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  1. More Liana also my citizenship took 3 weeks to finalize. Things sure have changed.
  2. Greco Salon has a new location. They are located on the carretera #8D, located west of VIAJES Ajijic and Doctor George, right next to Odonto Clinick At Greco Salon you can get haircuts, hair color, styling also manicures, pedicures, waxing. They are excellent. Stop by, you will be happy you did.
  3. Guadalajara SRE office were great when I applied for my citizenship, especially when done without a facilitator.
  4. They are the best. Had repair done there and they are excellent
  5. Also make sure you have a curp. You will need it
  6. She is not a civil attorney.....she may be stringing you along. I have knowledge of her actions
  7. When the new tank was filled Los Altos took the old tank.
  8. Saturday night should be the best according to my Mexican friends
  9. Thank you for telling me about the Walmart accident I did not know. I only witnessed the one in La Floresta
  10. Guess another 18 wheeler went down Libramiento thru the cement barriers and blocked the entrance to Walmart while stopping at the light in La Floresta an Honda CRV went thru a red light as a DHL van was crossing the carretera , the Honda hit the van. Both accidents are still there. Be careful
  11. It is a great place to spend the day. I love it there
  12. Check around I know a lady that takes a bus that goes into the usa and continues north. She takes the same bus back to Guadalajara she is out of town right now I was told at the border everyone gets out then back in. Easy
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