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  1. What a strange take away. You could have said, “I’ll think twice before leaving the house without change.” You could have said, “I never realized other people had such strong feelings about this.” Or, even, “I’m surprised people think giving a candy bar is not a kindness.” But, no, you decide to think twice about being helpful. Such an odd response.
  2. No one is “jumping on the bandwagon.” It was very clear from the beginning that putting your money up front was a gamble. There was much discussion about it. Some people decided it was worth the risk. Others either could not afford to prepay for a year or did not wish to gamble. Those people said they’d see how it worked out. Some people have seen enough to sign up and pay install and monthly fees. It is not their fault they are getting hooked up before you. I never believed the story that all prepays would be hooked up first. It did not make sense that the company would hopscotch around lakeside and then fill in. What I thought would happen did happen. It is working out the way things work out in Mexico.
  3. Gary, I am amazed that you got yourself from Bogota to Zamora all handicapped and non-Spanish speaking but now can’t get yourself from a second floor apartment. You left the woman who was caring for you in Bogata because you got a better offer from a woman in Zamora. You were able to do that but can not now get to Guadalajara (or Chapala depending on which post I believe) without the help of strangers on the internet. You have to understand why you are being met with some skepticism. In addition to the above mentioned infestation of reactionary relics we are up to our necks in scammers and con men (and con women... con people?) here.
  4. If you have money to pay for gas why not buy a bus ticket?
  5. Webster’s Dictionary says geezer is “an odd, eccentric, or unreasonable person (usually a man); especially : an old man.”
  6. Hope this article helps. https://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/columns/straight-dope/article/13046331/why-is-skin-cancer-so-much-more-prevalent-now-how
  7. Xena

    Real Chef's

    Marco has been back at the Country Club for over a year now.
  8. Do you honestly think that people who do not know where La Terraza is will suddenly know if you add Bobby’s in front of it and Gourmet at the end?
  9. Sorry, Angus. It may be 15 minutes for you. I live in the Las Redes colonia and it takes me five minutes. I do appreciate you mansplaining how long it takes me to drive somewhere though.
  10. I live in Chapala and am a social member of the country club at VDL and we frequently eat at the restaurant there. It is about 5 minutes from my house to the club. Also, I have several friends living there. None feel the need to have an electric car to save on gas. And, they go to Chapala and Ajijic often. VDL is five minutes down the road, not at the end of the earth.
  11. If you type the word cataract in the search box you will find many threads on this topic.
  12. “XENA - "The fracc’s codes say no more than five dogs per house" ; when the fracc by-laws were amended two years ago I tried to get a limit put on the # of dogs but this was denied so not sure where you are getting your info from.” As I said in my post, a CH resident comment is what I was relating. Sorry if that was not clear to you. Since I do not live there and the person commenting does I saw no reason to fact check the rules. Though since, as you noted, the rules are not enforced I guess it really does not matter.
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