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  1. I was not referring to just this post but in general. I also sometimes wonder if you ever consider that you might possibly have a tiny bit of trouble accepting the data that does not support your narrative. Funny how that works.
  2. “Where the timelines are close, some inferences can be drawn.” But, do you have enough knowledge and information to be positive the inferences you draw are correct?
  3. Well, five people reacted to her opinion so it is not just herself. But, looking at your response, I find myself wondering once again who is this consistently belligerent poster?
  4. I am sorry for the loss of your Honey. They do take pieces of our hearts with them when they go.
  5. Kyle, does this make sense to you? Q: Can I wear a Face Shield by itself? A: NO. As more businesses open up, we’re aware of reports of employees wearing ONLY Face Shields/Visors for protection (for example many hairdressers in the UK). This approach is NOT recommended. While face shields provide some additional protection to the wearer, especially for the eyes, they should be used as a complement to face masks, not a substitute. This is because masks absorb outbound droplets when we sneeze or cough, while face shields don’t. On the inbound side, smaller aerosol particles can flow around a face shield. Health care workers treating patients with COVID-19 often wear added protective gear, including face shields to protect the eyes, nose and mouth from contamination from respiratory droplets, ALONG with masks or respirators. In an experimental study using a “coughing patient simulator” (gotta love science!), face shields were shown to substantially reduce the short-term exposure of healthcare workers to large infectious aerosol particles, but smaller particles could remain airborne longer and flow around the face shield and were more easily inhaled. Thus, “face shields provide a useful adjunct to respiratory protection for workers caring for patients with respiratory infections. However, they cannot be used as a substitute for respiratory protection when it is needed.” https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/nioshtic-2/20043721.html A recent outbreak investigation at a hotel in Switzerland found that all of the staff who were infected wore plastic face shields, while those who avoided infection wore face masks. “It has been shown that only those employees who had plastic visors were infected. There was not a single infection among employees with a mask.” https://www.thelocal.ch/…/only-those-with-plastic-visors-we… We will continue to monitor and update the science on PPE as it emerges. For now, face shields can be a helpful extra layer of protection during times when close contact cannot be avoided, but should be used TOGETHER with face masks to prevent transmission. **** This is from a Facebook group called “Dear Pandemic.”
  6. I have lived here for 12 years exactly the way I want to and have not been a crime victim. Mexico is what it is in all its beauty and horror. You learn and blend in or you make a big splash and the sharks circle. Mexico is not going to change one whit because some foreigner stomps his foot and says “I’m leaving!” This guy had a very bad experience but Mexico has no pity. Suck it up and stay or pack up and go. Mexico does not care.
  7. I am sure if Bobby wishes to remain in the restaurant business he will again rise from the ashes which will not be an option for most of the other small businesses that have and will be closing.
  8. My problem with the location was it being across the street from the previous restaurant he sold to a couple whenhe was sick and needed money. Then he gets better and comes back and opens up across the street. “Ta-da! Bobby’s back! Forget that old Roberto’s place across the street.”
  9. It is as clear as your post: “There is a cure for Hep C now. It isn't a vaccine, it is medication. I know 2 people who had Hep C for decades, who were totally cured.” With no link to more information it was overly simplified. The link I provided, if read, makes clear how it is not as simple as it sounds.
  10. It takes months of planning, some of which involves non-refundable expenses. People involved in a myriad of ways have to be signed up. They may be depending on income that will come from the event. They need to know soonest if it will not be coming. I am guessing they have reached the point of needing to either start putting out money or canceling.
  11. I do not know how to say what I said any simpler. Sorry you don’t understand.
  12. It is not as simple as that sounds. https://www.healthline.com/health/hepatitis-c/ddg-new-treatment-options#is-it-curable
  13. I have no problem with tech talk anywhere since no matter where we are living tech is a very important part of our lives. None of us is living without it. However, there are only two TOBs, this one and the other one. This is true no matter which board you are on at the time. The third board is one you seem to have decided to resurrect from its boredom induced coma by pretending it is in the same league as the two TOBs. It is not.
  14. Soriana usually has some Mexican brand of a cereal that looks like Rice Krispies. Don’t know the cost but likely much cheaper if you have been buying imported American cereal.
  15. Okaaaaay. So skipping over threads is not possible for you. Peace out. TOB does have a tech forum for anyone who wants/needs that. https://www.insidelakeside.com/f23-tech-talk
  16. Can’t you just skip over the thread if it is not of interest to you?
  17. This post is so old someone commented in this thread: “Won't get any help with your gun question on this liberal web board buddy....”
  18. I have not noticed. It seems that Pet Avenue has the largest assortment of premium pet foods.
  19. Don’t know if it is available here but there is a high fat, high calorie “stuff” to supplement their diet. It was like a large tube of meat-flavored tooth paste. Of course, in theory you could squeeze some in with their food. Non starter for my cat. She ate all around it and refused to eat at all when I mixed it in with her food. So much for “Cats love the flavor!” Vet suggested squeezing some on a plate. No again. I ended up putting some on my finger and putting it on the roof of the cat’s mouth so she had no choice but to swallow it. After a bit she began to like it. Best of luck to you and Max.
  20. What you just said here is not what you were saying. Go back and reread your posts in this thread. Had you said further back what you just said here we would not be having this discussion. Now that I know you really have no idea what you are saying there is no point in these discussions.
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