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  1. Posted earlier about not caring for the fried rice that came with an order.  Last night a white rice portion came with the takeout General Tsao's Chicken.    Rice was perfect and the chix was very tastey.  Might add a little more heat next time. 

  2. Having trouble with searches here and google and Trip Advisor.  What is the (correct) name and address for Mama's ( not the pool bar but where they have karoke and trivia.   Thanks for any help.

  3. Made my e first stop at Ajijic's newest (and tiniest) watering holes.    Mr Michi (Michilada) is a very nice addition to the neighborhood.   Stopped in for a beer and met Alejandro, had a few cervecas and even got to sample my very first Pulque.   As the picture shows, there are 7 seats inside and 2 at the curbside table.  


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