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  1. I think this is the beginning of 3, maybe 4 vehicle lanes thru that area.  Rearrange everything needed to create the bike lane.  Realize it is problematic  but now the space is available., Decide to use the space for a vehicle lane instead.  There is a difference between a reason and an excuse.  The bike lane is the excuse and wanting to clear the roadside space is the reason.

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  2. It ran $1850 pesos to fill our tank to 80% from about 10%.  If haven't ever filled a tank before the cost can be surprising. They will put in how much you want just tell them $xxx pesos.  ASk how much does one liter cost and then do the math so you know how many liters to expect. Be sure to watch them zero out the gauge on the truck.    If you have a gaz tank with roof access from the street you can go to the Zeta Gaz building on the carreterra right across from El Torito grocery and give them a set amount and they will come by and do it without your involvement.  Haven't heard of too many leases that include a variable consumable like gaz.



  3. WEll we have decided to do the "commoner" tour at Cuervo because after all the 30 year olds we are taking just want to be able to say as bar chatter that while they were visiting family near Guadalajara they went to Tequila and took a tour.    AS one said, "It's just not cool if you have to explain in a nano-second that tequila is like craft beers and the one place you went is better than all the others."  The other said"  nobody at the neighborhood bar wants to talk about anything that cost $12 a shot."  So basic is what they get....I however am working on infusing tequila..latest is melon and jalapeno and it is nice straight but better with a splash of a light fruited penefiel soda - sweet, smooth and a bite good for hot days.

  4. Go to some other consulate websites and see what they want.  Make a comprehensive list.   Make 4 sets of copies of everything.  Go ahead and get the police report on you that some consulates want.  Call and tell them what day and time you will be there.  Then go.  You may have to go back several times.  Keep smiling and a very civil tongue.  Oh and please dress nicely most of the visitors to the Detroit consulate the many times we have been there are dressed in their Sunday best church clothes.  It's respectful.


    This will be excellent practice for mexican bureaucracy.

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  5. If you put the CLR or 50/50 muriatic in a glass bowl and lay a full paper towel in it then position the paper towel onto the gass door.  Paper the door with soaked paper towels and keep spraying them with a sprayer filled with the solution.  It has to set a while to get the film off.  I generally take a book and read and spray, read and spray.  The first time I did it I had to do it 3 times.  After that once a week heavy spray down on the glass.   ALways wished I could find a gel muriatic or CLR.  The spray CLR that has water in it doesn't work as well as the container that you add water to.  Use the container straight and do not add water to it.  Make sure the area is ventilated.



  6. A quick browse thru that site show that the items are Amazon and similar site products with a slightly higher cost to make a profit.  Not a bad idea if you want to generate income here.  It's easy money since you never have to do anything except pick items to put on the website.   This will last a while then peter out when the shipping changes.  It is clever to do this.  Just like those who are starting a myriad of Facebook pages in hopes that when that goes to advertising they will create some level of passive income. 

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  7. https://www.amazon.com/Vornado-Zippi-Personal-Fan-Ice/dp/B0027LSHMS/ref=sr_1_27?ie=UTF8&qid=1495913696&sr=8-27&keywords=vornado




    I recently bought 2 each of these fans and Amazon shipped them via DHL to arrive within a week of ordering.  They come in different colors and like many things on Amazon US you have to look at each color to see whether or not that color ships to Mexico for free.  They came in the same big Amazon box.  For instance the Twister fan ships in the cream color but not in the dark blue color.  Go figure.

  8. Take the dog as cargo animal and the cats in the cabin.  The dog doesn't count against the 2 animal per flight rule and it would be travelling along with you so you could make sure it gets any connections.  Double check that you have made your animals cabin reservations and you have to do that after you have your reservations so call first to make sure your preferred flights are available.

  9. Jistme wouldn't bring their load again and yet we would definitely bring our load again.  We have spent 12 years enjoying our furniture and things and expect we will enjoy them for much longer.  Good quality is expensive.  We like a more "old fashioned" household look.  The cost per year for bringing them is going down but the pleasure remains the same and while we listen to stories about uncomfortable chairs, quickly broken down sofas and secondhand rustic cabinets.  Bring what makes you happy to live with and add to it over time.  Know that you will have some regrets and of course some unexpected pleasurable surprises.


  10. Purchase an well-established sapling from any of the local nursery locations or even the fellow out by the topes and the old federale installation.  The bigger the better.  Grow it in a big pot for a year then dig a hole twice the size of the pot and back fill it with great soil and put the entire plug of earth containing the tree into the hole.


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  11. Why do people sign for things at their door.  Had a friend do this a few years ago from the Chapala Muncipality who showed up and said sign this.  He thought it looked official and it had red numbers in the upper righthand corner.  He signed.  It was to his address after all.  But he doesn't read Spanish, can't speak or understand more than enough to get into trouble with it.  What he signed was a tax authority document making him responsible for the taxes on  a property on the west leg of his street and not his east leg number.  And yes, he had to pay it. 


    You assume this is a package you were missing, what if it was something else entirely.  Only thing we sign for here is the DHL and mail delivery and even then I open the package in front of them before I sign.


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