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  1. It is directly across the street from Zona Gym and Spectrum
  2. What a fabulous place to eat. Had breakfast there twice. Everything is fresh and delicious. Will try their lunch menu next.
  3. Yes some agents will go to the accident
  4. Vacation time. They will re open on Wednesday the 29th
  5. That is what they told me today. Partial will be on front of page
  6. Go with the new buyer in Chapala to get paperwork done. Plates stay with the car. We sold a car and we went to make sure registration was in new person name
  7. When we had a rental for 5 months, we bought a tv and had telecable. At the time you paid month by month, no contract. I do not know how it is now. you could also get a firestick and watch anything possible All you need is a tv and internet. The channels are endless
  8. We never had a problem with fiber optic. Even during a storm. Download and upload speed is always high. Ilox and total play have been down at times but never fiber optic. Just my opinion and experience
  9. So very happy with Telmex Fiber optic
  10. My Honda has 321,000 miles on it. Well worth nationalization We paid 14,000 pesos to have it nationalized So it all depends on what car you have and make the decision. Our was worth keeping it.
  11. We did this ourselves and it does take a couple of days. You get all paperwork and easy to register here. This was done in Nuevo Laredo and we stayed in Laredo
  12. Anyone know what other states in Mexico have lifted the masks mandate
  13. INE cards are good for 10 years. It is Mexican voting ID card, and official ID. Nothing to do with visa holders, neither permanent, temporal or visitors
  14. Not sure which day but waited for her turn. But will return to pick up the card.
  15. No. I have a friend that went around 6:30 and 6 people were there
  16. INE mobile unit will be at the cultural center in Ajijic again later this month
  17. I think it was ABC Azucena Bateman that helped employees from a local beauty parlor get all of their back pay and finiquito. They all received what was due.
  18. All legal documents will then be in your legal name
  19. When you legally change your name in the USA, they normally send you a list of all that need to be notified so other documents can be changed such as birth certificate, passport, etc., then theses documents are presented to Mexico. Pm me and I will let you know of my procedure
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