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  1. If you can get to Chapala do so and go directly to the bus station. Then the airport. Fly back to Bogata or USA If USA go to the vet hospital. If this is all true. Hard to think someone living in Bogata does not speak Spanish. My goodness 65 years old and talked into promise of marriage????
  2. Crossing in Laredo close to noon is easy. Drove right over the bridge with no back up. Paid the $3.50 then no declare line and on our way.
  3. I do not have a monthly fee at hsbc but I opened my account online with a usa Address
  4. First time we came here to visit we did rent a car. Best thing we did as we could go anywhere at any time.
  5. Bancomer issues credit card very low credit limit to start usually with auto pay at the end of the billing cycle. The credit limit will increase with time. Sometimes it is automatic and other time they will send you an email saying do you want 30,000 more. They are constantly increasing my credit limit. Go talk to them.
  6. Michael Ray, she will eventually thank you. What an experience. My family moved to another country with 5 kids. We are eternally grateful. Do what your heart tells you.
  7. To become a citizen you need an apostile for your birth certificates. I forget the time period but it must be current in other word not too old. I know your birth certificate in most cases does not change but that is what they wanted for citizenship. Apostile for USA and authenticated for Canada.
  8. There are lots of great kids in the area with who go .to bilingual schools and plan on college. They are well adapted and learn the language well being immersed in Spanish. A family that I know have several kids in school and they are so proud how all the kids speak Spanish and are part of the school. Most kids in bilingual schools appreciate their learning experience and have goals of college. Just go to the prepatoria school in Chapala. It is part of the university of Guadalajara. When they graduate, they do plan on going to the university. I know a group of kids going there and have goals of becoming doctors, arquitects, etc. Your daughter will assimilate and will have lots of friends and will be with kids that have future goals of higher learning
  9. We bought our house surely not because of the color. Just because one person likes a color does not mean the next will. we repainted everything then it really is to our liking
  10. They have an office in Chapala and of course Guadalajara
  11. I have.a Skype number. Can answer on computer, iPad and my iPhone. So I do have to be home to get calls.
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