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  1. If you mean the swimming facility in the orange building on Pepe Gazar, it has been closed for quite sometime. Closed as in gone forever.
  2. If you actually paid attention you would realize I have said NOTHING about your speculations, opinions, and guesses. What you fail to understand is my disagreement with you is over the ignorance and arrogance you exhibited by dismissing Dr. Todd Strong as someone who listens to what others say without knowing what he is talking about. Saying that is outrageous and ridiculous and causes me to dismiss you as a credible source. Other than that I do not give a shit what you have to say. So, carry on being a fool. I am finished with you.
  3. It is not the word Doctor in front of his name that makes him more knowledgeable than you. He is way more knowledgeable than you about Lake Chapala. It was ignorant and arrogant to dismiss him as you did. That is my point, plain and simple. You are making a fool of yourself.
  4. Dumping another boatload of verbiage does not make you more learned about the lake than Dr. Todd Strong. Neither does it make you less ignorant or arrogant when you accuse Dr. Strong of not really knowing what he is talking about. I am sure this diversionary tactic has served you well (otherwise you would not still be using it) but it does not work here.
  5. The article I read said they did not at first know her COD. The report said she had an underlying condition that turned out to be COD. It was just recently they discovered she ALSO had Covid19. I am guessing she was asymptomatic for Covid. She died of, let’s say a heart attack or aneurysm, and after autopsy and blood tests they found out about the Covid. I don’t believe she got on the plane fully symptomatic and actively dying of Covid.
  6. Never thought I’d be saying this, but I agree with gringohombre. I was gobsmacked by the ignorance and arrogance of mostlylost accusing Dr. Strong of just repeating what he hears about the lake “without really knowing.” This from a person who knows more than Dr. Strong because he has looked at maps! I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
  7. Easy for you to say! Maybe the women could spit in it while the guys pee?
  8. I am totally confused. A poster gives a recommendation for a place to get great yogurt. Then another poster says something about masks. After that the whole thread goes to hell including a psychological evaluation of the original poster. I have no idea who is talking about what. Relax, people. Deep breaths.
  9. People who make insensitive and ignorant statements should be called out. We don’t do it instead of donating to the cause but in addition to.
  10. U.S. passports may be renewed for up to 15 years if you were over 16 years old when the passport was issued. After that you must apply from scratch for a new passport. There is no penalty.
  11. What you were saying was not at all clear. That is why I asked. You still have not made clear what you are saying. Are the people relating bad experiences all lying or did they all have these experiences long ago?
  12. Sorry they disappointed you by not looking gaunt and pathetic.
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