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  1. Molcajete restaurant on the east end of Chapala malecon next to (north) of Cozumel has a molcajete as you describe. It is delicious. One easily served three people. Comes with free margaritas.
  2. https://www.denverpost.com/2021/04/08/colorado-johnson-johnson-vaccine-investigation/ No “serious side effects.” No one taken to hospital. Stopped vaccinations at that one store for that day. Vaccinations will be resumed at that store. Other than that, you are correct.
  3. Oh, thank you. I know the store you are talking about. Great stores! Where does “Chinese” come in though?
  4. I still have no idea what shop you are talking about.
  5. Gringos who constantly bitch, whine, moan, and complain about WalMart’s traffic congestion, thieves in the parking lot, cheating cashiers, stocking shelves during busy hours, indifferent managers, and horrible customer service should pay a few more pesos in other stores or stfu.
  6. I have not shopped in Walmart in about two years. They have nothing I can not get elsewhere — and do. Prices on some items are higher and some lower than in other places. I suspect cost-wise it is a wash. But, I wouldn’t care if I end up spending a bit more to shop elsewhere. That is preferable to shopping at Walmart.
  7. Mudgirl did not give you “specific rules about how to post.” She offered information about why quoting (even partially) the post to which you are responding makes clear to whom you are responding. It cuts down on confusion.
  8. You seem like such a pleasant fellow. I can’t imagine why you have such a difficult time getting through transactions here. 😁
  9. In Connecticut we wondered where the flowers izz. But the rest of the poem was the same. Thanks for the memory/flashback.
  10. Yes, and how will knowing what you received in Seattle respond to or help answer Cedros’ question about what happened to him lakeside?
  11. Yes, I have a grudging admiration for them. I never minded the normal sacrifices made to the cutter ants. We co-existed. This year they got to me. I have recently moved. Different gardens, different problems — maybe. Oh, and I did not move because of the ants. That’s an extreme way of dealing with them. 😁
  12. My plants came back quickly until they didn’t. I had the same plants for five years and they did very well — until this year’s repeated stripping. Also this year the ants went after plants they had not ever touched in five years. Everything I had used to knock them back in previous years did little or nothing to stop them this year. It has been a very bad year for them. Glad your experience has been different.
  13. Once or twice a year is fine. Four or five times a year can kill the plant. I don’t much care about universal facts but about what has happened in my garden. I have lived here 13 years and this past year has been the worst and is the first time I have lost plants to them.
  14. Or you misinterpret my words. I was not “judging” you. You have a problem with me and it is your problem.
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