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  1. I copied my landlady who has Yakult once a day. Nor sure of its probiotic value but many Mexicans swear by it.
  2. Time Machine plays at Bar Camaleon tonight. If you haven’t visited since it was reopened, it has been remodeled very nicely.
  3. I was given a land line number in Ajijic, 7 digit. That doesn't work from my mx cell phone. what area code(s) are used for the village/area?
  4. Stymie

    half & half

    doing my first baking in Mx, the half n half seems less creamy than I am used to. any opinions as it relates to use in a recipe? what are some of the terms used here for "heavy cream" or "whipping cream"? m. gracias
  5. CapitalOne debit or ATM card users. at which ATMs in Ajijic do you have the most success withdrawing money? m.gracias
  6. Infierno aka Inferno on Hidalgo has a very diverse clientle, welcomes everyone, not unlike most place I patronize in Ajijic
  7. not sure if is still on, as of April Bruno's had a 2 for 1 hamburger special 3-9 on Thursdays.
  8. carretera 1/2 block west of colon on mountain side, also did a great job replacing a backpk zipper
  9. does a restaurant need to do anything special to post notices on the Bistro Happening s board/ is a special registration needed?
  10. old location was Tom's Bar, then Just Chillin, then .... new place 1/2 block east of Colon on Constitucion
  11. Congrats to the Love and Fishes y crew of a great (relocation) grand reopening. What a lovely setting to enjoy a marghariita, beer, supper and music.
  12. Love n Fishes reopens on Sunday, one block west of the old place. The crew has been busy getting the new space ready.
  13. OP here. went yesterday. 4 of us shared and loved pork ribs, lechon (suckling pig) and chorizo. We went early, around noon. Everything was ready, succulent not at all over-cooked. I went once later in the day an the pork was a bit dry. The chorizo was amazing, more like the great Italian in NYC in terms of texture. There are a few tables under a roof and not the pop-up tent at the old location. 3/4 kilo fed 4 of us nicely. Sign says they are open F,S,S & M. 7-11 store is 100 meters to the east.
  14. another question: what days and times are tours offered in English at the Cuervo distillery? m. gracias
  15. Two people want to make an inexpensive trip to Tequila by bus. An older guide book says one of the bus lines departs from the old Terminal in Gdl. Any info is appreciated.
  16. 3 relatives are taking the taxi from the airport. Is the cost different than than for a single rider? m gracias
  17. Deli on Colon has a nice cheese by the Mennonites in Chihuahua. Nice flavor, melts nicely.
  18. Anyone know the days and hours for Borrego al pastor el cantarito just past Joco? This is the fire-pit barbecue place. m gracias
  19. does Walmart sell air mattresses (inflatable mattress)? Elsewhere? m gracias
  20. It is a very nice group that works there. Fridays from 3 to 6:30 beers are 10 pesos. I've enjoyed the food there, nothing fancy but tasty. After a few visits I was treated like family.
  21. last year there was a weekend barbeque pit set up next to dusty chicken. have they found a new location? m. gracias
  22. do any of the local gyms have nautilus machines or something similar? m gracias
  23. what is the current (recent) rate for a taxi from the airport to Ajijic? Gracias
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