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  1. And, I was not even referring to your post or the latest cases but to Floradude’s (which I quoted in my post) which is the case reported weeks ago. You need to go back and repeat Reading Comprehension.
  2. Yes. There was. And still is. I guess we should be mentioning it to deny these latest cases are real? If that is the point then use your words and just say so.
  3. The American woman was transported to the states. She is no longer here so why would she continue to be mentioned? As for the doctor, she completely recovered from whatever she had so, again, what is there to “mention”?
  4. Also imagine if you will that you have an option to Ignore the stupid speak but continue to read and engage with it for 10 years, everyday, all day while bitterly complaining about it.
  5. Since your OP carried the recommendation, I wrongly assumed you got the information from the CDC and might know. I’m not looking it up because I have no intention of bleaching my masks. Perhaps someone who read your OP and intends to follow the recommendation might want to know the reasoning behind it.
  6. Okay, fine. The point remains that soap, water, and sunshine deal with (better?) virus. So why must masks be washed in bleach when hands are not?
  7. I do not understand either. Soap and water and sun kill the virus. Wash in soap and hot water, then hang in the sun. I see no reason to use bleach. I keep seeing articles that make things more complicated (and scary) than they need to be.
  8. For those of us who have never heard of this place, Nissa’s is located where?
  9. ... or not thinking enough. Mexican people are people. There are sincere, honest, and hard-working PEOPLE in all countries and cultures. There are also PEOPLE everywhere who are out to rip off the unsuspecting, especially those from other countries. Both kinds are real people, real parts of the countries in which they live.
  10. Can we please talk about the food and stop with the bickering complaints about the name. Call it whatever you want but give the people starting up a business at this point in time a break. Please.
  11. It is not just autocorrect. There is also “predictive spelling.” You hit two or three letters and the program fills in the word you are most likely (from past writing) to be using. Type fast, don’t be paying attention, don’t proofread before hitting send or post and driving a motorcycle becomes drinking a motorcycle. Add those to typos and you have lots of “mistakes.”
  12. I think they cover bodies with whatever someone has with them. When I came across a motorcycle crash scene on the liberamento the body of the rider was covered with blue plastic. The wadded up metal that had been his bike was laying in front of the jackknifed trailer truck that had obviously tried to stop.
  13. When you said, “It is not commercially viable yet” I assumed the corned beef was not available for purchase at this point. Is it?
  14. You are operating your business as you choose. So, is every other business person. They are operating as they choose, not as you choose. And, that seems to be the problem for you. Sounds to me as though businesses are offering a choice of ways to contact them just not the way(s) you prefer.
  15. Nope. Just jump right back in like you just did, but talk about the bakery. Easy.
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