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  1. Go to their office tomorrow morning
  2. We went to Guadalajara in April for our sticker, then went to Costco etc.
  3. Do you have mexican plates ?
  4. Yes I saw a breakfast menu
  5. I wonder what kind of shops will be on the first floor.
  6. The hospital being built on the Libramiento that will be part of Quality Care. It will be awhile before it is completed but the doctors at Quality Care are the best from Guadalajara
  7. Cannot wait fir the other hospital to be built
  8. We were walking by their restaurant a while back. And we saw uncovered food with flies on the cheese etc. no thanks we will walk by there again to see if changes were made. If not, this place is not for us.
  9. No it is great. We do this route Aguascalientes to Zacatecas to Saltillo stay at Fairfield inn for 49.00 dollars and includes breakfast. Then it is apiece of cake.
  10. Isn’t Vista alegre where there was a shooting and a neighbor killed another neighbor?
  11. Thanks everyone as I forwarded the info to our friend. And they are thankful for all choices suggested. again thank you
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