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  1. They do not have the right type of cheese down here. Why even try a make believe dish. I will wait til we go up north, oh it is so delicious. Not healthy but soul satisfying
  2. We also used E2 Energias , excellent. Esun never showed up for an Appointment. So we called E2, so happy we did.
  3. You need insurance on the USA but driving around with MX plated car never presented any problems
  4. Will it work if you get the 100 pesos plan then get att

  5. I have heard excellent results. If you are not happy you should talk to her
  6. Something sounds wrong with this story. Everyone I know that has done business with either Danny or SOSE have been quite happy
  7. Very hot in the summer, I know people who come here for several months to get away from the heat
  8. I no longer go to Escalera but am told by a friend that does go there that it is no longer owned by Escalera. He is just keeping the name because lots of people still go there.
  9. Yes your Mexican gardener can receive a 50% discount. We are citizens so we also get 50% discount.
  10. Mexican id is INE card. As of July the name changed from IFE to INE. All new cards will say INE
  11. I do get a 50% discount. You have to show your INE card and it is next automatic. the schedule I have is 30 to 45 m3 increase 24 centavos per m3 46 to 60m3 increase another 51 centavos per m3 61 to 75 m3 increase another 8 centavos per m3 76 to 90m3 increase another 22 centavos per m3 the more you use the more it costs
  12. minimum monthly usage is 15m3 billed every 2 months, so if in 2 months you use 30 or less m3 you are billed 295 pesos. They only give discounts to citizens as my friend was told.
  13. if you see where the guy now is that use to be next to Glorioso, let me know. When he quickly closed up he had 10 of my chairs.
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