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  1. Agree he should not be driving, he may forget where he lives.
  2. It is a few doors east of Bancomer The owner’s brother owns Jardin Plaza restaurant
  3. VIAJES Ajijic has always gotten us cheaper rates than anywhere online
  4. We drove route 80 to Melaque last year and gladly took route 54 back Worth paying the tolls
  5. I would think if for any reason the check does not go thru, they are covered. You can always withdraw after the check has cleared. We are lucky to be able to deposit a USA check living in Mexico. You can always edeposit your check and use your atm to withdraw.
  6. Yes the name is Strong VPN. I just looked and it can be connected to Montreal
  7. Strong VPN connects to Montreal if needed.
  8. I deposit my check at Intercam then move money as needed. Multiva gives better interest
  9. In Mezcala everyone received a paper showing what batch number and kind of vaccine, date given, name and curp number. A group of us went from Chapala. We were told to bring this form back for the second vaccine
  10. On Facebook Steve Klarer posted that the truck with vaccines is arriving at noon and he was there since 6 am. Something is off
  11. If you have your INE all you need is a printout of your curp and show your INE.
  12. Maybe they do not want to do it. We were in a car accident the insurance told us the part needed would be one month or so to get. I called Ricardo and he immediately got it for us. Did not understand why as he bought it where the insurance would. We went with him and the car looks great. We had another car painted there and it was not 35,000 pesos
  13. They are the best Auto Body shop by the Waffle House. Have used them and not disappointed.
  14. There is a Bose store in Guadalajara
  15. Everybody wanted lights now they do not want it. How much time will it take to go thru these lights. My goodness in reality not much. Stay home if it bothers you so much. A couple of minutes should not affect you do much.
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