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  1. Xena

    Fabian's in Ajijic

    It opens at 4 or 5. Nothing was said about when it closes.
  2. Xena

    Anybody knows a place?

    Mudgirl, I hope in the future you will consider the tone of your post and how you word it. You came across to more than one person as accusing and angry — as though the OP himself was considering doing something wrong. It was certainly not your message to which people reacted. It was reasonable and helpful. The problem was in the manner in which you delivered it.
  3. Please suggest how I could have been more polite when asking my questions. I too wanted to help.
  4. We do not know your friend and no information was given about the dog’s condition. Consider adding that info to the OP. The last thing your friend needs is 10 people calling asking the same questions when two sentences in the post would spare them that. And I will ask the questions every time as long as immigrants continue stealing people’s dogs and saying they “rescued” it.
  5. Xena

    Richard's restaurant in Chapala

    Hugh is the owner. When he closed for the summer he said he likely would stay closed. Ran into him recently and he is happily retired.
  6. Xena

    Telmex Internet in SAT

    I live in Chapala and my Telmex internet has sucked for several weeks.
  7. Is the dog sick, injured, starving? Has he been allowed to come and go if he wants to? Is he lost and in need of help or someone’s freerange pet?
  8. Xena


    You are making two erroneous assumptions. Some of us do not feel unsafe here. We take the normal precautions we did NOB, not one thing different. We feel just as safe as we did NOB — and, in some cases, more so. We never considered this “paradise” and still don’t. It is a lovely, lively place to live. We are having fun, a lot more fun than we would be having NOB. So, when you speak, please remember that you are speaking only for yourself and those sad people who think like you do. Sorry about that pig you’re stuck with but we are loving our purses. They may not be silk, but they are a beautiful, durable fabric that brings us pleasure every single day.
  9. Xena

    Car wash?

    I live in the neighborhood and have seen them open. But old age and memory being what it is I can’t say how long it has remained closed this time. Doesn’t seem as though it could be several months, but ....
  10. Xena

    Car wash?

    They open and close on a regular basis. Open for a few days, a week. Closed for a week or more. Open again. Haven’t figured out why.
  11. Xena

    Giovanni has passed away

    This makes me sad. A well-known local character, part of the community and woven into its mythology is gone.
  12. Xena

    The weather here makes me happy

    I know that, Alan. It was a joke about a stereotype.
  13. Xena

    The weather here makes me happy

    So much for that Canadian reputation for excessive politeness. 😡🤬🤯
  14. Xena

    The weather here makes me happy

    Funny. I was waking slowly this morning, listening to the birds singing and happy not to have a pile of heavy blankets on me. Thought about how I was leaving the bedroom window cracked open at night and that our two-month “winter” appeared over. I smiled as I thought how much I love living here. The climate suits me so well. Seems several of us woke up feeling spring today. Aren’t we lucky.
  15. Xena

    Spago’s open

    I feel the same way, El Bizco. Come on!