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  1. Amazon.mx has a few and Amazon.us has a few that ship here.




    Amazon.mx and .us recently seem to be overlapping products since I have had more items I purchased off .us being sent to me via the Mexico fulfillment center.  Two weeks ago I orderd via .us two pairs of reader sunglasses from the same maker and the source in Las Vegas.  One pair arrived within 5 days from the Mexico fulfillment center.  The other is expected next week because it is backordered.  It will be interesting to see if the second pair arrive via the Mexico fulfillment center.  Neither pair are listed on the Mexico site and both required abut $3.13 US deposit for duty but no cost for shipping.  The pair I have received has had the duty deposit refunded.

  2. you could try 'La Sirena Reina' in Puerto Vallarta or 'swimsuits Puerto Vallarta'.  Even if you don't post anything on Facebook having an account and being able to search businesses etc... is a nice alternative to Google, Bing and webboards.  Virtually every city in Mexico and the US has a general information page with locals on it.  Even for PV there is 'Puerto Vallarta: Everything you want to know' and 'PV Rants and Raves'.    


    I just ordered two suits from www.swimsuitsforall.com and shipping was very reasonable.

  3. Wine - from $109 to 198 

    cheeses - the big brie wheel for instance almost $200 now

    nuts - stupid expensive in the big Costco containers but even the small cellophane packets they repackage are up there

    melba toast - the brand I like almost doubled


    so the items I purchase that are generally on the expensive side are more expensive

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  4. My shopping at Superlake this week resulted in a noticed 50 to 70 peso increase on about a dozen of our regular entertainment items. I wasn't surprised because they are not pantry staples, but still, that is a bit rich for a sudden increase.  We used to justify the prices because Superlake having the items meant we didn't have to travel to Costco.  2018 will see us at Costco instead.

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  5. Woman on my street told me not to park in front of her door since that is her space and since she doesn't have a car her friends have to pull over down the street a couple doorways when they come to pick her up.  The entire street from the old Number 4 restaurant south was empty.  When I mentioned I had paid the outside gardener to weed that side of the street curb area she said that when he pulled the weeds in the gutter he pulled out all the grass and now she hasn't any grass for her two dogs.  No wonder I smelled urine when I got out of my car everyday since the rains stopped.  


    Anyway, The Globe and Mail had this for snowbirds who haven't decided where to go yet...https://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/globe-wealth/five-more-hot-spots-for-well-to-do-snowbirds/article37000857/

  6. We are installing wall heaters in the bathrooms.  They use electricity but I am tired of waiting until 11 or 12 to shower and my husband will install a timer for them.  They can actually just hang on the wall by a plug but we will build a frame and attach it to the wall solidly.  Then hard wire it and run the wires onto the wall.  Cost about $150 or so.  I lobbied for towel warmer style of heater but he told me not to push it.  



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  7.  Beg barter buy & sell - Chapala     is a Facebook group and  its purpose is just what it says.  There seems to be one or more per metropolitan area and if you are so inclined you can wander around and find similar groups for Guadalajara, Telaquepaque, Zapopoan etc... and then specific population have them.  One of the best is the medical student population group which I can't remember the name of  they ell whole households of items and their vehicles.  


  8. This is not a problem for me anywhere else on the internet.  Why can't you guys get this kind of thing under control?  Even if it costs you money you have a reputation and this type of problem will take it away very quickly.  Protect yourself and you protect us a bit more than you have been doing.


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  9. I have sent you a PM message.  We will be in Baltimore - Ridgley's Delight at the Inner Harbor area between the stadiums - for about 10 days in October.  Let's get together.  We've been here almost 13 years from Ohio.  Hopefully you have seen all the YouTube videos entitled:  Ajijic, Chapala, Lake Chapala, Jocotepec.  There are oodles of them and they give out great information and of course, visuals.



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