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  1. 18 hours ago, AndyPanda said:

    You are making a mountain out of a molehill, reading things into my otherwise-benign comments solely in an effort to antagonize, and it's not working. You really should step back and see where all this vitriol is coming from.

    Everything I said has value and is only my opinion. What are you offering? Nothing but negativity. Really good for this thread and for the board in general. You don't like my opinion? MOVE ON.

    Your opinion has value but mine is vitriol? Really? You don’t like my opinion and I should move on. Got it. 

  2. 9 hours ago, AndyPanda said:

    You wouldn't if you and your compatriats had to work every day, seeing multiple people and spending hours sitting in traffic... traffic that has been caused and continues to be ruined by more and more stupid planning. It's a bloody torture. And I am not sure how a handful of complaints on a single thread brings it to a level that is laughable.

    Just think if people like you who want to shop when you want to shop and explore and hit up restaurants and people would stay close to home during peak traffic times the people who have to work and spend hours sitting in traffic would be less tortured. But you want what you want when you want it so tough for them.

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  3. 9 hours ago, AndyPanda said:

    Because those were the only two options provided. I like to shop when I like to shop. I like to go out on the weekends. I prefer not to be lorded over by traffic restricting me to such things. Not a big deal; just suggesting there is more to it than that. Perhaps locked up was taken too literally.

    Words matter. Say what you mean.

    Who  is being “lorded over”? Some people don’t care if it is “the weekend” or not. They like to live their lives with a minimum of aggravation and traffic aggravates them. They can just as easily do what they want Monday through Friday. They choose what days they go out and about. They are not dictated to by the calendar. “Oh, it’s the weekend! I must go out and hassle traffic and deal with crowds because Weekend!” It is a lifestyle choice, not a civil rights issue. 

  4. 17 hours ago, AndyPanda said:

    That's fine if you like being locked in all the time. I want to get out, continue explore the amazing area, hit up the Chinese place in Joco, see people in the west end... the list goes on and on. A big consideration for me, rather than being held prisoner by :() infrastructure design.

    How do you translate “shop early” and “stay home weekends” into “being locked up all the time”? 

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  5. If the sellers do not want to pay the commission of a broker to run the sale from their home and there is too much large furniture to be sold out of a bazarre then they are left to sell through ads placed on web boards or Facebook buy/sell sites and handle it all themselves. I am assuming donating the stuff is also not an option for them. Other than driving away and leaving everything behind I see no other options for them. I wish them the best of luck in disposing of their property. 

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  6. I can not understand why you are having a problem finding in the central highlands of Mexico an obscure U.S. “treat” found only in the Midwest (and even there must be special ordered and is still “hard to get”). 

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  7. Speaking of store access, I went to Soriana yesterday. Walked in and shopped. Just like that. There were very few people shopping. Two registers open. One person checking out,  and I went to the second register where the cashier was waiting for me. Everyone masked. 

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  8. 40 minutes ago, rafterbr said:

    Food is a subject dear to my stomach, so I appreciate it when someone tells how to make a dish perhaps better.  I don't think country of origin matters.  A chili cheese hot dog is a simple dish to make and I am surprised many Lakeside aren't doing it.  CBGUY  said it was good for him and this is all that matters.   The fries do look good and I'm sure I will give this restaurant a try.  Who knows I might talk them into melting the cheese  and putting a little more chili on mine.

    Now, THAT’S the spirit!

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  9. 1 hour ago, CBGUY said:

    By no means is this the "best" chili-dog I've ever had but, it sure hit the spot. The fries were excellent.

    Thank you, Rick. I love when people who have chosen to live in the central highlands of Mexico bitch about how food here is not as good as what they had in the country they came from. Sometimes they have not even tried it. They just look at the picture and commence criticizing. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, Fred Habacht said:

    The poster who "knows" someone who was denied entry "somewhere" is also the same one that couldn't find "large eggs" a few weeks ago and needed help.

    Not sure what you want. Either you believe people are being denied entry to stores or you don’t. Either you decide to sit in your house for two weeks or you go out to do what you need to do.  I don’t understand demanding details of an encounter from a poster  you apparently have issues with.

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  11. 1 hour ago, TelsZ4 said:

    So if I understand your claim correctly your saying that if you walk by someone in the street who is infected and not wearing a mask or wearing a mask incorrectly or one of the cheap Chinese masks and who happens to sneeze as you walk past, that walking through the cloud of droplets will have no effect on you ?  even though the droplets could possibly enter your body through your eyes or ears...

    I would like to know the source of your claim that it takes prolonged contact with an infected person to catch the virus...


    In addition to space and duration of contact you need to consider the viral load of your encounter. Even IF a person who is carrying the virus sneezed at exactly the second they walked past you (and, as Mostlylost pointed out, what are the chances of that happening?) the amount of virus in the droplets that you MIGHT inhale can easily be knocked out by your immune system. Nothing happens. Stand or sit a couple of feet away from an infected person for several hours, talking, laughing or maybe shouting, singing and the viral load you take in may overwhelm your immune system and you get sick. 

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  12. 2 hours ago, Upfront said:

    because no matter how much you dislike it most of us think you are a little snork dork.

    now try and stay on topic instread of rolling rthough every thread with your pent up anger. remember the topc? probably not: propety appraisal

    “Most of us” don’t care about your feud with Happy (and numerous others). I read his stuff or don’t. Enjoy it or don’t. Agree with him or not. But, one thing I don’t do is constantly snark, snarl, snap, and spit at everything he posts. When you do, you exhibit how much power he has over you. 

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  13. 11 minutes ago, RickS said:

    I just a little confused.... if it goes up by 15%, and it was formerly $4,000 say, the new requirement would be $4,600. I can't see how this would eliminate anyone except those that were really on the hairy edge to begin with.  Am I misunderstanding?



    There are people on the hairy edge. A friend found out about the increase when she submitted her paper work. It bumped her out of range. Luckily she found a work around and got approved. 

  14. 17 hours ago, Joanie said:

    To me, the doctor's "ha ha" response is sad and snide.  I expect better from a professional.  He may have made a profit on the flu vaccinations, but I suspect he lost patients over it.

    I have had more than my share of interacting with the sad, snide, unprofessional doctor here and on TOB. Sadly, several friends have had much more unfortunate (and expensive) interactions with him IRL. I hoped he had learned his lesson about how he in interacts with the public, but I see he has not. 

  15. 14 minutes ago, EldonNova said:

    I am quite sure Hector Espana of Manix Restaurant is already collecting for this particular cause and has already raised quite a bit of money.  He is doing it via Facebook.  I am saying this just so people are aware.

    Yes. More than one person may be collecting for a cause. They use different ways of reaching out to different audiences. Are you saying only one person can be collecting donations for these young people? Are you saying all the money has been collected already and no more is needed? Are you saying Harry is doing something wrong? Please clarify what you mean here. 

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  16. 12 hours ago, AndyPanda said:

    Is it an accepted fact then, that American's/Canadians cannot drive into Mexico? They can certainly fly in.

    No. Not as far as I understand it (which likely is not very far). I doubt there is one “fact.” There are opinions, experiences, stories, rumors, and suppositions. There are also exceptions to everything you thought or “knew.”

    The conclusion I formed into my opinion is that if you are a resident of Mexico or have confirmation from someplace you will be staying here or a nice story about coming to, say, care for your sick relative there is no problem. Or if you hit it right you need none of the preceding. 

    Hope that clears things up. 

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