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  1. We just used general categories - photographs, household linens, clothes, kitchen, bath, etc... Take those rods and whatever you packed them and strap them all together to give that added strength and if you can shove each down the center of a rug all the better.  I appreciate what you tried to do with the weight of each box but spreading things out.  


    However, about those PB recliners - bring them you will not find the quality here and they are built to last longer than you so hopefully you will have them at least 20 years or more and amoritize that shipping over that time and voila easy decision.


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  2. More than the $600-750 US most of the people contacting me about rentals is willing to pay.  Since these are 1 bedrooms without a view and not all inclusive and probably won't allow the 3 rescue dogs the are bringing with them.  I would expect them to get the retail part done on the Carreterra and then do another down the side street and forget abut the housing why because they can and it's management intensive and pays less than prime retail. 

  3. What about the whole Irish adoptive families and Mexican Orphanage controversy about 7 or 8 years ago.  A lot of money gone and a lot of babies gone too.  I don't recall much of the particulars but it seemed like for a year or so we were always socially coming across Irish couples staying for months to finalize adoptions, some of which were successful and most at the end which were not completed. 


  4. Harry B is right and I do think that they will get into this project realize the road can't be flattened and decide that having taken and committed the monies to do compels them to complete it and they will take the federal land back with the excuse they haven't any choice because after all it is federal land and they can't give the money back.


    Regardless the rendition from the city shows a truck parked in the light blue path to the left in addition to a moving motorcycle and people walking.  On the right is the bike path with pedestrian in it and those poles in the roadway differentiating the space will last all of a month.


    It's got bad idea all over it.


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  5. I took my husband on a date last night to Los Telares on Colon and we had a fabulous time! The Crooners duo was way beyond terrific and such a nice change of pace musically from the 60s rock most restaurants provide us to listen to over a meal. We could actually have a conversation and do a bit of flirting along with a dance or two. Come on out on a Friday night, they start a tad early at 6ish but we surmise they end at 8 and go into Guad for that dinner crowd since those city slickers begin their meals at 9. As for the food at Los Telares we had appetizers only - panela & chorizo, roasted garlic heads, guacamole and the roasted half bone marrow.  It was all wonderful - nicely presented, well portioned and just great tastes.   I will definitely have the bone marrow again and again and again.  I will  take my own bottle of red wine and pay the corkage because unfortunately the house and only red wine is just yechy - but the marrow is worth the cost of the corkage. Everything else was excellent but the marrow is memorable. Our pre-food cocktails were spot on - not heavy, not light, just right.


    I choose to see the Crooners at Los Telares because it just such a pretty place with the tables and umbrellas out on the patio and the tables are always set so crisply and a lot of attention to detail.    http://www.thecrooners.com.mx/  The duo also plays Thursday at La Bodega for me even at 6 still in daylight the ambiance and other qualities I look for in an evening out aren't there for me.  For those whow anted to know why I don't like it there I just don't it just isn't how I want to spend my evening or my food pesos.




  6. We popped in last Wednesday for a quick burger after tequila club.  Not going to go again.  The burgers were not even close to good and the bun was hard.  The fries were not what they used to be which is a shame because they used to be good.   There was a guitarist playing and singing way too loud for a "crowd" of 3 tables.  


  7. The surveyors came through a couple years ago up and down the Carreterra.  That visit was followed up a few months later with federal land notices to various businesses.  


    A small part of me wonders what this is really going to be about in the end.  I looked the other day and cannot see how they are going to be able to manage the southside slope all along there.  Of course it will work they get into the project and decide at the last minute that the project needs the fronts of the businesses.  


  8. If you are a Mom new to the area or a Gramma here is a terrific resource "Mommies at Lakeside"  group on Facebook because they have all kinds of information about schools, sitters, activities, summer camps etc.. when the grandkids were here we were able to connect with similarly aged kids here for some activities and everyone had a great time together.

  9. If you are interested here is one to begin with:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/397945103600106/


    these are closed groups which you have to ask to be a member of and this particular group has 4,000 members.  The topics primarily are about how to live here as a newly arrived expat and how to plan your move here.  It is interesting to see what people are concerned with moving here and what the answers are from those who either just arrived and think they know to those who are moderating these pages and have some significant information to exchange. 


  10. I am for any alcohol triggering the arrest.  It is still amazing to me to see drivers with a beer in their hand passing me.  It was smart of the police to do their check point where they did - nobody out that late could miss it - and I think they conducted themselves that night in a manner which announced  "This is the way of the future.  Don't drink and drive."


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  11. This is probably a better immediate fit because it is the Facebook Group 'Mommies at Lakeside'  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1339962596022554/  


    There are now two dozen active and busy facebooks Groups for this area, some seem highly reminiscent of the old Mexconnect  attitude of share and communicate versus any confrontation we seem to get with the more mature internet communications methods.  Go to Facebook and search using keywords - Ajijic, Chapala, Jocotepec, Lakeside, Lake Chapala.


    There are lots of young families around.

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  12. A dated Tattoo over a nipple - friends up north are doing this because there is an unfortunate trend to some religious family members objecting and then the hospital staff stuttering and it goes to court which is lengthy etc...  in addition to tattoos we have friends making time and date stamped videos of their verbal directions, and explanation of the written directive and then every family member must agree on video.  Who knows anymore why anyone else thinks it should be their decision but for me thisis a decision I want checked, double-checked and then reconfirmed so my terror at lingering isn't the net to the last thing I experience.


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