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  1. I agree, Yo! I can not express how wonderful it is to provide a loving home in which an old dog can live out its life.
  2. The reason more people do not move to the south side of the lake is it is a completely different life style from here. The ones who successfully make the move want to get away from what is drawing so many people here. It is an entirely different experience.
  3. Lived here 11 years. Yours is an oft repeated refrain, especially from new comers and the chronically cranky. Remember the Peanuts cartoons where whenever an off-screen adult was speaking all you heard was “Whaaa whaaa whaaaaa whaa wha”? Yeah. That there.
  4. Xena


    Gringal, I would like to present Exhibit A, your post above as why threads sometimes turn to dissing you. You had your say about the topic of this thread in the previous one. Someone who wanted to continue the discussion about the original topic reposted the subject. You could have bypassed the thread, you could have read the OP and went somewhere else. But you chose to jump in with both feet, fists swinging, demanding an explanation that would (if responded to) bring and keep YOU front and center once again. And, we are off into another thread all about you and your bruised feelings instead of the more pleasant subject of bloody, skinned animal carcasses. That is all I have to say. I will not be responding to this thread any further.
  5. When you become a moderator you can tell us the proper place to discuss things on this board. Until then you’re just another one of us with opinions.
  6. You forgot the part where money was raised for his cancer treatment, he got better, and then came back to open the new restaurant across the street from his old restaurant that he had sold because he was sick. But, I am sure his fan club doesn’t mind any of that because he is so good in the kitchen. Those of us not under the Bobby Spell have it all wrong.
  7. This has been going on for months from various locations but Walmart seems to be a favorite spot. It seemed to have settled down for awhile but maybe starting back up again. Very frustrating since it is expensive and time consuming to replace the computers.
  8. Does that mean you accepted the wrong frames and paid for them? I am trying to imagine what I would do in such a situation. Now that I have heard this could happen I think I would do what Happy suggested a few posts up. Prior to learning this I am not sure what I would have done.
  9. What did you say when you went to pick up your glasses and what was their response?
  10. Since Spencer’s father is not a well-known public figure and Spencer did not announce his father’s death here perhaps a private message to Spencer would have been more appropriate.
  11. They are closed temporarily dealing with a family medical issue.
  12. I suppose with so many newbies there are people who do not yet realize that things are different here from the U.S.
  13. “For us, the sauces are tastier & I personally prefer smaller wings.“ Just curious, why do you prefer smaller wings?
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