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  1. Kidney problems are passed from generationto generation. With inter-marriage and small villages these types of problems are not unknown and need to be explored as a reason, not an excuse. Education is a factor in eradicating generational disease. Third world countries and the health organizations which service them are learning to differentiate between causes of disease which originate in the environment and those which are a result of inbreeding, for lack of a more delicate way to say it.
  2. It seems as though this spring there are lots of people looking for exactly the same type of rental - 2 beds and a den or 3rd, spacious, yard, and walkable with great amenities...but no one wants to pay more than $1000 US. So be aware that there is lots of competition for those somewhat larger houses in the $1000-1600 US price range. Expect to be at the higher end if you want to be centrally located, walkable, a veiw, and decorated furnishings. There are an extraordinary number of houses available now that skirt $2000 a month. It was just astonishing when we went looking recently. Go
  3. I have a new white "swimteam" cap that I ran across a couple weeks ago in storage. Send me a PM if you want it.
  4. These are our preferred general cracker. Buy them whenever you see packages on the shelves because like many things they come and then they go for a while. Lots better than Ritz. For flatbread tasteless crackers I use mexican brand saltless saltines...good for pesto spreads and liver pate...strong tastes are best on a butterless cracker.
  5. This is a post and reply site, if you want actual articles then you want mexconnect.com.
  6. Just call them and tell the "No" I have had this happen twice, both times sending me into Chicago exactly the same way. Each time I called the airline and told them that their change was not what I wanted That the change prevented me from accomplishing my personal business and either they accomodated me with close to the original flight times or refund my money. My intention was to fly around the midwest so their changes were a problem for onward travel. They refunded the money both times which were years apart. Now I don't even look at their flights as options to go to the Midwest an
  7. Yes, here is the suggestion, put the vinegar in a bowl and dip into the bowl full-sized sheets of heavy duty paper towel. Put them onto the shower doors, just like wallpaper, over lapping the edges. Have at the ready a spray bottle full of vinegar. Some will tell you to dilute it - but its so cheap why bother. Spray the sheets on their surfaces to keep them wet moist. I prefer leaving them on the door longer than 30 minutes because then I am guaranteed results and I don't like to do this too often. Then scrub down the surface with the paper towels, rinse with the vinegar straight, agai
  8. Ask you local hairdresser who sharpeners their scissors. There is a guy who comes in once a week where I go and everybody seems happy.
  9. I live in the center village and most of the time I just want the daily dust washed off every couple of days by whomever is readily available whereever I go. Today there were no washers at Walmart so I am home with an unexpected dirty vehicle. Darn. The bag loading fellow said they were told to leave. He figures they will be back in a couple days.
  10. WE make it a point to avail ourselves of the car wash fellows at Walmart or Superlake every couple of visits. That way when I say no they leave me a lone because every once in a while I do say yes. It keeps their attitude toward me respectful. Same with the kids/women outside Farmacia Guadalajara. They know not to approach me anymore once I explained in spanish that I would give them something every once in a while if they would leave me alone. I do and they do. It's a contract of sorts.
  11. The couple of times a year we do pizza we use a huge casst iron skillet on the stove top, the Kirkland cheese pizzas all doctored up and that sprinkle of oregano at the end just before we shove it in main oven. To supplement the sauce we use Newman's Own marinara and I freeze the reamining sauce in 1 cup portions in snack baggies - they fit nicely flat in the freezer.
  12. Yes that is where we ended up going for the bridge. Very happy with it.
  13. We had to interview 4 dentists until we got one who wasn't trying to convince us to have an impant and continguous cap arrangement donee on a simple bridge replacement. Everybody wants to do the latest and greatest especially the younger dentists. I was really surprised by this as age wasn't a limiting factor on the implants. I don't believe in messing with what is working or buying future trouble. Dra Candy was good and understood what we wanted and Dr Haro office was pushy.
  14. This week from AMazon US I received, bras, panties, Fruit of the Loom vneck xtra long tshirts, pajama nightgowns, perfume, jewlery and Baretrap sandals. Usually delivered in the very late afternoon via DHL. All had to be signed for and none carried an importation fee or additional delivery cost - most were Prime items for shipping. I have found that if I search around a bit within an item category I can find what I want that ships to Mexico. For instance I wanted a white bra but only the light blue and red ones came up as shipping to Mexico, so light blue it was. Who knows why.
  15. We use Airbnb for 4 years and have more requests than there is time. Summers have been taken by Sunbirds from Mazatlan. Keep the price reasonable and be flexible on the dates.
  16. Leave the cats and dog home at first because anyone with a short term rental will not likely let you bring cats, too many people are allergic. In AJijic village proper I no longer know of anyone or any business which REQUIRES that the paper be put in the wastebasket instead of being flushed. It always amazes me that people new to the area stay at Hotel Perico out on the Libramiento the most remote location possible for a factfinding trip. Choose somewhere in any one of the village areas. Save the remote location for when you come to look for a home.
  17. Puerto Vallarta: Everything you need or want to know This is a page on facebook. It is better than any of the Ajijic/Chapala pages and they will have oddles of info to share. Stroll thru the postings and use search function and if you don't find it then ask.
  18. Yes, that block. I am aware of Jaime project although I thought it was more geared toward muralistic painting than random shapes and colors. The individual who paid for that stretch of street expected something different from what the woman "artist" did with the funds. It was the second time in 8 years he had provided funds to the street for the homeowners to paint and do maintance on the facades of their homes. The artist did it "her" way as though the street houses were her canvas and not peoples homes. You know as much as I do that the residents wouldn't dream of saying "nay" to her de
  19. Seal the inside of the item and the drawers with the sealer that you can buy from Prisa which is used for tennis and other sports courts. So 3 or 4 coats. Its not hard to do and you can use a sponge brush.
  20. Southwest flying into Mexico City was $329 Roundtrip out of Baltimore. MEX to GDL runs about $75 RT on the many specials the small Mexican airlines run all year long. Added about 4 hours to the flight day, but lots less than the $800 RT to GDL stopping in Houston.
  21. Where would a male friend go to have Levi blue jeans waist taken in and then shortened and hemmed? Ajijic or Chapala works. Thanks.
  22. I understand that process and have had a Laredo address for almost 12 years. Unfortunately with some changes to a pension plan healthcare coverage the lifetime Medical Mutual will not cover us in Mexico unless the pension check is sent via regular mail to the street address in Mexico. All of a sudden Laredo isn't good enough. So we had to stop the autodeposit on this pension and rearrange a bunch of things and I am simply looking for the easiest way via mobile. Since it was successful for us once and we know others who do it regularly it must be the Mexico address being read via the scan of
  23. Well thanks, but it still won't work. New Iphone, installed HideYour ### as the first thing, installed BoA mobile ap, did everything and it still says "cannot process at this time". We did this mobile deposit successfully once before and I pulled that check out, it has only a name on it. The monthly check we will be needing to do this with has our Ajijic street address on it. It comes thru the regular mail system and there isn't anyway to change that. WE can only guess now that it is the full MExican address on the front that shows thru the glasine window. At this point we are
  24. Thanks Bournemouth for the information. Not everybody likes everything and generally I haven't too many negatives in my world. Visual clutter is one thing I do not like. To each his own I am glad the project seems over and my poles are not at risk.
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