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  1. I am hoping there is other info on the tag the poster did not include. Surely they don’t expect people to pick up their dog, take it home to keep it safe, and then begin to search for a way to contact them.
  2. Still, they are a tiny bit more reliable than anonymous old geezers on local web boards.
  3. Sorry. Your claims are unproven no matter what you believe.
  4. It does nothing to change the fact that since I moved here 13 years ago the legend has been six weeks. This year, suddenly, it has become three weeks. And which people’s hearings set the clock ticking? The ones who heard it three weeks ago or the people who heard it two weeks ago, or yesterday. What about the ones who will first hear it next week or the week after? Whose hearing is official? Every shower is not the start of the rainy season.
  5. And when it is large enough then claims will or will not be proven valid. Until then, your personal experience and opinion changes nothing.
  6. Sadly, the workshop was stopped last year due to Covid. Some members are participating in international classes via Zoom. I have no idea if there are any plans to resume the workshop. Perhaps thevalerieleigh will see these new posts and respond. Or you could send her a PM.
  7. Oh, come on, Mudgirl. Who you going to believe: scientific experts from the World Health Organization or anonymous old geezers spouting off on a local web board about their personal experience? 😆
  8. The fact that you had lots of antibodies is great. It does not, however, change the fact that there is “not enough evidence for the company's claims, test groups too small to be scientifically valid, etc.” The company’s claims may be 100% valid and will one day be proved scientifically with studies large enough to provide the necessary data.
  9. Thank you, Whipstock. It appears that “useless” is also in the eye of the beholder.
  10. I don’t have one but would be happy to contribute to buying a new one if a couple of other people can chip in. About how much does a new one cost?
  11. Signs on doors seem to have never caught on here for some reason.
  12. I am not sure. But, have definitely read this clown before.
  13. I could not decide if “Bobby brown” was just really ignorant or a troll, so I played along. I no longer have any doubt. As always, if you give ‘em enough rope .... Not only is BB trolling but is now slipping into a known writing style. Yawn. Been here. Played the game. No longer interested.
  14. If you bothered to learn the truth instead of repeating talking points you would know that Corona Virus vaccines have been in development by several drug companies for years. Trials were already going on with what they had. They did not start from scratch. They needed only to fine tune the vaccines for CV 19. The Operation Warp Speed did not refer to the development (it was already developed).The speed went into the approval process which usually takes a much longer time. They cut red tape and did processes simultaneously instead of sequentially. The approval was for emergency use granted when the threat of the disease itself is greater than any potential risk of releasing the vaccine.
  15. 🤣 You have me confused with someone else. I can sometimes act mature and fake being well balanced most of the time but speak only toddler Spanish and have no medical background. Well, I once had an EMT as a roommate but was never employed in the medical field either here or in the U.S. I think you are thinking of Trailrunner who no longer posts here.
  16. You will always be essential to us, Ferret.
  17. I am not speaking of “trends.” And, the compounds I speak of are a mix of foreigners and Nationals. They are not “gated communities”either. You made a sweeping generalization about rentals here and you were wrong — no matter how you try to change the subject or how many words you use.
  18. Be careful of generalizations. I rent in Chapala a casita, one of two on a huge property with a large house. It has all been owned by the same family for generations. I pay rent in pesos and the landlord maintains and repairs everything upon request. He wants good tenants who will care for the property his family feels a generational responsibility for. I know several people in Ajijic who rent casitas on even larger properties with more casitas. They were all once weekend/vacation properties for large families and now rent some or all of the casitas. It is not just in Guadalajara.
  19. Do you mean Alejandro Mercado? His number is 3339016912.
  20. You are so convinced they don’t work. Why not just move on to something you believe will work for you?
  21. Life is full of unclear answers. You do the best you can to access information from reliable sources and make your decisions as best you can. Some people are invested in not understanding anything contrary to their preconceived reality. It is useless to present facts and information to these people — and a waste of time to argue with them.
  22. Just because you do not understand nor like the truth does not make it not true.
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