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  1. Good morning, hope you're all staying safe and healthy. With so much time at home, trying to figure out how to get a web browser on my Smart TV so I can download the ZOOM App. Does anyone have experience with this could help me (via phone) accomplish this task? I've tried several YouTube videos, but none that I can find address this particular issue. Thanks, in advance, if someone can give guidance. Val Jones
  2. Thanks for the comments regarding Walmart's hours. Went last night about 8 pm, mainly locals shopping. We and others had gloves and masks on, the 2 meter social distancing seemed to be observed by everyone I came into contact with during my time inside the store. As I'm not a morning person, that wasn't an option which was why I asked how late they are open. Some empty shelves but still a good bit of inventory as well. Stay safe and healthy! Val
  3. I've held off as long as possible and need to go to Walmart to stock up on some staples. Does anyone know what time they are closing now? I'd like to try and avoid the larger crowds and go near closing time. Thanks, hoping you're all staying safe and healthy, Val
  4. I have one, just ordered a replacement from Amazon.com.mx. The new one is still in the cardboard box on my carport. The older one is upstairs in my guest room. Send me a P.M. if you're interested. Val Jones
  5. Hey Holalola, There are lots of wonderful and diverse people living lakeside. If you'll send me a P.M., I'll be happy to try and direct you to more "like-minded" people so you can ask questions and learn more about things that may concern or interest you. I've used this web board as a valuable tool for many years and have learned to look away from some of the petty feuds and discussions that occasionally occur. As Lily H mentioned, generally you can find great information without a twist or spin. If you are not averse to Facebook, there are some really good FB groups that you can join that are private and you can participate in the areas that may interest you most while you make a decision about lakeside. Stay safe and healthy and cheers/salud! Val
  6. Gotta say, those ribs from Adelita's were delicious for lunch today! Many thanks to them for offering this wonderful service. The young man arrived in less than 45 minutes with hot ribs (and the fixings), wearing a mask and gloves and had the right amount of pesos to make change based on the bills I told them I'd be using to pay. Delicious and many thanks! Cheers, Val
  7. Yes, I thought it was very helpful. I now have a plastic tarp on my dining room table along with my bottle of clorox/water solution and white cloth. I'm doing as he says and leaving everything possible on the carport until needed. Then, I bring each item in (gloves on) and do as he says. Taking every precaution possible. Stay healthy and safe, everyone! Val
  8. I called in an order to Ismat's this afternoon. It was ready when I arrived (they did offer home delivery but I had to pick up a medication so I was going to be out anyway), everyone had on gloves and face masks. When I finished paying, she gave my gloved hands a generous squirt of hand sanitizer before I touched my car keys and steering wheel. A win-win. She mentioned Gossip's is still using the current menu to use up ingredients in their inventory but will switch over to a different menu on Monday. Cheers, stay safe and healthy, Val
  9. I received this by email this morning. Many thanks to the Jalisco Governor and his leadership. Everyone, stay safe and healthy! Val
  10. LOL, I considered it, too. Be safe and have fun! Val
  11. Just got a call from my "good friend" who kept asking how I'd been, long time, no talk/see, trying to get me to say the name of my dear old friend from Chapala that I haven't heard from, blah, blah, blah. As the usual "dizzy blonde", I kept saying no, I don't remember, no, I don't recognize your voice, what's your name, etc. He told me his name was Darrell and he was surprised I didn't remember him. When I said I have lots of good friends in/from Chapala and I didn't recognize his voice nor name, he hung up on me. So....they're back. Just be mindful and don't give out your personal information to these scammers. We've got enough to worry with right now. The number he called from was: 333-233-9030 and he had a young American accented voice. Take care, Val
  12. Re-connecting my Wii and X-Box 360 to play games and do Zumba while home. What's everyone else doing to stay in shape? Val
  13. Sending you LOTS of positive travel energy and I hope they'll let you cross and continue you to your home in Canada. Thanks for keeping us posted! Cyber hugs, Val
  14. Thanks, good to know. Everyone, stay safe and healthy. Val
  15. Thanks ComputerGuy for your support of the event. It was a pleasure to participate and perform for such a wonderful audience. Barb Clippinger will be directing another event the week of Nov. 8-13 in Cabaret style with tables and 4 chairs throughout the same venue. More information as the event is fully planned. I do know there will be multiple dance numbers as well as great singers as well. I'll promote the Event once everything's finalized. I hope you'll join us for that , too. The Turning Pointe Project will also be the recipient of funds raised. It's wonderful to bring dance to local kids who may not have the opportunity to take Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, etc. These classes are taught by adults (some who were professional dancers in life before Mexico) and others who are very talented dancers and teachers who have a passion for bringing dance to locals. Cheers! Val Jones
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