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  1. You might be more successful getting the subject back on topic by, oh I don’t know, talking about the topic. But you have said you are not interested in this topic. I completely understand certain types of people getting under your skin. However, this really is not the venue for dealing with that in your preferred manner. It has previously been suggested that people take these types of discussions into private messages and have at it. Of course, this does not provide an audience for your attempt to take someone down a peg or two which appears to be part of what you want. Believe me, I have been there. It takes way more energy than I am interested in expending at this point in my life — you know, like nearer to the end of it than I am comfortable being.
  2. Chillin, if you are not interested in discussing rib eye steak why even get involved in a thread about RES? If your interest is in poking, prodding, insulting other posters you are on the wrong web board as the mods here have often enough pointed out. Why not just let people discuss a topic in which you claim to have no interest if you are not spoiling for a fight?
  3. Xena

    Tex-Mex is Back!

    I agree with you, CG. But the optimist in me says, “Oh, come on, give them a chance. This time it could happen.”
  4. Xena

    Tex-Mex is Back!

    Whether there is a soft opening or not most people figure new places have kinks to work out. They usually wait a while (and a couple of visits) before giving a new place a hard hitting review. If a business reveals itself over time to be unable or unwilling to correct flaws then, by all means, let them have it. But, geez, give them a chance to get it right.
  5. Since it makes no sense to me that he would complain about receiving a call about being late or not coming, I assumed he meant they never think about calling. Unless the OP comes back to say what he meant we will never know.
  6. I reread this thread to be sure I had not missed something. The OP talked about “thoughtless,rude,inconsiderate tradesmen” who don’t make a telephone call when they will be late or not be able to keep an appointment. Every comment after that discussed this problem. Where did you come up with this being “apologists for scam artists” and telling these imaginary posters to go jump in the lake? But, that was not enough. You continued your rant calling these people “criminal co-conspirators” along with the Mexican “crooks” they defend. Really? Workers are crooks and criminals because they don’t call or show up when they say they will? Over-react much?
  7. I agree with Chapalance and Pappy. Either bite the economic bullet or give up the books and telescope. There is no cheaper way I know of than paying for extra baggage. If you have a friend or relative with storage space you may leave stuff with them and figure out something later. Some of us end up regretting things we left behind. Others regret money spent on bringing down things that ended up not being important in their new lives. We make our best guess with what we know at the time. Best of luck.
  8. It appears that my sarcasm font was not working. Though I am surprised that someone from New Jersey failed to recognize it. I thought all us east coasters were fluent in sarcasm. I am sorry I upset you.
  9. Lakeside7, you are absolutely correct. All tradesmen lakeside are rude and inconsiderate. Well, there used to be good ones making a good living here who showed consideration for the immigrants they serviced but they left family, friends, culture, and a really good living to go NOB where they are, of course, welcomed and treated with dignity and respect. I do not understand how anyone reading your OP could fail to understand the logic and reasonableness of what you say.
  10. Xena


    Kyle, to be fair your OP was a bit snarly, practically begging for a response in kind. I don't eat there (or anywhere in Ajijic) often but enjoy the food when I do. Yes, there is traffic noise but it does not hinder conversation even with my very hard of hearing friend. The prices are certainly not at the highest end of Ajijic and are not unfair for what you get. All of us have restaurants we don’t go to for a variety of reasons but (usually) do not angrily attack the owner for being in the wrong location for us.
  11. Since you have now heard from “people” who say you can extend a 180-day visa without leaving the country and from other “people” who say you can not perhaps it is time to ask an immigration attorney.
  12. Apologize for trying to find out what happened to their cat? They accused the couple of nothing other than not answering their phone and appearing to have suddenly left the house with the family’s cat. They expressed concern for the couple’s safety and worry about their cat. There are no bad guys here.
  13. A friend just picked up his repaired auto there yesterday. It is just a bit east of their previous location, on the same site as their body shop.
  14. The cost makes it just a once in a great while treat. That is a good thing.
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