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  1. Yes, and how will knowing what you received in Seattle respond to or help answer Cedros’ question about what happened to him lakeside?
  2. Yes, I have a grudging admiration for them. I never minded the normal sacrifices made to the cutter ants. We co-existed. This year they got to me. I have recently moved. Different gardens, different problems — maybe. Oh, and I did not move because of the ants. That’s an extreme way of dealing with them. 😁
  3. My plants came back quickly until they didn’t. I had the same plants for five years and they did very well — until this year’s repeated stripping. Also this year the ants went after plants they had not ever touched in five years. Everything I had used to knock them back in previous years did little or nothing to stop them this year. It has been a very bad year for them. Glad your experience has been different.
  4. Once or twice a year is fine. Four or five times a year can kill the plant. I don’t much care about universal facts but about what has happened in my garden. I have lived here 13 years and this past year has been the worst and is the first time I have lost plants to them.
  5. Or you misinterpret my words. I was not “judging” you. You have a problem with me and it is your problem.
  6. You and I have very different ideas about what constitutes rudeness. For example I consider your response rude. Go figure.
  7. Chapala has posted that tomorrow only those who were there today and have a number will be vaccinated tomorrow. If you weren’t there today and have no number don’t bother. Nothing said about Thursday
  8. The first round anywhere has been chaotic. Then things smooth out and get much better. Thursday should be better than today but will it be better enough? Hopefully someone else will have more information. Best of luck and bless you for helping your neighbor.
  9. Yes, sometimes being rude is necessary and called for. It is all some people understand. I can not imagine a life where never once have you needed to be rude to anyone. Or perhaps our understanding of “being rude” is just different. As for Happy, you ain’t seen nothing here from him to compare with the battles I (and others) had with him on TOB. There is a section there called the Octagon that only members may enter and it is clearly stated “no holds barred.” Imagine Happy with no restraints, free to say ANYTHING in any way he chooses. Bottom line: He is who he is. Put him on Ignore or just scroll past offensive posts.
  10. It might be but they sometimes deserve it so it’s a tough call.
  11. I am very happy you are no longer using your authority to lock threads when they are not going your way, especially doing so right after you delivered your final say. I comment on something when I am moved to and have the time and energy. When was the last time I commented on one of your posts much less “complained” about it? Sorry you cannot control what I complain about and when. And, yes, I do note when a moderator highjacks a thread. I foolishly hold you to a higher standard even when you are pretending to be just another poster. Now that we have both had our final say we may resume regular programming. Have a lovely day.
  12. I was hoping for a response from the person who made the statement. But thanks for jumping in. We don’t hear nearly enough from you.
  13. Oh, Mainecoons, I don’t care enough about what you write to report it to “the proper authority” or even to the improper authority. I simply noted an interesting highjack about a thread on traffic here. Whether you consider your conspiracy theory wild or brilliant analysis is irrelevant to me. Is it now time for Moderator2 to lock the thread?
  14. Stunning how a thread about traffic here turned into discussion of a wild conspiracy theory about the deterioration of things in the U.S. in the “last two months” and China’s attempt to first destroy and then take over the world. Oddly, Moderator2 has no problem with this diversion. Oh, wait. Never mind.
  15. I bought a box of hard taco shells last week at Gourmet Garage.
  16. I know! And we would have missed another one of your rants over basically nothing, a tragic loss indeed.
  17. Nothing posts no risk. We each decide what level of risk we are willing to assume. In this situation the risk is low — though not non-existent. Compared to some of the risk taking I have seen, this is a small one.
  18. You could say “Thanks for the information. Good to know.”
  19. Oh my god, dude. Grow up! You posted incorrect information that a restaurant is closed for good. Another poster informs you that you had gone before regular business hours — and even shares the place’s regular hours. This is your childish response to someone being helpful to you and informing others a restaurant is still in business?
  20. Perhaps I misunderstand. You would not move to Mexico because you can not drink lake water?
  21. I have enjoyed reading this thread. My advice is to live here or not. Move here because of the beauty of the area and the people. Don’t move here because you fear the feminization of bullfrogs. Argue over who knows more about the lake and who is or is not an expert. It really does not matter. The lake is here and it is beautiful. You can live the wonderful life offered here or play junior scientist and attempt to generate as much fear as you can. We shall all be dead soon enough. Lake Chapala will continue to exist as it has for thousands of years.
  22. I do not understand. What makes a city “real”?
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