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  1. is there a different uber ap for mexico or will my USA account work for Guadalajara and Ajijic? thanks
  2. What is the altitude at the little chapel on the mountain in Ajijic? What is the altitude at the malecon? Gracias
  3. Domestic flight yesterday in USA, they had me turn on my I-phone and agent checked it quickly and gave it back. I am TSA prescreened.
  4. my bogus $500 was confiscated by the bank teller when I tried to get change. Ripped off a corner so I could verify with the merchant where I got it. I was repaying a favor and made change for someone trying to make a small purchase. Another reason why local stores don't like to take $500s. I got stuck w the loss, but learned a lesson.
  5. there was a post regarding lava activity near the east end of lake Chapala.. to which forum was it moved or was ir deleted?
  6. was across from hotel mis amores on Hidalgo
  7. marios bar was planning a move to the el serape location in april. any updates?
  8. Other than the hot springs, are there places near Ajijic where a visitor can swim? Thanks for any help.
  9. Getting ready for my first stay in Ajijic. I have read that one should be careful when showering not to get water in his mouth. It got me wondering about a few things, and I am not a germ-a-phobe: 1) If you wash hands with soap and tap water, are the hands really clean. 2) When showering to you need to be concerned about getting water in your eyes? 3) Do you use tap water for washing dishes, if not what precautions do you take? I realize this may seem like silly questions to some, but I'd appreciate any suggestions, and I will not be offended by anyone wanting to poke fun. /
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