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  1. Never had any issues with Comex. Some painters want to dilute the paint, don't let them and your paint will last for years wether inside your home or outside.
  2. I get my Telmex bill monthly by mail
  3. Go see Azucena Bateman. She is great and very knowledgeable Her office is ABC Legal on 16th of September #11, office phone is 376-766-1654
  4. I wish people would stop comparing Canada and the USA There is no comparison let it go.
  5. Filet mignon is not several pieces stacked on one another. It is a cut of beef
  6. I agree it was not a filet mignon
  7. It looked like a filet mignon but when trying to cut it, the different pieces of meat separated. Filet mignon is a cut not many pieces put together wrapped with partially cooked bacon to make it look real. Very disappointed
  8. And if you want a filet mignon. Do NOT order it there.
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