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  1. Sure, I’ll step in the hornets’ nest. This anxiety “service” dog charade has gone on long enough. How many people do you believe absolutely can not go out in public without a dog with them vs how many spoiled, entitled people want to prove how very special they are by inflicting their untrained, pampered pooch on the rest of us? It is the latest gimmick to prove specialness. Dogs very much can help people feel more calm and secure in general. The number of people who can’t get their teeth cleaned without their dog in their lap is minuscule. Guiness has every right to not want a medical procedure done in a room just occupied by a dog. If a dentist wishes to indulge her patients’ quirks she would be wise to schedule them last and not have other patients coming in after. What if the next patient has a dog phobia or is allergic to them?
  2. It is amusing when people come up with projects for others to do or suggest “improvements” for the work others are doing. “Let’s you and him get this project done right,” they say.
  3. I say anyone who went back and deleted a reaction icon now that they are not anonymous should really think about what kind of person does that.
  4. You are making it more complicated than it needs to be. “I do not participate in social media except for a local web board” is simple and accurate. Now, I am finished.
  5. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to edit my own post. Others have responded effectively to questions you raised. I do read reports from multiple sources. I have a feeling that the ones you consider reliable are not the same I would so consider. You call the troop movement “largely symbolic.” I call it a stunt — a very expensive stunt that is unfair to our troops and their families.
  6. Gringal, There is nothing “technical” about the definition. I think the problem is it does not fit with what you decided it means to you. That does not change reality. I know the difference between Chapala.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They are different from each other, but they are all social media. You are incorrect when you say you are not on any social media. But if you need to be right you can continue to say that here on this computer-mediated technology that facilitates you sharing information, ideas, and other forms of expression via this virtual community.
  7. It is true, Gringal. ”Social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.” If that is not a web board, what is?
  8. I will look behind the emotionalism if you look behind the motives for the ginned up anti-immigrant hysteria. Why are the troops in TX when there are already refugees at the CA border? Even if there are some “criminals and gang members” in the caravan they are not an invading army.
  9. I don’t think Gringal considers web boards social media.
  10. Now, THAT is most interesting. And, the best reason for keeping the feature enabled.
  11. So, who decided to include the reaction buttons? They just come with the program when it got switched? It seems to be a common feature on social media. I seem to see more positive responses to posts than the sad/confused faces but maybe I have not been paying enough attention. I don’t think I would miss the reaction buttons if they were gone. We got along fine before we had them.
  12. I don’t think putting names to the buttons makes it anymore of a popularity contest than it was before. I am not sure it will stir up more antagonism. It will help aim it in the right direction. It will make posters accountable for their stalking behavior in some cases. If you need to be anonymous in order to offer your opinion maybe you should keep that opinion to yourself. I did notice that Mainecoons and Moderator 2 voted down the same post. That seemed unfair to the OP. When the votes were anonymous he could get away with that but now at least we know. Those are just my thoughts. Like Pete, I don’t know how to react to the change and if/how it will affect how I react to a post. I would like to think it won’t matter, but I will see.
  13. Besides, one person’s “really stupid” is another person’s faith — in both religion and politics.
  14. Xena

    warm restaurants

    Yve’s indoor dining room with fireplace.
  15. In the OP, “church” was lower case which I read as a church that is Christian. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Church
  16. From Vox: “The problem for Trump, though, is that the military won’t actually be able to participate in detaining or deporting any of the migrants the way the president likely wants. That’s because US law forbids them from physically detaining individuals at the border. So while the troops at the border will be armed, they will only legally be able to assist US border officials by doing things like helping transport border agents and providing emergency medical care to those who need it. The armed forces can also work to reinforce infrastructure around the border, like putting additional razor wire on border fences. In other words, while it may be intended to look as if the US is preparing for a massive invasion of immigrants at the Southern border, the reality is that it’s mostly just sending backup logistical support to help border agents address the arrival of a few thousand migrants — around half of whom are girls and women — who have been traveling by foot for weeks over.
  17. Xena


    And, when you are the mayor you can make the meetings about anything you want. Till then the poor guy thinks he is responding to a major issue being much talked about and of major importance to the foreigners.
  18. Xena


    “Hector is trying to address the issues one at a time .” HarryB
  19. Xena


    This would also prevent the rambling that is more gripe session or lecture than a question.
  20. Xena

    Focaccia - New Telephone#

    I am so sorry to hear this. I hope it was a one off and not a sign they have lost their touch. Been going there for about eight years and have never been disappointed in a meal. It has been awhile since I ate there. The last two times I drove out there they were closed on days they should be open.
  21. Xena

    IMSS problem - late payment

    The IMSS rule is firm. Renew the month before or you are out. Have never heard of anyone beating the system.
  22. Xena

    Television options

    Oh yes. Someone putting a laughing emoticon on your posts is so much more hurtful than you writing, “More ignorance from our expert dinosaur..!“ 🤣
  23. Xena

    IMSS problem - late payment

    It is still none of our business. Those who want to donate can. Those who don’t want to don’t have to. Nobody is holding a gun to your head.
  24. Xena

    no bullshit coffee

    And best of all, the coffee sits in an enclosed truck in the baking sun for weeks. That is the best coffee available?
  25. Xena

    no bullshit coffee

    Seriously, Gringal. Read this board often? Ever see the butter threads?