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  1. solajijic


    Joe's Barbershop on Guadalupe Victoria across the street from the Simapa water office. They do a nice full shave too.
  2. solajijic

    Now I've Seen it All...........

    I have no medical problems, thank heavens BUT I get scratch fever. Dogs or cats doesn't matter. Every single scratch breaking the skin lays me low for 3 or 4 days. WE have had cats our entire married life. None have claws. All were indoor-outdoor and killers magnifico! The oldest lived to be 22 1/2 and the next was 19. My husband has 4 cats. They have no claws. You would faint at what premium I had to pay the vet because Sue the "Cat Lady" was not going to give my husband new kitties unless I paid a bundle to help other kitties. She understood it was medical necessity but no paga no gatitas. Anyway I don't want your dog near me. At all. Not in the grocery, not at your house, not in your car, not in the restaurant.
  3. I am surprised the state and federal government have not required the muncipality to allow them to review any plans on the mountainside for the purpose of predetermining if the development would impede a highway skirting along the mountain. Something is going to happen with the auto crowding and as always the cart is before the horse. That could actually be a reason to delay development. Appeal to the feds and state to assess the need for a mountain roadway.
  4. solajijic

    Lodging in La Manzanilla Nov 17-18 ?

    Bookings.com or the last time we rented there it was thru a rental agency specializing in the village and they advertise in the Guadalajara Reporter. LaManzanilla is a relatively small place. I understand about not wanting to "do" Facebook or AirBnb however at a certain point unless you are willing to plow thru the internet searches those sites do cut your time.
  5. We need someone with professional level Medicare information to help us decide our next step in our older health insurance. Our options are going to change in the next couple of years. My husband needs to get into the Medicare system and I will in three years. We have literally no experience in any of this and since we have been here so many years (2005) we haven't had the usual reading material, tv shows, chats with friends etc.. where a person might glean and accumulate some information. So we need to hire someone to walk us through the choices in Medicare plans. If you know of anyone have them contact me. Thanks
  6. solajijic

    Co-signer for rental

    Ohhhhh, very nice view. Request for a Fiador is fairly common in Guadalajara however there are companies whose business is being a fiador so I am guessing that is similar to your insurance policy. I vaguely recall that it cost is equal to a month rent. Here I have only heard of a Fiador being required twice. Both times for very high-end national owned properties which in around 2011 were $2500 US each and both were leased to executives of Hershey on their housing package. There are some national owners now requesting the entire year of Pagares but those are still not common. Its a whole new market.
  7. solajijic

    Best new water pipe option ?

    I just replumbed a whole house using the Tubo Plus and it worked well with the tool and watching the guys it took only 3 days.
  8. solajijic

    City Market

    I find them on facebook but there is a website although I haven't used it. mexigo.com.mx
  9. solajijic

    City Market

    Us medical school student pays expenses by baking pastries and pies. Eventually opens 4 or 5 outlets. The one we stop at is near Riu hotel. Great US style bakery goods.
  10. solajijic

    Insurance Agent / Broker

    We been with Jesus Tejeda since 2005 for home, renter, 4 vehicles - 2 US and 2 MX, and full health insurance. Guys who are busy are busy for a reason - just like you are and it's always a good thing to do business with guys who are busy in their field. Tejeda has a secondman now and that has been wonderful. jtejada17@hotmail.com 3336670499 or 3335631300
  11. solajijic

    City Market

    They pretty much take the trip once a month. The next one is to La Casita. Cost is about $400 pesos for the day. City Market had some interesting cheese and deli items but realistically its a basic grocery store with fresh breads, deli and a awesome wine selection. Once or twice a year maybe a special trip in but the killer is that the new Bed BAth and Beyond is just an escalator away. The traffic is horrendous. So if I would do it again it's be midweek, about 10 am coupled with a trip to La Casita which actually has a better selection of food stuffs and Costco, Jeffry's Bakery and probably Home Depot to keep my driver happy.
  12. solajijic

    Hector's email

    Good point about the keyboards. I will give the fellow a call today to see if he will follow thru on the idea.
  13. solajijic

    Hector's email

    HarryB yesterday I poke with someone who has a couple of full computers he could be talked into donating. Let me know.
  14. solajijic

    NEW Mexican Citizenship Exam 2018

    Thank you for mentioning Andrea however I will pass on using her services thanks.
  15. solajijic

    Telmex Credit

    However if you use Zeta Gaz each fill results in points for the many things lining the walls of their office. I gave the 2 women who work for me the almost 32,000 points (took 13 years) last mothers day. They loved it.