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  1. Anyone know what other states in Mexico have lifted the masks mandate
  2. INE cards are good for 10 years. It is Mexican voting ID card, and official ID. Nothing to do with visa holders, neither permanent, temporal or visitors
  3. Not sure which day but waited for her turn. But will return to pick up the card.
  4. No. I have a friend that went around 6:30 and 6 people were there
  5. INE mobile unit will be at the cultural center in Ajijic again later this month
  6. I think it was ABC Azucena Bateman that helped employees from a local beauty parlor get all of their back pay and finiquito. They all received what was due.
  7. All legal documents will then be in your legal name
  8. When you legally change your name in the USA, they normally send you a list of all that need to be notified so other documents can be changed such as birth certificate, passport, etc., then theses documents are presented to Mexico. Pm me and I will let you know of my procedure
  9. Yes you have to pay first, then enter the folio number to get the appointment
  10. Best to make payment at same place for registration renewal.. you show them your carta de circulaciĆ³n , all information on this goes on your receipt. The folio number on this also goes on your appointment. You will get confirmation of your appointment and several days later, payment confirmation is also received. Take everything with you
  11. Several friends went to 3 different locations. Prices are different but need to look at all options offered. San Francisco funeral home could not answer all questions. Moreh was so so. Chapala Funeraria was more informative Family run, and if you need casket no problem, if you want cremation, they pick up the body and wait at the crematorium in Guadalajara and take ashes back. For our Group, this was the best option. We had several people send us information but it is your decision. They were very informed of what is needed from the consulate and they get it for you. PM me if more information is needed
  12. We went to the station on Tlaquepaque. Easy on easy off
  13. I also have a friend going this Friday. Very efficient we were in and out within 20 minutes
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