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  1. “Thecontradiction I find interesting is someone feeling more angry toward an animal abuser than a people abuser. And on another note it's interesting anyone could get that worked up over a casual observation. Time for a chill pill.” — Pappysmarket I was no more “worked up” by your comment than you were when you wrote yours. I found your comment interesting but a bit confusing. My asking for clarification seemed to have touched a nerve. It’s interesting that you see yourself as simply writing an opinion but when someone responds to you they are “worked up.” As it turned out, I was correct in asking for verification since you said you didn’t mean “forgiveness” but something else.
  2. No victim ever deserves “some responsibly” for being murdered. Not a dog who barks too much or a woman who just won’t shut up. In my world we often ask each other to clarify what they meant by what they said. Obviously, you don’t care. What I find more interesting is someone not caring what he says, using any word that comes to mind and then resents being asked about it. Most interesting is finding out you believe that some murder victims bear some responsibility for being killed. Very interesting, indeed.
  3. Will you please clarify what you mean by “forgive”? Do you mean they don’t want the death penalty or they want to just let the person go or want them confined to a mental facility that includes treatment of the mental disorder?
  4. How did you intend your comment to sound? Not being snarky. I really am wondering what your intent was in posting that comment in a thread up till then a serious discussion among people who have used, are using, or wanting to use a mind-altering substance. For the record I did not see the comment as being preachy so much as sanctimonious.
  5. Yup. I think all the usual bases have been covered. The next post needs to work in “his” college students and the apartment in Guadalajara, THEN the thread can be locked. 😆
  6. Your response has nothing to do with what I said. But carry on.
  7. It seems as though some people want the government to deal effectively with Covid19 while their lives go on exactly the same with no changes or inconveniences for them. And, pretty much whatever measures the government takes are wrong, misguided, or stupid.
  8. I don’t think El Torito is classified as a “large supermarket.”
  9. Meet him where he is or leave him alone. I challenge anyone to show me an uglier “relationship” than I had with him on TOB. When he popped up here I ignored him for a long time. Now, I relate to him when I can and leave him alone when I can’t. It’s simple and works for me. I think it works for him too. We are old and will soon enough all be dead. Bygones.
  10. Chapala Municipality adjusted some components of the governor’s plan as I am sure other municipal leaders did. I was speaking of Chapala’s order which is the only one with which I am concerned. “We” are not always the smartest people in the room although “we” love to think we are.
  11. If you really think about it you can see the logic being used. You may not agree with it. You may think it is not effective. But do not pretend it makes no sense. For example, the people who eat in the evening are not suddenly going to rush out to eat at 5. We have friends who bemoaned being unable to dine with us because we “eat too early” — and this was in the Before Times. They could not imagine eating before 8 p.m. it’s a way of life. If you think about the weekend restrictions they are designed to discourage tapitios from coming here. It may not be a perfect plan. You might think that in your extraordinary wisdom you would know exactly the right thing to do, but not everyone who thinks differently from you is stupid.
  12. This is just beautiful. Brought me to tears. Thank you, Ferret.
  13. Even if that is true, that 5% have a right to post here and speak with each other. Also, there are people who are interested in and capable of learning stuff they do not already know. Skip over stuff you are not interested in.
  14. I don’t know how ladies feel about your remark but as a woman I am offended by your misogynistic remark. You seem completely tone deaf — and about 40 years behind the times.
  15. I am wondering why anyone would continue to use a worker when he had to redo EVERYTHING because the worker SUCKED at EVERYTHING. I mean the worker SUCKED at measuring and used cheap cheap parts and charged a fortune for EVERYTHING. As he worked he destroyed more than he fixed. So, just how many jobs did he do before you noticed he couldn’t measure, was destroying more than he fixed, overcharged for cheap parts, and was simply terrible?
  16. ... or get your rocks off, whichever seems more fun.
  17. It should not have been a surprise. If it was, you might want to consider the bubble in which you are living. (Unless like Angus you never have any need to know the time for any reason and simply drift along disconnected from other humans and their slavish adherence to time.)
  18. Huh. My iPad was bought in the U.S. I chose which time setting I wanted it to be on in “Settings” and it has automatically changed to the correct time twice each year for eight years.
  19. If you mean the swimming facility in the orange building on Pepe Gazar, it has been closed for quite sometime. Closed as in gone forever.
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