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  1. Regardless I think everyone all over the world is trying to get rid of this virus. Don’t we all want to go forward and stop this belittling and blaming Let it go And stay in your house. It will eventually get better.
  2. Does someone have a problem calling Chinese virus. It came from there that is all
  3. China lied and they are still cremating people 24/7. No one knows the true number and probably never will we have to do what is necessary here since this is where we live.
  4. Best to go early in the morning
  5. So sorry your solay hot water does not work well. Ours was installed maybe 8 years ago and the water is so hot you barely need any hot water to take a shower. Our on demand is not even turned on so we fill our gas tank every year or so. I would have a reputable service guy check it out.
  6. Maybe they just decided to have the operation only in Guadalajara
  7. Pay the severance and be done with it. Better than to harass someone. Have a clear conscience
  8. You can make a deposit at one of the machines
  9. You are taking this personal or it must be true
  10. It is a storage unit. Car fit perfectly
  11. I had a friend store his car in the storage by domino’s pizza
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