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  1. Mainecoons - you do know that man is one of the most prolific public entertainment pedophiles in England, right?


    If you are a man and you are not asking the woman you are accompanying out if what you are wearing is acceptable then you need to learn how to dress appropriately at all times.  Clean and pressed goes a long way to that goal.  If it isn't denim it should always have a crease - khakis especially can look rumpled.


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  2. We had a very large family ensconced over Semana Santa in houses on the large estate.  They were noisy and noisier at all hours.  No music though which was so unusual.  However twice during the two weeks a big drone landed in our yard - once just missing the pool.  Our cats were all excited.  Each time a teenage boy and an adult male came to the door and politiely apologized and asked to retrieve the drone. 

    I never gave my privacy a thought. Why, because the drones were not hoovering outside my windows they were skirting past the garden and one hit a branch of bouganvillea sticking up way above the rest of the plant and the second time the drone hit the edge of a large palm leaf that had been blown by an unexpected gust of wind.


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  3. There is no reason to get reid of a perfectly good car.  Have the person who is not on the title get a PErmanente  and have the person who is on the title get a Temporal.  For 4 years you are grandfathered in if immigration rules change since the temporal can convert to permanente as family. 


  4. We would like to find a reliable Spanish teacher for lessons twice a week of 1 1/2 hour each, Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday after 11 am but not later than 5 pm for at least 3 months.  The teacher would need to follow a college syllabus since this is for language credit via independent study/internet to satisfy a requirement.  The materials will be provided but they should be used as your guidelines and for teaching to the testing points.  There will be two students however plan to start from zero.  Send me an email to caldwellmexico@gmail.com

  5. Oh how nice a thought but no can do.  We expect it will take them two weeks to come out from under the chairs and sofas.  And another two weeks to adapt to not fighting.  We have 4 cats who troop in and out all day long until about 10 when everyone is in sung and tight.  Since the 2 cousin cats will be here for almost 4 months everybody is going to have to figure it out.  So 6 girl cats - all spayed and declawed. 

    I am not the cat person in our household, just the arranger person.  The other two, the caat lovers, will have to be on their toes and quick moving for the next 4 months. 


    We do have two neighborhood cats who have begun to hang around at night trying to get in the cat door to the food - and have actually made it a couple times - so we are a little tighter ship than we have been.  However I am not happy at having the litter in the house at night. 

  6. This is the time of year when a lot of the medical students in Guadalajara are selling their belongings and vehicles as they graduate.  They generally have very very nice vehicles.  You can find these items on most of the flea market buy-sell Facebook pages  also the buy-sell page for Chapala area also has cars liste onit, there is one  now for $37,000 pesos.  You have to go on Facebook, put in a few search words for the area and troll thru the resulting pages.  start with MexPat Guadalajara page.


    I have friens who say they don't want to "do" Facebook because somebody is watching your posts etc... fine with me however unfortunately you lose access to a lot of local information in both English expat community and the local Mexican community.


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  7. We have a younger 40s couple from Guadalajara coming Thursday for a 5 day weekend to check out Ajijic and whether or not they want to purchase a weekend house.  They, and the other couple with them, are on a "looky-lou" visit with an itinerary drawn up by their Guadalajaran real estate agent.  The children are with grandparents at the beach.  She told me they have 4 village properties to see that are not on the "expat" market but are known in the city to have owners who are open to selling at the right price.  She also said they thought with the passion play and great crowds in town they would have a chance to meet people like themselves who come from the city.





  8. We have about 2400 sf in a village two story 2/2 with 2 living rooms and a dining room and an extra den office on the second floor.  Pantry shelving, windows, polishing and kitchen cupboards are on a monthly rotation.  Wiping out the rerigerator and freezer are every other week. All the weeks laundry is done, folded in the basket for the ironing lady and the personal items taken to the bedrooms and towels/linens put away stocked in the baths.  We have 4 cats so every upholstered item is vacuumed in addition to numerous area rugs.  We also have a 2/2 single story 1000sf rental next door where all the same things are done. 


    Our household help comes once a week, Tuesdays so we don't hit any holidays, and is scheduled 9 to 5 for $500 pesos for both houses.  She drives, walks or rides a bike.  She prefers to hustle thru the day and is always moving so she often does not have to come until 10 since we are not that messy, an she can sometimes be done by 4.  However she keeps meticulous track of that hour before and after and uses it to accomodate us when tenants move in or out on a day between her regular cleaning days.  If the days are adding up she makes arrangements to come for an afternoon to dust and polish the dinnerware closet items. She has her routine, she starts at the top and works her way out the door.  I provide all her preferred products, all the old towels and tshirts she wants to cut up for rags and a new mop and broom whenever she says.  We also pay her vacation, a two week bonus in late July for school expenses and her aguinaldo in mid-November plus for new years we gift her with a full meal with liquor certificate to Ajijic Tangos - her choice and onher birthday I pay for her lunch celebration with 5 girlfriends at a restaurant of her choice. 


    I asked her once if she wanted money instead of the meals and she said no that she and her husband can provide well enough for the kids but there never seems just enough more for she and her husband to go out to a nice meal without a crowd of family along and this gift lets them say, "no just us".  Also most of her girlfriends (since grade school) simply put cannot afford to eat out for any special occasion let alone a birthday lunch but it makes everyone feel great that she is not paying but using a gift and they are all getting to go out. 


    We pay the woman who irons for us whom we've know since 2004 - my gosh that is a long time - a flat rate of $200 pesos per ironing session.  If we have been vacationing and have an extraordinary amount of ironing I pay the additional time at 60 pesos rounding the total to the nearest 100 demonination.  We pay her even when we have renters in our home and we do not use her services.  She too keeps track and is available at a moments notice to help especially during difficult times or to take care of the cats.

    So it is all about what you want and what you are willing to do.  Many people I know have extremely personal relationships with their household helpers, they fix juice in the AM and lunch. They loan money, give rides into Guad for doctors etc... etc... we don't go that route.  Theyhug and coo and oww and ahhh when they run into each other.   We say hello so nice to see you, the children are lovely.  Respect with distance. 

    So that is why I asked what do you want.


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  9. We know of houses selling mostly between $2-300K US and a lot of that inventory has moved quickly.  This is also reflected in the lack of an adequate rental market at the $750-1000 US monthly range.  I solicited daily for 2 to 3 beds/ba, maybe a den, a yard, walkable etc... for under $800.  That is a dream anymore. 


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  10. WEll I found one set of information points

    Updated Antiparasitic Treatment Rules for Pets Entering Mexico

    virg_med001.jpg?w=640February 10, 2017

    Public Service Announcement:
    Our helpful readers continue to update us all on what rule enforcement changes are taking place around Mexico.

    New Enforcement of Regulation re: Bringing Dogs into Mexico via Air

    Airport officials at the airport in Puerto Vallarta are enforcing a regulation requiring dogs ( not sure about cats) require the following:
    PRIOR to arrival, your dog must have be treated against internal and external parasites by a licensed veterinarian and the products used must be reflected on the health certificate.

    Dogs must also have been treated for ticks shortly prior to entering the country. ”

    This seems pretty self explanatory.

    We’d appreciate hearing from readers if this change is being enforced nationwide.

    Happy Trails,

    * * * *
    Feel free to copy while giving proper attribution: YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan.


  11. We have two cats coming to stay with us for the summer, they will be accompanied by family.  I cannot find a definitive list of what is required and the timeline needed for shots etc.  I know there has been  major trouble in the PV airport regarding tick and flea medicines and the need to have the actual box that was administered to the cats must be with you in addition to having it listed by the vet.  I can throw money at trouble at the last minute but I would rather not have to do that at anytime. 

    I would also like to know if it is better to come into GDL in the middle of the afternoon or after 9 pm?

    Thanks for any info you can share.

  12. If I purchase a HP with Windows 10 can I switch the language to permanently be English?  Last computer I bought 6 years go had to have the operating system reloaded for ENglish.  The last time my present ocmputer was in for service I asked the service fellow if I bought one at Costco would it require the same rigamarole and he said no just make sure it has Windows 10 - and a bunch of other versions but that is the one I remember most.


    I hate having to get a new computer.  I could probably deal with the spanish but the other household member would be unhappy.

  13. Kidney problems are passed from generationto generation.  With inter-marriage and small villages these types of problems are not unknown and need to be explored as a reason, not an excuse.  Education is a factor in eradicating generational disease.  Third world countries and the health organizations which service them are learning to differentiate between causes of disease which originate in the environment and those which are a result of inbreeding, for lack of a more delicate way to say it.

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