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  1. There are many individual and coordinated efforts among the national and immigrant communities to help during this crisis. It is all over social media.
  2. Let’s see. There is a pandemic and no one should make jokes, wisecracks, or shoot the shit on web boards. How exactly would that help save lives? If we focus upon the virus only, discuss nothing else, and, apparently, never make a joke or laugh we will all stay healthy? Every action you suggest has been discussed by virtually everyone participating in discussions here. Yes, even people who actually make a joke now and then exhibit an awareness of the situation. They take the situation, but not themselves, seriously. I would advise you do the same, “Joy.” You really do need to lighten up, or as BMH says, “it is going to be a long, long 3 months or more.”
  3. After snacking and grazing yesterday I ordered two turkey dinners. Will enjoy “leftovers” for the next couple of days. Have been eating Marco’s turkey dinners for several years now and they are wonderful! I trust Marco and his sanitary practices.
  4. True! Plus, the real $%&/()s are going down the shoulder, passing on the right, then cutting back into traffic to get ahead of the line.
  5. The Passion Play has been canceled for this year.
  6. Not everyone is physically able or enjoys spending what time they have left moving wheelbarrows of dirt around, climbing ladders to fix and paint things, or do housework. Most of us have spent a lifetime doing those things and are happy to provide incomes for younger people to do it for us. It’s great that you enjoy spending your time doing such things but not everyone wants to or can.
  7. I am sure those people will read your post on this web board, realize what fools they are, and change their behavior. And, if they don’t then city officials will read your post, declare you a genius, and begin setting up the tents.
  8. Stop reading the posts you are tired of. Block the posters who annoy you. Ignore political comments and keep on topic. That may not be as much fun as trying to dictate what others say, but give it a try.
  9. I received my first scam call a week or so ago. He had a very lightly accented voice and was so friendly! Hi, how are you doing, he cooed. I asked who this was and then he really poured on the charm. “Oh, no, I can’t believe you don’t know who this is,” he said with a chuckle. I had just gotten up and had not yet had coffee so I was in no mood to play. I said I sure did know who he was and he was trying to get me to say a name and then we’d chat and hang up but he would call me back and say there’d been an emergency and he needed money which I was supposed to send him. There was a few seconds of silence before he said, “Well, aren’t you the smart one.” I said, “I’m smarter than you are, asshole.” He hung up.
  10. You are correct. I should have said you were not lying just not overly concerned with accuracy. Better?
  11. “Eric” proves daily that while irony is not dead self-awareness obviously is.
  12. Bisbee Gal was trying to get and give accurate information. If the OP thinks there is no difference between tiangis and mercados, that a bank providing services through its ATMs warrants an anxiety-provoking headline like they used, that food markets being opened violates a government order which clearly excludes food vendors than they have proven to be unreliable at best. Perhaps lying was too strong a word. The OP appears to believe the distortions they share. At any rate we have been warned about the reliability of what they post.
  13. Xena


    Thank you for the information. It is thoughtful of you to share helpful information with people.
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