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  1. Since thing are so iffy with the virus, not the time to hire a new person Everyone now has so much time on their hands, try cleaning yourselves.
  2. Keep in mind you may get interest on your money but over a certain amount you pay tax on the balance, not tax on the interest. Therefore keep it at the minimum not to have your interest wiped out by the tax they deduct. Actinver wants your ss number and will report it to the US government.
  3. Give someone you trust the power of attorney to sign papers. He or she does not get the proceed it will go directly to you.
  4. I had to go see Dr Haro for him to fix what Dr Candy did. I will never go back to Dr Candy
  5. Comes usually put a swab of paint on top of the can so you can see the color. They have very good paint.
  6. Sometimes people just do not want to believe the truth. Yes prices are set by manufacturers but rebates are not posted. I worked many years for car dealerships and the dealers receive rebate of course different amounts based on the cars. These amounts can be passed on to customers. Amounts always vary. Think about this can a car be sold at the exact amount that is the MSRP and then offer you free service on oil etc. someone has to make money for this service. It cannot come out of his pocket. He would go out of business. It is that simple. Most dealerships do give rebates, other keep
  7. They tell customer in ajijic that the dealerships in Guadalajara do not give discounts. Not true. I have receive quite a discount and lots of freebies thrown in and so have many people I know. It is a known fact and when S&S buys from them for whomever they get the discount. This way they can get the oil change done and other things done with money. They are in business to make money.
  8. They should do it considering the large discount you should get, they get directly. This is told directly from the dealer in Guadalajara
  9. Bodyshop is the name of the shop by the Waffle House. Ricardo is the owner and does fantastic work . I have had work done at other places locally and paint did not hold up, went there and no problem. Your choice is always yours
  10. Yes BodyShop a little past the Waffle House , Ricardo does excellent work. 766 3246
  11. My friend had bats outside his front door and what a mess they made. His contractor bought Transonic Pro Electronic Pest Control from Mercado Libre. It immediately worked. They are not back. This has many settings, he put it on low, as it has a sonic sound that keeps the bats away. Good luck. This was installed outside so I am sure it also helped the. Neighbors
  12. I also had a friend send me money, they used Zelle from their laptop, immediately I saw the money the next morning I was at Intercam and deposited a BOA check. Easy
  13. Bank of America no foreign transaction fees. I use it all of the time
  14. Having lived in both countries, and was a citizen of both at one time, definitely the climate and cost of living. You can travel so much cheaper from Mexico to Europe from either Canada or the USA. I once bought a ticket to NYC and paid 225 dollars bought in Mexico the person next to me bought it in the USA and paid 725. the culture here is amazing so much to do living near the capital of Jalisco cannot complain
  15. You are a USA citizen in the USA. And treated as a Mexican citizen in Mexico. No problem in driving a mexican played car in the USA. I was once stopped , showed my Mexico license and registration, then showed my USA Passport. No problem at all.
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