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  1. Xena

    A nice story

    May none of us ever become one of those old people who can no longer speedily handle everyday transactions and have an impatient person behind us letting us know how annoyed they are with us. Hopefully, if they are annoyed they will be able to mask their annoyance and happily help us finish paying for our order and graciously send us on our way. It occurs to me that maybe the cashier in Earl’s lovely story pitched in her own money to simply speed things up and finish a transaction that had already taken too much time. She was compassionate enough to do it in a way that did not judge or embarrass the old woman. May we all at least try to be this kind.
  2. Xena

    Café La Montaña

    Be back after I pop some 🍿.
  3. Xena

    Red vines

    SuperLake used to have them on their candy aisle. Maybe they still do. Costco has them.
  4. Xena


    These are people completely unprepared for living in Mexico. If they think the noise from a nine-day fiesta is too much for their sensitivities they will be totally unprepared to deal with the Mexican civil court system. That is where they will end up if the landlord decides to keep whatever he feels he is owed and the tenants disagree.
  5. Xena

    Forewarning for Tomorrow Morning

    A friend lives across the street from a family that makes cohetes and castillos. Yesterday I saw a large castillo on the street being built for New Year’s Day.
  6. Xena

    Forewarning for Tomorrow Morning

    No celebration is so traditionally beautiful and joy filled that someone can not judgementally criticize it.
  7. Xena

    Forewarning for Tomorrow Morning

    Thanks for the reminder!
  8. It would be helpful if you would offer other means for the municipality to communicate with the entire population.
  9. Doubt there is any one location that has the space to store or volunteers to process 1,000 books, even a couple hundred would be overwhelming. If you check out the bazaars and resale shop spaces you can see how little shelf space they have.
  10. Xena

    Controlled substances

    It does depend very much on what it is. Not every doctor can prescribe certain pain relievers nor can every pharmacy dispense them. Some people have a very difficult time getting drugs they were taking in the States. Important for you to know where your drugs (and you) stand before moving down here.
  11. “My EkG is almost always normal but I have an abnormal heart beat that absolutely requires medication.“ It requires medication but not a 4,000 dollar procedure that has to be done right now. You could die if you leave the hospital.
  12. “And, if this man had symptoms still, how could his EKG be "normal"?“ Because his problem was not heart related. “Maybe it depends on how well the patient's b.s. meter is working.“ Yes. That is why not every patient is a target. Sadly, it is the most vulnerable who get taken. But, these doctors are sociopaths and it sometimes takes a finely calibrated BS meter to detect one. When people are ill, depressed, afraid their meters may not be working well or at all. Of course, dishonest doctors are found in every country. We just happened to be talking about here because here is where we live.
  13. Xena

    Ajijic Malecon Repairs

    And sometimes the twain does meet!
  14. Xena

    Ajijic Malecon Repairs

    This is an ongoing difference of opinion. Some people think citizens should not ever pay for repairs while others say they want something done and just get it done. Either way, in Ajijic at least everyone will have sturdy, attractive benches to sit on while complaining about the ill-run government.
  15. That is why the doctors who do this are so successful. My friend was told the EKG revealed this life-threatening situation. “Lucky” for him Friendly Doctor’s trusted cardiologist just happened to be there and available for the procedure. Who was going to argue? Four thousand US dollars and several months later when he felt no relief of symptoms he consulted another cardiologist. He did not say he’d had anything done, just asked what doc would recommend looking at an EKG like this. Cardiologist said he’d recommend nothing. It was a normal EKG for a man his age. Doctors who do this do not do it to every patient. They have a talent for victim selection. So, they always have patients to highly recommend them.