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  1. Out running errands this morning and decided to throw all caution to the winds by having breakfast at Pancho’s. It (and the store) were busy. Service was good. Protocols being followed. I had the everything omelette which came with beans and a small fruit plate. It was excellent. It has been many months since I had eaten there and was pleased that everything seemed fine (at least for today).
  2. I have had that sandwich and it was delicious. I actually was going to the Mediterranean Cafe but drove by it (even though I have eaten there several times before). I was going to turn around and head back when I spotted this place. It was delightful and delicious!
  3. It is amazing how many people say what they “would have done” about things that have never happened to them. In their imaginations they are smarter, more aware, braver than ordinary humans.
  4. I have been told that when a customer is a pain in the butt the cost goes way up in hopes they will never be called back again. I am sure that is not true in the OP’s case though. He sounds so nice.
  5. My house has one of those. It’s great. It was here when I moved in so no idea where it came from.
  6. Who pee’d in Cedros’ corn flakes? Why such animus toward a guy selling trees? Ranting on and on about how much time the guy spends there, how long he’s been selling, does he own the land he’s on, blah, blah, blah, woof, woof. Relax, dude. Deep breaths.
  7. No. “Newly industrialized country (NIC), country whose national economy has transitioned from being primarily based in agriculture to being primarily based in goods-producing industries, such as manufacturing, construction, and mining, during the late 20th and early 21st centuries. An NIC also trades more with other countries and has a higher standard of living than developing countries. However, it has not yet reached the level of economic advancement of developed countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, and western Europe.”
  8. Xena

    New scam

    Never in my life have I heard anyone ever pronounce the letter “z” as “zed.” Are you saying the last three letters of the alphabet should be “ex,” “why,” and “zed”?
  9. Xena

    New scam

    It is random. They keep making calls until they get someone vulnerable enough for them to scam. They are the targets.
  10. Xena

    New scam

    You say that as an active, connected member of the community both in person and on line. These predators are not targeting people like you. They are seeking out the isolated, not quite with it, older people, maybe early stage dementia, uninformed, isolated, and frightened. They prey on the most vulnerable which is what makes them so despicable.
  11. This is not an airport so no need to announce your departure.
  12. So you wear seatbelts, have insurance on your car, generally observe speed limits, and do not drive under the influence but draw the line at wearing a piece of cloth over the lower part of your face because freedom? 🙄
  13. Still unnecessary. Next time if you want to help her, send a PM.
  14. I respectfully disagree in the context of the comment about Perry. When it comes to Facebook most people post the highlight reel of their lives. If you don’t really know someone you get the best parts of them and their lives. I am not saying people are generally dishonest there but few show their warts and all. Some of us here don’t “talk” much different on FB than here. Regular posters here know who we are IRL. Others know who we are because we have gotten to know each other through exchanging PMs. Some of us prefer our real names not be here where any whackadoodle could then find us.
  15. There is reason some people call it Fakebook. It is not where you go to find out who people really are. It will tell you how that person wants to be seen.
  16. Unnecessary. It is obviously a typo. We all know that. So does Joy.
  17. Think long and hard before reporting this family. If you have expressed your concerns to them and then DIF shows up they will “know” it was you. If the baby is normal sick and crying a lot and the government shows up at their door they may view you most unkindly. I have a Mexican friend who I run such things past to get the cultural take on situations. He has several times saved me from missteps, mostly minor but a couple that would have been serious faux pas. A health and safety issue for the baby is serious. But if you are mistaken it could backfire on you. Even if the report is necessary th
  18. It is not a joke, Pete. There is video of the couple both proudly strutting their home made masks. The woman said they are protesting the socialist order about masks. There is no arguing with stupid.
  19. What are the rules in Seattle? Are you unable by edict to leave your home except to grocery shop? Or is the level of isolation you are choosing your own “rule”? If so, you need to re-evaluate your personal rules. For that way lies madness.
  20. He also drove a lot of customers away by sitting around with pals laughing at their racist, misogynistic comments and “jokes.” Some people were just not comfortable there especially as more beer was consumed. I remember fondly eating at his original location. He was friendly and the atmosphere pleasant as he served his delicious pizza (and it was delicious). Perhaps he became a victim of his own success.
  21. Don’t count on a second one. It may be a lot less — or nothing at all. Congress may go on recess with nothing passed.
  22. I did not say you were cynical and bitter. I talked about my experience living here and what I would do if I found myself becoming cynical about the culture. Am I not allowed to say that? If you make a comment on a web board not every comment made after that is about you. I do like how you twist around to the old, familiar conjectures about total strangers, their lives, and friendships. It is so trite and boring. I do not care what your experiences have been. I still have had the experiences that I have had. I still have my opinion. I still would leave any place that did not suit me. Surprise
  23. No. Not his style. However, do you remember a poster last known as Bennie2 who posted here under several different names for years? She disappeared a few years ago. Upfront and she share several style points and have the same “enemies.” If not Bennie, Upfront is someone who has been here before under different names. One of us old timers will nail it sooner or later. We always do. Or, they end up eventually outing themselves. They just can not help themselves.
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