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  1. Is this an American document or Mexican? If it's an American document, my sister can get it done for you. Her name is Selecia Young-Jones and she's a certified Notary out of Jacksonville, FL. She is able to legally notarize documents remotely using the relatively new technology (Remote on-line Notary) known as RON and has assisted many folks lakeside since the pandemic. She has also done several Apostille documents for folks needing them done in the U.S. You can contact her using WhatsApp at 904-333-7311 or her email at: rainbownotaryandnuptials.com Hope this helps you. Salud, Val Jones
  2. My sister, Selecia Young-Jones, is a certified Remote-Online-Notary based in Jacksonville, FL. She has been able to help many lakeside people get their U.S. documents notarized, legally. You can contact her via WhatsApp at 904-333-7311 or at www.rainbownotaryandnuptials.com She charges $25 USD to do this RON (remote online notary). Give her a call or send her an email and she'll help you out. Salud! Val Jones
  3. Yes, I arrived today/Friday, July 16th at 11:45 am. I paid inside at the Pharmacy and went to the little trailer in the parking lot. They were open and did my test. I received the results in an hour and 45 minutes via email. Still the same low price of $480 something pesos. Safe travels, Val. :)
  4. Yikes! I'm not sure what to think. I just called Soriana and asked to be transferred to the Pharmacy. I spoke with a lady there who said the testing is open today until 4:30 pm. She went on to say that if I want the results today, I need to be tested before 1 pm. If tested between 1 pm-4:30pm, the results will be sent tomorrow. I hope when I arrive later this morning they are actually open. Val :)
  5. Had my right hip replaced almost 3 years ago in GDL. Strongly recommend Jorge Ulloa for in-home P.T. He and his assistant, Angel, came Monday-Friday for an hour to 90 minutes following my hip replacement surgery. We did multiple exercises on my own massage table. After 2 weeks, it was time for their Christmas holiday break so I continued doing the same exercises on my own for the next 2 weeks. By the time they returned, I was at the 30 day post surgery time where I could drive myself to their P.T. Clinic in Riberas. Following one appointment, they cut me loose and told me to continue doing the exercises on my own. 7 weeks later, we were scuba diving in Nicaragua! Also, Caesar at URDI in the plaza on the libramiento where the PEMEX is located is also EXCELLENT. He worked with me at his clinic for months before my surgery to strengthen muscles and tendons and try to avoid the surgery but once it was evident I had bone-on-bone in my right hip, I had to move towards replacement. He and his wife Sandra are FANTASTIC as well. He also does in-home visits. Wishing you great luck with your hip replacement and P.T. afterwards. Salud! Val Jones
  6. Ragtopman, I could have used you before I took my test, LOL!!! Amazingly, it was only 10 questions, ALL were road signs and 6 of the 10 were NOT on the "official" study sheet. I learned 103 of the most insane/asinine laws, ever, LOL. But, that's OK. Good to know. Clearly the road signs on the "official" page were obvious. But.....there were several signs on the test today that I'd never seen before in the U.S., Europe, South nor Central America, LOL. Fortunately, my best guess did work and I did pass and obtain my license. I think this helpful sign diagram should be shared for ALL taking the driving test. Saludos, Val
  7. Thanks Whipstock for that sign tip. No, it is NOT on the study sheets I've been using. I appreciate the help. Salud! Val
  8. I searched for this information so I apologize if it's out there and I just wasn't able to find it. I've gotten my appointment set up and all my documentation in order to apply for my Jalisco driver's license. I understand with a valid U.S. license, the "driving exam" is not required but a written/computer test is given asking 10 questions. I've printed both the English and Spanish versions of the 103 questions. Has anyone taken the exam recently and if so, can I ask for the exam in English or do I need to focus my studies more on the Spanish version of the questions? Many thanks, in advance, for your information. Wish me luck. Val
  9. Absolutely, I'll send you a P.M. I know his cell phone is on the fritz but his email works just fine. He's working on replacing his phone now. LOL, I ran into him at TelCel yesterday. Cheers, Val
  10. I did charge up my zapper and am ready for the next one to reach into my "empty" purse. I have sympathy and patience for a lot of things but a thief and a drug addict are the two I cannot tolerate. I was at Soriana's yesterday after dropping a car off for repair nearby. I looked around as I shopped but no one approached me. Back to being super diligent, only carrying debit/credit card(s) when I know I will use it that particular day, wearing my cross the chest wallet, etc. ARGH!!! Stay safe everyone and be diligent. Salud, Val
  11. Many thanks to the kind people who called or wrote to help me out. Happy to say a friend is driving down and will bring it to me. Salud! Val
  12. Yes, the problem is it's a 1999 Mazda Miata and Mexico is only stocking parts for when they began selling Mazdas in Mexico. Went through this several years ago when I needed a light replaced. I've got the item in my Amazon USA cart, just waiting for the mechanic to confirm tomorrow morning that this is the one he wants. I'll be ready to order it then. I may get lucky as someone has offered to bring it back June 9th so with my Amazon Prime 2 day shipping, it shouldn't be a problem. Fingers crossed, LOL. Thanks for the suggestion, though. Val
  13. Hi all, looking for someone willing to receive and return to Ajijic a fuel filter for my Miata. It's about 6" tall and 4" round, it looks kind of like an oil filter but it's a fuel filter. Please let me know if anyone's going to be NOB and willing to do this for me. As always, thanks! Val
  14. I've been using the black box sold and maintained by Donald Stordahl for many years. We have been very happy with the performance of the box and the tech support provided by Donald. Val
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