to ensure its success for two powerful reasons.

    1 - It will keep up the value of your real estate investment by maintaining a certain level of guests.

    2 - If it is not, there is an open ended offer from Guad promoters: they'll turn it into a Mexican Cantina complete with live Banda (they own several and have approval).


    Now, just picture what a Live Banda place would do for your Real Estate investment (not to mention your ears). Just in case, we recently fitted our live music stage and had it made more than twice the necessary size: it is large enough to accommodate a 12 piece Banda.



    “4” Management

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