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  1. If you go to Costco by way of the macrolibramiento, when you return you will drive by Fresko then you drive under an overpass, then immediately get on the right lane. It is a couple of hundred feet on your right.
  2. This will be a great mall to go to. Liverpool has been opened since before Christmas. At least 15 other stores now opened including Starbucks, timberland and Cinepolis. Lots of parking and easy to get to. I find it a great stop after shopping at Costco and on the way to the macro libramiento to return to the Ajijic area.
  3. Tell them to go to the cancer institute in Guadalajara Hospital only for cancer. Most cancer are treated free
  4. The first 12 topes were finally painted and that did slow traffic down, but the last section of 7 topes should be painted also
  5. Was in Walmart and change due was 164 pesos. She gave me 4 20pesos bills and the gave me the rest in change in my hand I gave it back to her and asked her to count it. She obviously did not want to but I insisted.. she kept recounting it.and of course it kept coming up short. She had to get another 30 pesos out of the register. Always count your change
  6. I want to make beef stew so I went to Super Lake and bought a few cans at 19 pesos each can. I will be making a large batch so I needed more. I then went to Pancho’s the price looked to be 65 pesos, I asked the cashier and she said 79 pesos. So I then went to El Torito and it was 17 pesos Guess it helps to check around
  7. It is fabulous. Food has always been excellent
  8. Most houses are priced in US dollars so the exchange rate does not matter much. If you are buying a car then it will matter. When we bought a car in Guadalajara the price seemed too low until we realized that the cars were priced at the beginning of the year when the rate was 10.50. When we’d buy ithe exchange rate was at 20.00. Great savings on our part.
  9. The best way to show respect is to be there when they are alive.
  10. There is so much to be said about this area. The big issue is people do not always move for the right reasons and that becomes the issue. I know 2 different couples who moved here and bought houses. The problem was they hated everything and everybody. Nothing was right. I had long conversations with with each couple. They listed what they liked and did not like. We agreed it would probably be best for their physical and mental health to move back. It was their best de decision. Now everyone is happy. sometimes hard decisions must be made. Let’s not throw stones at each other
  11. More Liana also my citizenship took 3 weeks to finalize. Things sure have changed.
  12. Greco Salon has a new location. They are located on the carretera #8D, located west of VIAJES Ajijic and Doctor George, right next to Odonto Clinick At Greco Salon you can get haircuts, hair color, styling also manicures, pedicures, waxing. They are excellent. Stop by, you will be happy you did.
  13. Guadalajara SRE office were great when I applied for my citizenship, especially when done without a facilitator.
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