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  1. The person should have told you the card is to 2025 but you must also pay yearly
  2. Everyone around the plaza including up to Bancomer is also out of electricity. LCS does not have electricity either.
  3. We had solar hot water installed in the spring of 2012 and included an on demand hot water heater. We only turn it on several times a year. it works fine when we need it and never had it serviced.
  4. it works fine with BOA. I do not remember if I used my vpn but probably did.
  5. I had 2 phone numbers , one for amazon.com in usa and other for amazon.com.mx. Since I bought from the Mexico website I dialed that number. I asked if someone also spoke English well they transferred me to the usa site. They said no you have to call the Mexico site. Ok I did again, had trouble with the delivery and the guy said he would call me back. The guy from the Mexico site did call me back and it was from Seattle Go figure
  6. If you still have an account in the USA , edeposit works great. Shows up immediately and available for you to use.
  7. Deposited ours remotely in BOA and immediately available. Works great
  8. No it is not four, the mexican community knows. The expat liason wants the expats to feel safe, the mexican community has many neighbors and friends that have died because of Covid-19. San Antonio also has many death because of Covid-19 I rather know the truth than believe it is not here and we are all safe.
  9. I heard it was 40 deaths. Ajijic alone had more than 10 several weeks ago.
  10. Guess it looked like you want permanente visitor visa but not really permanent That sounds odd
  11. 10 pesos for pumping gas and another 10 pesos for washing windows
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