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  1. Dr Haro is not on the Carretera his office is 80 San Luis, Riberas del Pilar
  2. I would buy my own premium membership and believe me the credit you earn during the year will be enough to renew your membership
  3. At what location can you now get a driver license?
  4. May also be interested in Instituto Loyola, very very good school. I have met many children starting there with very little Spanish and learning it quickly. Of course we know children learn other languages faster, it is easier to learn as a child.
  5. It is easy to do, just about everyone speaks English at offices dealing with the foreign community
  6. Careful is my comment, she does overcharge, gives a good talk but.......
  7. This is about Canadian plates not usa entering Canada may be another issue
  8. daisy2013


    6 of us ate there and it was excellent, appetizers and meal absolutely the best. I do not know how 2 people paid 1,200 pesos when the total for 6 was 2,300 pesos. We all left quite full. Definitely will go back.
  9. When we rented on Ajijic they had a monitor, so whenever the doorbell rang you could see who was there. Do not recall if there was a speaker or not but it was great.
  10. Dr Candy is good for basic care only for expert service see Dr Haro. I am seeing him now for what Dr Candy made a mess of.
  11. Yes and the crust was over cooked
  12. I overheard PERRY talking to some friend and he said he was upset that these 2 just quit on him. Nothing else, if the slapping had occurred he would he said so and said he fired them. Not the case just enjoy the pizza at whatever location you chose. In the end you decide where to go, not what people do otherwise this would go on and on about every business enjoy your retirement
  13. M & J pizza serve fabulous pizza, had pepperoni pizza and my group loved it. Will be back. it does not matter what happened where they worked before. Both places will survive. I like both places.
  14. If food poisoning, everyone would be sick. She ate the XXXX last and today is Tuesday, something else is wrong. Minor Edit by Mod5
  15. You 2 should discuss it and find a middle ground. You will get 100 opinions from here. You will be here you both should decided as it is only for 2 weeks. We stayed in an hotel for 2 weeks, you do not have to clean or make beds, much better option in my opinion. you can get a better rate for 2 weeks. Good luck
  16. If you have dual citizenship I would think one is Mexican, come in as a Mexican, no visa necessary. as to your furniture, it is easy and more economical to just drive down with personal item, electrical items, tools. Sell your furniture, easy to buy down here. There are lots of horror stories about things missing from shipment sent down here. Yes you can have it insured but the reason is you want it in your new home. Good luck
  17. I know many people use to eat at Rochata in Chapala. Does anyone know where Joshua is working or how to contact him. You can pm me if you do not want it posted.
  18. Armando's is fabulous especially for that special anniversary. On our 50th yes we did drive to Guadalajara for a fabulous meal. Each to their own.
  19. Check him out as many say they are contractors but they were just worker and do not realize how much knowledge is needed to build. i have seen good houses built and also one house that split down the middle and had to be torn torn,and others that have cracks and so many other problems. Be careful
  20. If you have a Mexican passport you get in the Mexican line otherwise you are a visitor, permanente and temporal are visas which mean you are a visitor.
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