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  2. That is what I thought of also but did not want to say it
  3. If people want to do that to their Doberman, let them. Did you ever look at some poodles, sure looks ridiculous with their Pom Pom haircut. Or how other breeds look. Do what you want.
  4. Any restrictions going inside Costco besides wearing face mask. Can 2 people go in with same card. A while back I had read they were only allowing one in per card. Please tell me your experience.
  5. It is the municipality of Chapala and yes it does include Ajijic. There are cases in Ajijic. I always look at Semanario Laguna for the update on the cases
  6. Bought many items from this store and very pleased with them. All used outdoors and still look fantastic
  7. In the past when something was mailed in USA to my Mexico address it took almost 6 weeks So you may get your check any day
  8. Yes More Liana. A visa is a visa wether temporal or permanente Lots of people do not get this. I read someone wrote this is almost like citizenship. Not even close.
  9. I had to go to Dr Haro to fix her work. Will not go back to her.
  10. Wow am I glad I did not sign up for that. Did not sound right from the start.
  11. The last time I was at that mall was after Christmas and probably 20 plus stores were open. Do not know about now. Not going there until things really calm down.
  12. Go with a broker. I had 2 different local people saying they can do it, they kept saying next week, next week, finally I asked for my paperwork and money back and drove to the border ourselves. Found a broker and several days later we were driving back and just had to get Jalisco plates. Hindsight we would have sold the car and bought one here.
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