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  1. Who is in charge of this project? I don't mind the trash barrels becaussse it does make them stand out and be seen so they can be used. The poles are horrible and a visual blight. I have a couple neaar me that someone got excited about andpainted the nearby tree trunks too. Did someone give some money for supplies for this project. I know that happens I was the conduit for a gift a of monies with no strings to an "artist" on Zaragoza a few years ago for some street art on those houses. To this day I can't drive down that street. I want to know so I can prevent the poles in front of
  2. Rancho San Francisco is out in Vista del Lago and is run by Stephanie Decker. Her trail rides are wonderful. She is very accomodating. motherdecker@gmail.com
  3. When we came in 2004 the only light was at Colon and the Carreterra. I think that lasted until 2007 or so when the others began to show up. It took another year for those to be reliably functional. The good old days.
  4. To the person using a single debit card ---- geez, open a savings account attached to your regular account and get a debit card for that savings account. Easy peasy solution and now you will have 2 cards and can order from the savings account card and limit the amount in that account to what you transfer in. You could even open 2 savings accounts.
  5. I have had nothing but trouble with this and it did work one time in August. I really need it to work every month. If you successfully use this via your mobile phone I would like to meet you and talk to you and try to make a deposit to my account. If successful I have a new Iphone to replicate how you installed the ap so I can do this every month. I am concerned that since this checkis mailed to us and contains the Ajijic address on the front with the word Mexico on it that it is being rejected by the scanners or whatever that reads the checks. That is the only thing left to
  6. Do be aware that if this "safe" is portable it will disappear so don't put anything important in it. Do NOT put your immigration papers, passports, credit cards, deed to the house, factur for vehicles, etc... in there because those papers are really hard and time consuming to replace. Here is the rationale - thieves don't really want your papers they want money things so if they can see your papers they will just toss them aside and move on. Your US passports are valuable so put them in a baggy and tuck them away somewhere - in a book, between holiday decorations etc...
  7. Manix might work out, I have had Andrew do many things for us over the years but I thought he was in Canada. I will ask on his FB page where he is. Thanks
  8. We had one of the fellows who goes to Texas bring us the replacement tire. It might take a month and since you need the car see if one of the used tire guys has one that will do until the replacement arrives. You probably wouldn't find a comparable tire in Michelin either.
  9. So which restaurant makes the best meat Lasagna in town. We don't eat it so I haven't any clues. I need to feed a crowd so I want to order it. Thanks.
  10. We need to borrow, rent or buy a single bed before Sunday. We have company coming and I have decided to house everyone in my house for the fun of being together instead of having the grandkids in the house next door. My husband will transport it back and forth. Nov 20 to 30. Thanks.
  11. 5Jacks that is a option but I don't want to eat dinner at 5 pm and then what do I do with the rest of the evening? I think early on when places began staying open after 7 pm that the first successful places had music...the old Melanies at Danza del Sol for instance. There were only a couple places staying open late, and late was 9. And then the buying boom occurred and music became a component of what restaurants thought people wanted then EVERY place had to have music and innumerable bands were formed and re-formed etc... and fairly soon the bands wanting to play were driving th
  12. We chose not to go in because of the music. There are plenty of places to go "dancing". When we go out with friends for a meal we are looking primarily for decent food and a good conversation. We are not going out for dinner at 7pm looking for music for dancing. Chillin' will not be on our or our friends lists because of the focus on music.
  13. I am interested, my husband is not. Send me a PM, he will drive me in and others in but visit friend in TElaquepque and will return at the end to extract us from the crowd.
  14. Yes I have downloaded the ap, removed it, downloaded it again...several times. Any hints?
  15. Is there a trick to mobile ap deposit banking? Back in August I was able to get a $600 US check to deposit from my Bank of America mobile ap on an android phone. I haven't been able to do it since. The messages say it can't be done from here. I put on the anonymizer and it takes the application all the way to the deposit point and then says the amount I input and the amount of the check do not agree. I need to be able to put these checks in BoA thru the mobile ap. I have a brand new Iphone. I know people for whom the BoA ap works ALL the time. I haven't set this Iphone
  16. This Buckeye is looking to see the game tonight. Watching the last two games at home has been fun, but hey more faaces would be fun. Since I am not a bar person I haven't a clue what places show the games. Where would you suggest?
  17. solajijic

    Number 4

    Yes last night the officials came and with police they had people to clear everything out and into the street then loaded onto trucks. They worked all night. The cat is probably inside, she was around yesterday. She tends to walk the front wall late in the afternoon. She will come out when she gets hungry. or maybe someone took her.
  18. The restaurant was closed and stripped last night and the cat remains behind. It is possible someone will come for her but that is probably wishful thinking. If you do cat rescue she is friendly and loving so will be easy to coax to you.
  19. We have a check mailed here every month an although it has always eventually arrived it can take between 3 and 11 weeks. I just received a USPS certified letter which took 3 weeks. I am going to check to see if the verification papers are actually returned to them and how long it takes from the day I signed to when they received them. I signed last Tuesday and this Tuesday I will begin hounding the woman because she just does not believe that it can take so long to get mail and that the mail can get lost regularly and that her refusal to send the checks via FedX or DHL is sniggly.
  20. Why is it that people believe that a mexican national could not afford meat or poison? Just like the expat community there is a wide range of income levels within the local community. Ruling anyone out is shortsighted.
  21. There are plenty of decent Mexican plated small cars under $4000US on the market here on various Facebook pages thre is a cute Cabriolet for $3500 US. And then specifically autos are available twice a year when the medical students come and go from Guadalajara. There are inexpensive rentals available from locals.
  22. We took ours north 4 years ago but now I need one for patio cleaning - the dirt in the concrete swirls. The brush, broom and soap method just isn't working. Where would I rent one or if someone can loan one for a day that would be nice of them. Thanks.
  23. Are you keeping your US licensure which would allow you continued US prescription writing privileges?
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