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  1. Just go to Facebook, bomberos Chapala. Photos are posted also
  2. 4 people hurt as driver did not put car on reverse and drove into store. Hope all have minor injuries. Sorry I do not know how to put link
  3. I have both. Kindle and iPad. So I have a choice on what to use, but I rather read on iPad
  4. When I changed my name in the usa that was not by country of birth. I had lived there many year under a name not on my birth certificate and not on my USA passport I finally strengthened it out. Guess only you can decide which name you want to keep and contact authorities to have thus done. Go directly to Guadalajara and get an answer
  5. Rickv I changed my name in usa, a local judge in the usa gave me a list of agencies to notify, so that everything would match. My passport had a page attached showing my new name. Social security had 2 files and they combined them. Then everything matched. Pm me for more if you would like
  6. Yes it is, I consider it in Saltillo. But you are right. Still easy on and off and a great stay
  7. If you want to stay in Saltillo, go to the Fairfield Inn. king suite only 49 and includes a fabulous breakfast. Easy on and east off.
  8. Tolsa lab in Guadalajara has a MRI You can park at the Tio Sam Parking garage on Ninos Heroes and walk across th street and the side of Soriana and the lab is next. 8,500 pesos. You need to have it scheduled by your doctor.
  9. Problem is that some people do not even realize or care when They are insulting anyone. They are the problem. Shame name calling are like kids in kindergarten
  10. Never a need to call anyone stupid, no matter where one is from,after all we cannot help where we are from.
  11. Rome Italy is the worst. We were stuck in traffic at a large intersection where every cars and buses were blocking the intersection and horn going like crazy. Believe me, nothing like here, or Canada or the States, even NYC is not that bad.
  12. Car dealerships will work with you, deliver your car and of course register it. Then you can get the discount and other extras. if you want the discount go to Guadalajara
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