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  1. Yes it does happen I personally know someone that was working on his CFE meter ( the house had been rented and the owner came down for a short while) the next CFE bill was 7500 it was usually 500 pesos. They went to CFE with all last bills and they accepted the bill as 500pesos. It became known who put the meter there for the reading then moved it back.
  2. Waste of money to bring your furniture I know so many people that brought their furniture down and some did not fit in their home Sell it and buy down here. Guadalajara has lots of places to shop and they deliver. Unless you are from a very small town and do not drive to big cities then Guadalajara can be intimidating but it is a great city to see and shop in, Get to know it and you will find whatever you will ever need. Bring electrical appliances and specialty items for cooking, socks and underwear are harder to find, bring your favorite clothing. it is a great place to live. Enjoy
  3. Years ago we did use TurboTax and for some reason IRS never received our return. I gave the IRS all proofs and correspondence from TurboTax and it was accepted without any penalty. After this, we always filed our own returns.
  4. Just drive east and you will see Home Decor, that is it on the right side It is a little before S & S They combined the light store with outdoor furniture
  5. Using your Bancomer credit card online is secure. You go online and get a temporary number for that transaction this way no one can use your card. It works great I love this security.
  6. Do you really think it is discriminatory Seniors get discounts at the movie, shouldn’t everyone else, Simapa gives discount to seniors also 50 %, discount on getting drivers licenses These are some of the discounts that I can think of now. We cannot complain only when it applies to us. It was meant to keep us safe and to live. It had good intentions.
  7. They told my friend on about one month more or less and they have 3 different vaccines. Over 80 will get it first. You will be notified
  8. Yeah, restrictions are lifted. Let’ s hope things do get better. People are now getting calls about the vaccine they signed up for. Progress
  9. No I read them. Get another topic
  10. Now that was a joke Terrible. Remember you have to pass it to know what is in it.
  11. And what does this have to do with store access. This is off topic.
  12. The last 2 can be a letter then a number.
  13. When I checked it said it was mailed. Last week there was the check yeahhh edeposited
  14. It is best not to say the name as I have never said where we got food poisoning from 2 very well known establishments. Never returned there. Too many other choices.
  15. We are talking about where Mom’s Deli use to be before the present location.
  16. It was strange walking in there where we use to eat. She is definitely there on Thursdays, and twice monthly at LCS
  17. Dr Martha has a new location. It is where Mom’s restaurant use to be.
  18. Why would they change to monthly. Cost effective every 2 months
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