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  1. They are letting Canadians enter in Laredo
  2. This was an older car. Now it is sold. So no problem, but thanks for the info.
  3. My friend always disconnects the battery before going to Canada for 6 months. Upon arrival, reconnects the battery and never had a problem
  4. Multiva gives better interests
  5. When I had a POA For the sale of a friend’s house, he decided where the funds would be sent. Some in Canada, some in the USA for me, this is after all expenses were paid. I rather that the owner decide where he wants the funds.
  6. Anyone have a GP locally. I would like to see a doctor that will treat any illness not just a specialist. I do not want to go to several doctors, only if necessary in other words if I have a heart issue then definitely a cardiologist. any recommendations
  7. A friend of mine saw it posted as she received her first vaccine and kept looking to see when she would get her second. She told me it would be on the 12th. same location. Sorry I did not ask where she saw it.
  8. In reality it does not matter. No ratings are necessary
  9. We took some money out of Intercam because it was not earning much and moved it to Multiva. Wow what a difference
  10. Exactly and they should move and not be a burden for those who pay
  11. Never had any issues with Comex. Some painters want to dilute the paint, don't let them and your paint will last for years wether inside your home or outside.
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