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  1. thevalerieleigh


    That sounds delightful! I look forward to trying out this new restaurant. I've often thought a "Mongolian Grill" style restaurant would do well here. Thanks, Val
  2. YES! It would be so great to end Daylight Saving's Time. Val
  3. We've had iLOX in our home about 10 days and are THRILLED with it! Can't tell you the great joy I had returning the TelMex modem and cancelling Telecable on Wednesday of this past week. It was with great glee when I answered the question, "why are you cancelling your service?" FIBER OPTIC! VERY happy iLOX subscriber in central Ajijic, Val
  4. Mario's sounds terrific! Can you tell me where, exactly, in San Antonio he's located? Many thanks! Val P.S. No, this group is in our 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's, LOL. We enjoy late nights!
  5. Oh dear, NOOOO!!!! Please!!!! Hoping someone is open late for Sunday evening dinner (not a taco stand). Have friends coming in from GDL to enjoy the show and would love to dine afterwards. Thanks! Valerie
  6. Another request for who's open after 8 pm on Sundays. Going to Spotlight this Sunday and the show ends around 8 pm. Does anyone know which restaurants would still be open then? As always, many thanks! Valerie
  7. GREAT news, Natasha! So happy to hear your update and that you're doing well. Congratulations! Valerie
  8. Wednesday they were installing fiber optic cables at the top of Carranza between Marcos Castellanos and Galeana! We were so excited, we drove straight to the office and signed up. The kind, professional lady said she thinks we'll have service in 2 months. WE ARE THRILLED!!! Valerie
  9. Going to LLT's "Same Deep Water As Me" on Saturday, show starts at 7:30, out by 9:45 or so. Who is open at least until 10-10:30 for a sit-down meal? I know the taquerias but was hoping for something a little more elegant. As always, thanks in advance, Valerie
  10. We've had multiple interior and exterior security cameras for our home several years now. I've used a guy who seems to have become unreliable and am hoping for some referrals for someone who can adjust some of my current cameras as well as install additional ones. Thanks, in advance, for some names and phone numbers. Valerie
  11. On Wednesday, my husband had bacon and eggs. It took a really long time to have a waitperson take his order and then a long time for the waitperson to bring the order and a VERY long time for the bill to be brought. Then, the bill was $250 pesos for just the bacon and eggs. Eventually, it was sorted out and he paid $50 pesos for the meal. The eggs were over-cooked but the bacon was fine. Perhaps they need a few weeks/month or so to work out the kinks and then we'll give them another try. I haven't been inside but the remodel looks nice and hopefully they'll get everything sorted out and we'll have a nice option before/after Tianguis. Valerie
  12. We've been enjoying this lovely restaurant for years. We've always found their food and service to be terrific. I LOVE their spinach patties (on the appetizer menu)! ENJOY! Valerie
  13. I'm so very sad to read this news. My husband and I have always enjoyed Giovanni, his charm, charisma, food and such a kind man. My heart goes out to his family as they mourn the loss of this sweet man. My husband's mother was from Italy and he always enjoyed speaking Italian with Giovanni. Rest in peace, sweet friend. Valerie
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