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  1. Yes you have to pay first, then enter the folio number to get the appointment
  2. Best to make payment at same place for registration renewal.. you show them your carta de circulación , all information on this goes on your receipt. The folio number on this also goes on your appointment. You will get confirmation of your appointment and several days later, payment confirmation is also received. Take everything with you
  3. Several friends went to 3 different locations. Prices are different but need to look at all options offered. San Francisco funeral home could not answer all questions. Moreh was so so. Chapala Funeraria was more informative Family run, and if you need casket no problem, if you want cremation, they pick up the body and wait at the crematorium in Guadalajara and take ashes back. For our Group, this was the best option. We had several people send us information but it is your decision. They were very informed of what is needed from the consulate and they get it for you. PM me if more information is needed
  4. We went to the station on Tlaquepaque. Easy on easy off
  5. I also have a friend going this Friday. Very efficient we were in and out within 20 minutes
  6. Handy Mail is great and no problem receiving magazines
  7. It is open. Had an appointment and it was done recently
  8. Go to the Social Security website. Register then enter banking information, they will tell you when deposit will be made.
  9. Anyone need any of these cartridges. We have a friend that their printer died and they have 3 or 4 of each of these. pm me and I will forward the info
  10. Ridiculous price for corned beef dinner
  11. Carla who worked at Pacifico is now at the seafood store next to Ilox on Reforma. This is also a new seafood store.
  12. My check clears the next day. I have Intercam and multiva I always deposit the check at Intercam and leave some money in both
  13. Was going to try it this morning, but almost 9 o’clock and the workers were sitting outside waiting for someone to unlock the door.
  14. Actinver can be good. It was, then we closed it when We became citizens. A few years later we decided to open it again. Then we did not know anyone there, and the person wanted to see and record our American passport. As a Mexican citizen you are never to show a foreign passport as identification. She refused to see our mexican passport. So we just left.
  15. If it does not apply to you do not take it personally. Lots if people just do not want to do anything on their own. It is a fact. If your health is a factor then it does not apply to you.
  16. Don’t be so lazy. It cost 500 pesos. Do it yourself
  17. I have to laugh. When I first saw this, I thought oh I know lots of dumbbells but not sure if they are for sale haha
  18. I did not pay online I went to Chapala, same place where registration is renewed. Just handed the registration card and told them emission test. The receipt looks just like the registration except information is for emission test.
  19. I made my appointment and paid 2 to 3 weeks ahead
  20. License renewal and registration renewal are two different things
  21. I just went on the ss website, set up my account and from there you can change direct deposits or anything else needed. I do have a vpn. Was quite easy to do.
  22. Call Javier at Los Altos. 331-517-8008
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