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  1. Walmart Warning with ketchup scam today, Sunday, July 5th 12:25 pm. Will write details tomorrow. She RAN, I RAN, I DID get my wallet back but not until after 4 parties intervened and did amazing things to assist me. GREAT end story. Just a warning/reminder to be on the lookout and super careful for the pretty girl telling you that you have something on the back of your (in my case, dress.) Val Jones
  2. While I read you are asking for a local person, I do want to let you know (if you don't already) that Telas Parasina in GDL has a wonderful service. We've used them throughout the years and have been very pleased with the quality of their work and the price - FREE, works great for us. We purchased the fabric, chose the design from their photos and computer system, gave them the measurements and in about 2 weeks, they were ready for pickup. We only paid for the fabric, the labor was free. Clearly, this would require a trip to GDL to choose your fabric, style and give the dimensions but for us, it worked great. Cheers and Salud! Val
  3. Chillin, will you share the technician's name and contact information with me, please? Thanks! Val
  4. GREAT news! Thanks! Val
  5. GREAT news they found the 8 kidnapped people in good health and are now safe. Hopefully they will find the kidnappers and be able to prosecute them. I, too, heard many sirens throughout the afternoon and hoped the news would be good news. Salud! Val
  6. All very sad and frightening. Thinking of the families who have lost loved ones. Val
  7. Looking for someone NOB who is coming SOB in the near future that would be willing to receive a package from Amazon. I'm opening my last box of Luzianne iced tea bags and unfortunately neither Amazon US nor Amazon Mexico ships that product SOB. Let me know if you or someone you know is coming this way and willing to accept a delivery and bring them south. As always, many thanks! Val
  8. Hi Joy, I found a new guy, I'll see if I can find his card. But, here's how to get to his taller. Go to GDL on the Chapala-GDL Carretera, take Lazaro Cardeñas until you see the exit for Mercado de Abastos. Sometimes the signs are hidden by the trees but it's before the golden arches. Once you exit, you'll be on a lateral for just a moment. Stay in your left lane and take a left at the traffic light. Go under the Lazaro Cardeñas bridge and continue driving straight. You'll pass through the very busy Mercado de Abastos. As you're leaving the Mercado area (about 8 blocks), you'll see a small park on the left. Take a left at the next traffic light. Pass the park (now on your left) and take an immediate left onto a small one way street. You'll see his taller on your right. There are other tanks and canisters generally lined up in front of his business. He charges $100 pesos to re-fill the larger Soda Stream canister. I usually take 3 at a time and return on my next GDL visit to pick them up. I always keep 1 full so I'm never without. OK, found his card. ERGED is the name of his business, he's J.Eduardo Martinez Aguero. Address is: Bellota #1795 Local 27, GDL His phone number is 333-563-4274 and his email is: erged2002@yahoo.com.mx Hope this helps and tell him Val & John from Ajijic say "hi." Salud, Val
  9. While I'm not a beer drinker, I always have some in the fridge for the gardener(s), pool guy, etc. We ran out last week. Salud, Val
  10. We would be interested! Let us know when it's commercially available and how to place an order. Thanks! Val
  11. So sorry to read this sad news, R.I.P. Mauricio. Thinking of his family during this difficult time. Val Jones
  12. This is so very sad. Thinking of the families who have lost loved ones. Every time I hear the church bells signal a death in the village, I cringe and hope it isn't one of our friends. Val
  13. Ever since Pancho's opened, I've preferred shopping there instead of Superlake. He's responsive when asked to bring in new/additional items. I like the products (including alcohol) he's bringing in from Costco as well as the fresh food at the back of the store near the Deli. I was there yesterday or the day before and everyone was wearing masks, lots of hand sanitizer everywhere, directional arrows on the aisles and adherence to social distancing. Many thanks to Pancho and his employees for taking precautions in an effort to keep their clientele safe while shopping. Salud! Val
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