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  1. So, if a donor doesn’t care about receiving tax receipts they might just as well donate direct to the organizations receiving the money?
  2. What are the advantages of donating through PforP rather than directly to the spay/neuter programs themselves?
  3. Yes. And they do an amazing job, as do those involved in dog rescue here. They take responsibility for the lives and health of the dogs they take in. I believe anyone thinking of organizing a city-wide feeding program should be first talking to those already in the trenches and learn how the program they are considering could best coordinate with what is already being done. For as much as has been and is being done there is still so much more needed.
  4. If you feed animals more of them live and reproduce more puppies more of whom survive. The problem grows larger over time. People I know who set up feeding stations also trap the dogs one or more at a time, sterilize them, keep them for a couple of days, and return them to the feeding site. The pack is stabilized. These people also check the dogs when they come everyday to feed them. Sick or injured dogs are taken to a vet. It takes a lot of work and a commitment of time, energy, and money. Is this the kind of program the OP wants to take on? Otherwise, he can do like so many other people do and put out food in areas where he sees street dogs. It makes him feel good and the dogs are less hungry for as long as they manage to stay alive.
  5. Without an accompanying sterilization program you would increase the homeless dog population further straining the dog rescue operations here.
  6. The OP did not say he wanted to fire an employee who was bad or a thief. He said only he wished to fire him. The solution you offered was to abuse the employee until he quit. Glo merely asked why you were advising people to do that. It is not as though you think the method is illegal or immoral and can be used to cheat employees out of what is owed them.
  7. Not to contest you either but the truth is you have not found many burger places around here that you like. Good is in the taste of the eater. A couple of years ago I ate a Burger King burger and it was pretty bad; most burgers I get around here are much better. In my opinion.
  8. Carry on worrying. It is what will save you from the virus. Do not let the naysayers dissuade you from your fear and concern. At over 80 you are at high risk of being dead soon from something or other. Might as well spend whatever time you have left reading and worrying, and trying to spread alarm to the poor fools who are enjoying what time they have left. We all have a 100% chance of dying, some sooner, some later, but dead we all shall be.
  9. Harry was discreet. You were not. I thought nothing further about his request. You are the one who introduced “the police” and “breaking the news” and telling “someone in a message.” You could have PM’d Harry instead of partially sharing the news on a public board.
  10. This is always my worst nightmare about getting money from an ATM down here. Withdrawing money from your own bank account should not feel like you’re playing the slots in Vegas. Best of luck getting your money back.
  11. I think soft protein means protein from easily digested sources. I searched for “soft protein” and found only soft food references. In Wikipedia’s entry on protein there is nothing about “soft proteins.”
  12. Not a lot of call for granite repair, maybe?
  13. MC, I know nothing about your personal life nor do I care to. I am saying that to me (in my opinion) people who have the energy to get worked up over the things you do usually don’t have very many other things in their life to worry. That makes you fortunate. That is my opinion and it may be wrong, just as your opinions could be wrong. Like other posters here you have a firm idea of what, when, and how people should be using the forum. To me, it’s all part of the topic. Again, we have different opinions. And I am happy to hear you have stopped moderating threads you are participating in. That was a sore point for some of us. And we disagree upon the reasons threads got locked, but that is also a matter of opinion.
  14. Sorry you don’t like my opinion and personal views or how I express them. Since this is a public forum I will continue to write them. Well, at least until you make a long reply and then Mod2 locks the thread. 😁
  15. I was not saying the locations were the same, just neither is perfect. You have no idea how this will all work out but you are determined to be outraged. The point is, it was approved (if it indeed it was). You must have way more energy, are much healthier, and/or enjoy a way simpler life than I. I just do not enough left in me to get so worked up over things I have zero control over. Carry on.
  16. Yes. One of the Chapala Oxxos replaced an old family restaurant. The stone front is no different than its neighbors in tone or structure. The Oxxo sign is discreet. It is not an eyesore. It has no designated parking or back lot access for delivery trucks. Yet, it prospers. If downtown Chapala can handle the addition of several Oxxos so can Ajijic. Someone said “IF they were smart” they would have deliveries in the middle of the night so as to not create a traffic problem. Having watched the growth of Oxxo for a decade I say they are very smart indeed. They certainly are smarter about locating stores than a bunch of retired foreigners sitting around complaining.
  17. Xena

    Rack of Lamb

    I understand, CG. I was touchy too at first. Then I figured, hey we’re all getting old. As they said on Ally McBeal, “Bygones.”
  18. Really? Disagreeing with you and pushing back is wanting “to take over another forum”? You sure give him a lot of credit.
  19. Thanks. I still have thingies for today but do run out of them too. To clarify: I meant on the same page regarding the other items mentioned in that post. I know that generally I am on vastly different pages from MC.
  20. My comment had nothing to do with growth being out of control, government corruption, OXXO on Colon, illegal high rises, high density proposals, or poor Ajijic as stepchild. I was addressing a comment about “too much change and it’s not what WE came here for.” I agree with most of your examples of the things being out of control. I don't care about Oxxo on Colon. We have three on Modero. I have one three doors from my house opening soon. And, you know I don’t sympathize with your Ajijic as victim mentality. Other than that we are on the same page.
  21. I have been leaving places that no longer suit me my entire life, beginning in my 20s. I may or may not have one more big move in me. Luckily, if I do decide to leave lakeside I will know the new place can not grow and change fast enough to force me out. Nature will take care of that. I will be off on the final big adventure long before man-made change forces me to move on. There is comfort in that.
  22. So the area should not grow, change, seek its own future but stagnate to preserve what you (or we) came here for? How egocentric. The Mexicans are not extras in the movie of our lives. This is not our stage set. I am trying to picture Mexicans moving to a small town in the U.S. and demanding it not change or be developed in ways the Americans choose because it was not what the Mexicans came there for. How well do you think that would go over?
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