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  1. solajijic

    Question from a Newbie Visitor

    My daughter who travels constantly internationally says to suspend water drinking and salad eating for short trips of a week or so. Instead drink, tea or coffee or lemony type drinks where you see the lime/lemon squeezed into the glass with a shot of vodka in them that she gets from her flask because she travels to muslim countries regularly. In some countries even bottled water is still risky. Only consume meat that has been well cooked and nothing like a casserole that has many handlers even in preparation - cooked vegetables alone are the best choice. . The simpler you keep your food the less risk. Of course she is not on vacation and wanting to enjoy her food.
  2. solajijic

    Furniture Needed

    I have a couch, loveseat and side chair in dark taupe with modern wood legs available. Brand new. Used as stage furniture for a modern condo. High end construction and materials, $21,000 for the set. Not going to work where I thought they would be great.
  3. solajijic

    Work continues on Chapala.com's Website

    It would be helpful if they could lock down thread older than two years so you can still read them but cannot revive them. Info older than two years is not helpful and can be more than confusing.
  4. Some of you have been here long enough to remember hearing about these topical symposiums. 2005-6ish. A panel comprised of a social worker therapist, a medical person nurse, a self-styled philosopher and somebody with an opinion all shared their thoughts on the subject and then opened the meeting to discussion. The one I went to devolved into a "share your feelings" fest. If he wants to go a more intellectual direction with an well-vetted selection of tracts to read that could be interesting.
  5. solajijic

    Window/door dust screens

    Always grateful for July thru October with the least amount of dust. Otherwise dusting and moist mop every other day. I don't like to wear shoes in the house and my feet are black at the end of the day and can run a finger thru the surface dust October thru February. I simply can't keep up with it March, April and May to mid-June.
  6. solajijic


    It is not a local guy deciding to open a restaurant to take advantage of the boom. This is a franchise it is a serious business well-executed and extremely successful at the other locations. Mentioned to me today by a local waiter at another restaurant was the idea that maybe coming to higher end restaurants in full length pants and a nice shirt with ladies in a skirt or dress might be more appropriate than the retiree uniform of shorts, flip flops and t-shirts or ladies in pedal pushers. Those of you who think national residents do not have the money for these restaurants are so far behind the actuality of changing demographic. The budget retiree is not their consumer and actually I don't see many of those even at Tango that much anymore - at least not after 7.
  7. Ok. I have a thing or two. What about her family aren't they able to help? How did she end up by herself? Are there children involved? Do you need blanket or towels?
  8. solajijic

    Found! Perfect Lakeside Song

    Didn't like that song back when it first came out and don't like it now. Other people love it and say it represents them. Hogwash. I don't know anyone running away from anything only running to themselves. Haven't known a single soul "waiting on wings". Catchy, yeah. https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=lyrics+for+somewhere+in+MExico+tall+boys+band#id=51&vid=6b62fa2e8532c7231d2b61d29e6d9928&action=click
  9. solajijic

    good school for kids with adhd

    The best this Mom can do is interview at all the local private schools to determine if any of them are interested in taking on her sons education. ASFG is considered to be the best of the best.
  10. solajijic

    Recommendation for basic auto insurance.

    A friend just told me she left her agent of 12 years or more because although the claim was paid and repairs made there was this one issue of who made an extra problem, the tow company or the repair facility. Well it was a big deal to the repair or towing because they would have to admit being at fault. It was a big deal to the agent because nobody wanted to pay to fix it. And it was a big deal to my friend because she wanted it fixed right now. The agent wasn't able to accomplish that and short of paying for it himself his hands were tied. She paid to fix the mysteriously broken thing that like many things in Mexico "broke itself". She took her auto insurance business to someone else, just like Gringal, but left all her other policies with him. But my mind works in a way that says she now has the agent in a position where she has been incredibly reasonable about a claim. He is going to bend over backwards the next time she needs him. And forever more. It has always been about the agent here and what you trust him to do on your behalf. I trust mine to show up, look out for me and do his best by me that he possibly can accomplish.
  11. solajijic

    UBER "problem," or maybe not?

    Private driver came from Guad to Ajijic back to Guad trips thru the city for various stuff back to Ajijic and he back to Guad = 6 hours = $1400. I made sure he had commercial insurance.
  12. There was a possible dog poisoning this morning while a couple were out. They came home to find two of their 3 dogs dead in the front gate area. Facebook.
  13. solajijic

    Plastic Bags

    I have had a couple of these bags for almost 20 years. They still smell pretty from the laundry soap and fabric softener. It's made from recycled trash in Indonesia! What a great way to cut down on the number of cheapo plastic bags used in the grocery store. Jakarta's trashpickers are paid six times their normal living wage by XS Project in Indonesia.
  14. solajijic

    Purple Garlic Pizza Brothers

    Baltimore Dockside, pretty twinkling lights overhead and 5 adults, 2 pre-teens, 6 beers, 1 wine, 2 pops, water all around, 2 salads split to serve 4 and 2 pizzas 13" with 4 toppings = $185. Pizza Parlor on the water out of the city center. We paid it with a straight face. Wasn't easy.
  15. solajijic

    Traditional style drawer pulls??

    No, next to Intercam. They have the mexicanish wrought iron pulls etc..