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  1. Several Ajijican expats had their first vaccine yesterday at a small town near Barra in Nayarit.
  2. The tile store next to the Coca Cola plant has several back rooms with open boxes. They also have several showrooms, stores in Telaquepaque. The store also has does the fellow in the tile store also down near Paninos has a backroom, single sets of tiles and a factory in Telaquepaque. The SanJuan Cosala junky antiquey store on the lake side just west of the Farmacia has an old kitchen room with open stacks of tiles. Then in Jocotepec just as you get into town on the lake side there is a tile yard which also has unusual tiles and a source for older tiles. The blue and yellow ti
  3. It is open from 8 in the morning to 12 in the night. So it won't work yet.
  4. Why does no one actually understand the purpose of the US Consulates in foreign countries. These are NOT to make things easier for US citizens. They are to make the US government offices and services available to the citizens of that foreign country. NOT for the benefit of the US people who are hanging-out there in that country for whatever reason. The US Consulate can advise you and direct you but CANNOT solve problems for you or intervene on your behalf. That is not heir purpose. Your taxing paying status has no benefit there.
  5. Our NC county requires a local NC identification so you cannot hop counties. We thought to go to our daughters in Baltimore and make a pod of family there but alas, Maryland will require a state identification. So we thought well we will go to the cabin in West Virginia where unfortunately WV requires local identification. So we will stay in NC. It is so damn cold here. We had hoped in December to get to Ajijic in February to do some business for two weeks and spend 3 or 4 weeks on the beach. Alas, not this year.
  6. There are about a dozen people locally who do 30-50% loans for 5 to 8 years or so charging 8 to 14%. Most of the real estate companies know who is offering at any given time. A realtor might not but the realtor broker usually can put something together.
  7. If those checks were mailed to Mexico some of you might get it and some of you might not. About 2010 or so one of my husband pensions decided they could no longer deposit his pension check into his US bank account because he might be committing fraud and using offshore funds. Hahahahaha laugable but that was their stance with FACTA, along with that accusation was their buy in to Medicare for retirees over 65 so they didn't have to provide private medical insurance to their retirees. They cut a deal with Medicare and paid for it a huge amount and now they pay the monthly fees. However sin
  8. Its the fire risk on the trail and up in the mountains. Takes people and effort that can't be spared these next few weeks. or months. or year.
  9. If you don't have the money to pay for it you can't buy it even if it's made across the street from your house. Sad truth. It could be confiscated if you are willing to stand the consequences long term. The pandemic has shown that countries need to produce vital equipment within their own borders for their own use.
  10. Architects are always intrigued by your design. It is your house make it the way you want. HAve fun. Good luck.
  11. All our cars are in the shop. So I need a driver tomorrow for errands and appointments. Bring your Kindle, start in La Cristina, end in Chapala.
  12. About $250 Us a year. We have always carried it on our houses and our rentals. Worker protection is the primary reason however in the village we were on a fault line and paid an extra rider. In the early 2000s a room in our house had the floor implode into a cavern, so yeah, insurance is a good idea.
  13. This is what happens when you give out your best workers names out to everybody and their brother. Good people get stretched too thin and hate to say "No new clients at this time."
  14. Here is what I think - the Chapala government does not have money for "real" projects because of the previous administrations going back a ways has obligated the current budgets for lawsuits and settlements etc... so when the State of Jalisco offers some money for special projects they take it regardless of whether it suits our needs or not. Obviously we need to make safe and beautiful bike lanes for the 3-400 people a day who use the lane. The fact that thousands are using the roadways and safety is compromised initially means nothing. Fast forward a few years and an administration will be
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