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  1. 1 hour ago, InChapala1 said:

    I have 2 barcodes on my CFE bill. On page 1, it has a partial RFC above the linear (old-fashioned) barcode. The full RFC is on page 2, next to the QR code/barcode (the newer square matrix type barcode).

    That is what they told me today. Partial will be on front of page

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  2. 11 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

    Going up there to talk with them.  Internet over the phone line is a non starter now, the reliability is awful and the speed is abysmal.  I get the feeling they don't care about this business anymore.  We'll try the fiber optic but if it has the same lousy reliability we are done with TelMex.

    We never had a problem with fiber optic.  Even during a storm.  Download and upload speed is always high.   Ilox and total play have been down at times but never fiber optic.  Just my opinion and experience 

  3. 8 hours ago, RickS said:

    The Nationalization process can ONLY be done by a licensed and bonded Agent at the border. The process usually takes 2 days at the border as the vehicle must first be officially Exported from the US at Customs & Border Patrol offices. The Agent will take car of this and after that process is concluded 'he' will Import it into Mexico. After that process is completed then one must also 'register/plate' the vehicle in Jalisco.  

    There is, of course, a fee from the Agent but the larger portion is the 'tax' paid to Aduana that is based on the value of the vehicle.   


    We did this ourselves and it does take a couple of days.  You get all paperwork and easy to register here.  This was done in Nuevo Laredo and we stayed in Laredo 

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  4. 7 hours ago, djguapo said:


    I am a naturalized American citizen, born in Guadalajara, and my family is from el municipio de Jocotepec, which I visit often. Ten years ago I legally changed my name (through the American courts), and now I am looking to go through the process of changing it through the courts in Mexico, to get alignment of my American and Mexican identity. From what I understand I need to get a juicio to then present to my local registro civil that would then make an annotation on my birth certificate. I was speaking with Azucena Bateman (as recommended by another thread on here), and she said she would look into it for me, but she's now gone dark, so I'm wondering if there are any other recommendations for lawyers in the area. Thanks.

    When you legally change your name in the USA, they normally send you a list of all that need to be notified so other documents can be changed such as birth certificate, passport, etc., then theses documents are presented to Mexico.   Pm me and I will let you know of my procedure 

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