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  1. No it is great. We do this route Aguascalientes to Zacatecas to Saltillo stay at Fairfield inn for 49.00 dollars and includes breakfast. Then it is apiece of cake.
  2. Isn’t Vista alegre where there was a shooting and a neighbor killed another neighbor?
  3. Thanks everyone as I forwarded the info to our friend. And they are thankful for all choices suggested. again thank you
  4. Hello Daisy,

    Just to let you know, we are not leaving Ajijic or Mexico since we finally found a rental.

    Have a great day

    Philippe and Lisette

  5. Which board works on the Deliquent payments. I was told that Chula Vista Norte forgives anyone if they pay the last 3 years. Was told this has been in effect since the last president’s wife had not paid in many years and if she paid 3 years all would be forgiven. What a deal.
  6. Yes. But I was told they are moving out of the area or even out of Mexico, as told by their close friends.
  7. After the guy no longer will be at tuesday market. Heard he is moving out of the area
  8. Any idea where smoked salmon can be purchased in the future. I hear we may have to go to Guadalajara
  9. Hopefully Emilia’s sees this and puts a stop to dogs in the restaurant. I love dogs but there is a time and place for them. I have never and would never bring them to a restaurant. Respect for others.
  10. CFE now will not change name unless a deed, a curp also and photo of meter. You do not need temporal or permanent to get a curp, visitor visa works also cfe is being investigated so now they are going by the books
  11. When you bought the house they got a curp for you
  12. Money is wired before you get the car and they will issue a factura.
  13. Everything is delicious
  14. I have bought 2 new cars both with substantial discounts and the best part was conversion rate was at 20 to 1 , car was priced at 10.50 to1. It was great all around. Sorry you had to pay full price.
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