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  1. I do not understand why you went to get the receipt if you did not get the vaccine
  2. Make sure you bring this paper as they will put a stamp with the doctor’s name and other stamp is the location.
  3. Now North Carolina is having adverse side effects also with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine
  4. Johnson & Johnson vaccines are having serious side effect in area just north of Denver. 11 immediately has side effects, one taken to the hospital. 650 people waiting were waiting for them vaccine were sent home. Right now they are stopping this vaccine Since Mezcala is having the second vaccine this week. Maybe like in March, this area was the following week. So maybe next week it will be in this area.
  5. All of my fans are 15 years old, never a problem, still balanced and work well
  6. We were part of a group from Chapala that went to Mezcala for the vaccine We were not sure if we could get vaccinated but went anyways. Oh and Hector was there. Did he call you? No. Did he post it? No he just called a selected few not all of you. Do not be fooled. We did not know from him.
  7. Agree he should not be driving, he may forget where he lives.
  8. It is a few doors east of Bancomer The owner’s brother owns Jardin Plaza restaurant
  9. VIAJES Ajijic has always gotten us cheaper rates than anywhere online
  10. We drove route 80 to Melaque last year and gladly took route 54 back Worth paying the tolls
  11. I would think if for any reason the check does not go thru, they are covered. You can always withdraw after the check has cleared. We are lucky to be able to deposit a USA check living in Mexico. You can always edeposit your check and use your atm to withdraw.
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