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  1. Why do you need a broker in Laredo and not in Nuevo Laredo. I know someone that used a broker in Nuevo Laredo and everything was legal. Paperwork was shown at the check point and car registered for years in Chapala. Never a problem
  2. Lots of photos on Facebook. One person died
  3. I would not go back
  4. People have been isolated too long. Stop the bickering and telling us what it is like in France or .Chiapas or Canada. This is for our area some should get a room and complain about everything at place of putting it on this blog. The same people complain and comment on everything
  5. Astrecazenaca and Johnson do not mix. One is active and the other isn’t. I know several people that have gotten very sick and landed in the hospital. Be careful
  6. You get what you pay for. We have a Stearns & Foster mattress, great quality and great price surely not $500 dollars
  7. It must be the day because when I saw the title I thought of a Chow Chow dog
  8. I think it is absolutely great. Ignore the whiners
  9. The rainfall chart is still there. Rainfall history
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