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  1. Where does the Greatest Generation fit in?
  2. Really? Mexico did not use this form of protest until the people of Paris and Hong Kong did it?
  3. According to Wikipedia: “The Lost Generation includes the cohort born between 1883 and 1900,[6] and many scholars use the term in reference to the 1920s.[7] Since the death of Nabi Tajima (4 August 1900 – 21 April 2018),[8] this generation is believed to be extinct.”
  4. “See if separate meter for the casita will hold costs down I think only if we can put either the pool or the laundry on the casita bill). Solar just for the pool, both heater and pump.” Before making decisions please ascertain if a separate meter can be installed on that specific property. Sometimes CFE does not allow it for various reasons. A friend rented a house with a pool and very high electric bills. The property manager said the owners were going to install a separate meter for pool and pool house. CFE said no second meter for you.
  5. Maintaining pools down here can be difficult and expensive. If you do not have any pool experience this is going to be a tough place to start learning.
  6. Maybe they didn’t mention it because they did not find the quality “sad.” Maybe they were having too much fun to notice what you perceived as shortcomings. Or perhaps they just are not pathetic enough to criticize people having a good time while raising money for a good cause. It is difficult to ascertain the motives of others.
  7. Spoiler alert: We all have a 100% risk of dying.
  8. I am not interested in writing or reading “reviews” of a FUND RAISER for gods’ sweet sake!
  9. Rules of the web board do not have to make sense to us, only to the owners of the board. Since you have other sources for the information (as many of us do) not talking about it here is not really an issue. We come here to find out when Costco has salted butter.
  10. This site is owned by a real estate company. They do not want discussions of local crime. It is bad for business. Inside Lakeside and Facebook groups (one dedicated entirely to local crime) report and discuss crime all you want.
  11. Maybe something soothing to add to a foot bath which you will need for your aching feet?
  12. A) The OP is not a professional critic. He’s just a local yahoo like the rest of us. (B) The OP did not need to say anything (that is, he “went out of his way”) to offer his opinion on an an amateur fund-raising event. C. I was not referring to the OP as mocking and sneering. I meant you. I can not say I always enjoy your posts but I mostly do. You also are a good sparring partner. So, thank you for that.
  13. Why am I not surprised that you consider not going out of your way to hurt other people something to be mocked and sneered at?
  14. “... it served no purpose...” really says it all, gogirl.
  15. Are you a member of Aijijic Society of the Arts? If not, you should be. Great contacts among long time and new local artists, great source for you. They also sponsor several art shows of members’ work each year. Artists also use local art group Facebook pages. Best of luck. Your work is beautiful.
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