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  1. No Nana, I never in my life (teenage or otherwise) ate French fries with gravy. So Mtnmama raise a valid point: doesn't the gravy make the fries soggy? CG, how would you reheat such a mixture of fries, cheese and gravy?
  2. In case this thread is read by people considering which town in which to locate I would like to clarify two things. Ezpz is here talking about Chapala Centro where I first lived. She is correct about weekends there except for the part about the charros. There are plenty of horses even in El Centro. Outside of El Centro the weekends in Chapala are no different than weekdays. In fact, I would say that Ajijic around the plaza area on weekends is as congested and noisy as Chapala Centro. Mainecoons has an idealized image of conditions in Chapala. Some areas have six day a week pick up. Other areas have five or four day a week pickup. We all are subjected to skipped pickups for unknown reasons. My most regular driving routes through the city take me over pothole strewn streets, some huge ones that grow larger by the week. So, Chapala is not a service utopia by any means. We all, hopefully, are happy where we have chosen to live because the character and environment suit our personality and meets our needs. I am guessing that is what we all want.
  3. I agree, RV. We are too old to die young.
  4. Xena

    Bone Soup

    Bone broth is easy to make and nutritious even though it does not actually repair cartilage. I have friends who make it all the time for themselves and their dogs and cats.
  5. Xena

    Bone Soup

    You don't know the science behind the claim because there is none. http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2015/02/10/384948585/taking-stock-of-bone-broth-sorry-no-cure-all-here
  6. I never thought about meeting "single" people, just meeting people and making friends. After eight years I have many acquaintances and a core group of close friends. They are single and couples, women and men. People here are friendly and open. If you venture out and about and explore what interests you, you will meet kindred spirits.
  7. Hard to describe the sound. To me it a shocky, electrical sound that makes me think angry and dangerous. I don't know how dogs interpret it but barking dogs grow silent and advancing dogs stop or back away.
  8. A friend has a taser -- or at least that is what I thought it is. She has used the sound to scare off dogs. It emits nothing but the sound is scary and effective on dogs.
  9. Semalu, the disservice was in just saying "waiting for death" as opposed to informing people about what hospice does (as you outlined in your response to me). Your first comment made hospice sound passive when in truth it is active. You short changed hospice and the person looking for help. A big problem for hospice and the those needing hospice services is getting help for people before the final few weeks of life. Part of their reluctance in seeking hospice care is hearing that hospice is just about waiting for death and not about living every day until the last one and living it without unbearable pain. You took the time to clearly explain to me what you assumed I do not know. I wish you had done it for the OP instead of dismissing hospice as "waiting to die." We would then not be having this discussion.
  10. Sandrita, I am sorry to say that complete hospice care as we know it in the U.S. is not available lakeside. There is a sad history of attempts to do so. There are people providing various aspects but no central services. Valerie Rhoda, a local licensed therapist, would be a great resource for you. She runs several support groups including several for people with serious illnesses and one for those care giving for people with serious or life-threatening illnesses. She is plugged into the available community resources. Her phone number is 766-4522 and her email is valerie_rhoda at yahoo.
  11. Hospice is not about "waiting for death." Telling that to people needing help is a disservice. Sandrita, here is a link you may find helpful. It provides a starting point for you and others newly facing a difficult and painful situation. Best of luck to you. http://www.nhpco.org/about/hospice-care
  12. Thank you, Bezerk, for reminding us all to think before we post and to be less judgemental and more kind. I hope you get your makeup done and feel fabulous!
  13. There is a pet store in Chapala on Zaragoza that specializes in birds, including chickens. According to a friend he is the best source for chickens. I am not sure of the cross street but just go down Moreles and turn left on Zaragoza. There is a church on the corner and the store is across the street. There are always bird cages out on the curb when it is open. You can't miss it.
  14. From Wkipedia: "Wetback is a derogatory term used in the United States for illegal foreigners, most commonly Mexican and Central American nationals, especially to those who have illegal immigration status in the U.S.[1] Generally used as an ethnic slur,[2] the term was originally coined and applied only to Mexicans who entered the U.S. state of Texas from Mexico by crossing the Rio Grande, which forms the border between Texas and Mexico, presumably by swimming or wading across the river and getting wet in the process.[3]"
  15. I am so glad I read this thread. I was running out of things to worry about. I might have gone on enjoying this beautiful day here at the lake. Now, I can stew and worry and be afraid to drink my bottled water while waiting for the radon gas or radioactive water to kill me.
  16. Thank you suegarn for getting the information and sharing it. Bus service sounds reasonable to me. Since we are all in varying degrees of fitness and mobility no one else can tell you what would or would not work for you. Best of luck in your seach for a home and much joy to you in it.
  17. Should have clarified that it is standard with the experience of everyone I know who gets in-home massage.
  18. Just to clarify, I said: "With the quantity discount, the charge was around $2.50 US more. Considering also that Lupe traveled to Ajijic to do the in-home massages, there is no way I would consider that Portimom paid "much more" as a new client" I took into consideration Lupe having to go into Ajijic when noting that Portimom paid just $2.50 dollars more than a long-time Chapala customer said he paid. I did not say Lupe charged more because he went to Ajijic. In fact, 250 pesos for an in-home massage is standard around here.
  19. I just wanted to point out to Portimom (who thought new clients pay "much more") that the difference between what Lupe regularly charges was just 60 pesos more than the long-time client pays. He then took 20 pesos off each massage because there were two in the same house. That 60 pesos is about $4 US more than an existing client pays for a one-hour massage. With the quantity discount, the charge was around $2.50 US more. Considering also that Lupe traveled to Ajijic to do the in-home massages, there is no way I would consider that Portimom paid "much more" as a new client.
  20. I would guess that beings with the technology to get themselves here and hover about gathering intel have the capability to communicate by other than flashing lights.
  21. Cedros, you yourself said "Of those reported virtually always they are identified or explained by someone somewhere" which indicates that not all are reported. Have you never heard people talking about things they have seen and never reported? Have you never read stories people have written about things they saw and never reported? Also, it would be impossible for every incident to be reported and investigated. There are too many and it is too costly. Again, this is off topic. Please do start your own thread disputing the existence of UFOs and leave this one alone.
  22. Since not all sightings are reported and some are not even talked about outside closed circles, it is not possible to say that "virtually always" they are identified or explained. Some people believe in UFOs or at least in the possibility and some people don't. Why can' t we leave it at that?
  23. What is happening here is bullying. This is a community web board. Members of the community should be able to communicate on it without being ridiculed. Start another thread concerning your feelings about UFOs if you must share and leave the OP alone.
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