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  1. Oh, I have never had them more than a few weeks. I would not want to be dealing with them for months. My condolences.
  2. They seem to have a “season.” For a few weeks I find them around the area of the door to the garden. I sweep them up and throw them out. Then they are gone until the following year. Some years there are more than others. This year there were very few. But the hoards of leaf cutter ants have made up for it. Worst year for them in the 10 years I have lived here.
  3. Xena

    New Readers Theatre

    What happened to Naked Stage?
  4. I have a soft spot for Dr. Pepe. When a friend took in a cat off the street it soon became apparent it was ill and began going down hill very fast. My friend had no pets so she did not have a regular vet nor did she have a car. She began calling around and no vet would come to her apartment on a Saturday night to see a street cat. Someone gave her Dr. Pepe’s phone number. By then it was 11 p.m. He heard what was happening and simply asked for directions. After examining the cat he said she had a severe respiratory infection and he would need to take her home with him. My friend asked how much it would cost because she did not have much money. Dr. Pepe said not to worry about money. The cat was in care for about a week, slowly getting better. When the cat could go home Dr. Pepe told my friend to pay what she could. She gave him some pesos and said she’d come another time with more. He said that was not necessary. He was happy he could save the cat and make my friend’s kids happy. That is the kind of vet he is.
  5. Thank you, Poe for your kind and loving heart. Thank you for helping as much as you do. Not every story can have a happy ending.
  6. Xena

    First time visiting Ajijic

    Everyone approaches things in their own way. I came down here for a one-week vacation. I had no intention of retiring or moving to Mexico. Six weeks later I was back with car, dog, cat, and whatever I thought I needed (and had room for). Still did not intend to live here forever but planned a one-year extended vacation. Ten years later here I still am and still happy.
  7. Xena

    First time visiting Ajijic

    The OP said: “Hello, I'm planning a field trip later this month to see what Ajijic is all about. I've read articles, watched videos and want to experience the place in person.” The person has four nights here and wants to “see what the place is all about” and “experience it in person.” They will not do that by “working with a real estate person.”
  8. Xena

    First time visiting Ajijic

    “I'm trying to imagine going over to LCS as a visitor and approaching a person or a group cold, looking for information. Can't; but maybe that's just me.” I have never gone to the LCS without someone or several someone’s starting up a chat. And, that’s with me not being a smiling, welcoming “talk to me” person. Sit down, smile, make eye contact and you’re off.
  9. Xena

    First time visiting Ajijic

    The LCS Cafe has some good menu items. They also have coffee and desserts. The grounds are lovely to wander. You will meet lots of people there. Two other expat hot spots are ElJardin restaurant and Black and White Coffee both on the plaza. Great spots to hang out and meet people happy to chat with you.
  10. Xena

    Uber from GDL

    I am confused. Did the OP use the Uber app to get a driver from the airport to SJC? If not, did the OP just flag down a driver by the airport? By whom were they given an “estimate” of 337 pesos to SJC if Uber does not service the lakeside area? I have never heard of Uber giving an estimate. I thought the appeal was you call, are told the fare, pay it on line, and your driver picks you up knowing where you are going and that fee has been paid. How do you go about “trying to find” a driver who will violate Uber agreements and drive them from the airport to SJC for less money than the regulated airport taxi service? Sounds cumbersome and risky.
  11. Xena

    Amazon Mexico Questions

    I can not believe this thread is still going on.
  12. There is a thread about this already.
  13. Xena


    I guess this way discussions can be allowed as long as they go the right way.
  14. Xena


    So, are political discussions allowed or not? And if not, why is it not stated in the rules?
  15. Xena

    Telmex Credit

    Yes. Very different story. Thank you.