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  1. Deeply saddened to read this unexpected news about the loss of Richard Tingen. Although I was just an acquaintance, I always found him to be kind, charming and charismatic. I certainly do enjoy the monthly Ojo Del Lago which he created and have tremendous admiration and respect for him. So very sorry for this loss, thinking of his family during this difficult time. Rest in Peace, Mr. Tingen. Val Jones
  2. Thanks! I ended up having La Paceña deliver and it was delicious! Cheers and Salud, Val
  3. Happy New Year, everyone. I've tried calling Adelita's, Cocinart, Tango, Panino's and Yves but they're all closed. Does anyone know if someone is open for ordering to-go lunch today? Thanks, Val
  4. Thanks for the input and information. I’m all for him following safety measures. Salud! Val 😀
  5. Before moving to Mexico, my husband enjoyed flying ultralights but it was something that was just too large to try and ship down to Ajijic so he sold his two ultralights. He's now interested in returning to the sport. Does anyone know how to contact the Ultralight Park located on the road going towards Vista de Lago? With COVID, we don't want to drive out there for an in-person contact, but are hoping someone either knows a phone number, contact person and/or internet site where we can learn more about their enrollment options, fees, how to buy and get an ultralight in Mexico, etc. As
  6. Once about 10 years ago, I had to buy a return ticket when checking in at the Delta counter in Atlanta. I bought a First Class ticket so I could cancel without any penalty. I'd never had to do it before nor since. I have been asked for a return to the US date and just make one up. When pushed further, I explain I'm driving back instead of flying. So far, that seems to satisfy them. Stay safe! Val Jones
  7. After conducting interviews in the last 2 weeks for a friend in search of a care-taker, I am happy to share the information of two excellent candidates that did not get the job. We were fortunate to have interviewed many top-notch people for this position. Both seemed enthusiastic and eager to work. Antonio Villafan, 44 years old, has many certificates and references. 333-240-7745 Alex (Alejandro) Mercado Gamez, 45 years old, also with many recommendations and experience. 333-901-6912 I wish you luck in your search and hope you find the right person for your needs. Che
  8. Or try Alex Mercado Gamez at 333-901-6912. He also does aljibe cleaning, painting, gardening and is an enthusiastic worker. He speaks great English as well. Cheers! Val
  9. Does anyone know what the percentage of duty/customs tax would be on a new iMac computer being brought into Mexico from the U.S.? Thanks! Val Jones
  10. I checked with my Agent at GNP Health Insurance and he confirmed that my policy DOES cover COVID-19 treatment(s). He also texted me yesterday to tell me the San Antonio Hospital now accepts my GNP Health Insurance. Stay safe, everyone. Val
  11. Grateful I have health insurance, these are very high costs. Stay safe everyone! Val
  12. Seems we can only control our own actions and behaviors. I "double bag" it when I go out for essential errands. I wear my face mask AND face shield, wash my hands, sanitize when I return to my car, spray my shoes with disinfectant, etc. I'm doing everything I possibly can to avoid this dreadful and potentially deadly virus. While it deeply saddens me to put my life on hold, I would like to hang onto whatever life I have left and want to ensure I don't unwittingly pass on this virus to someone with an immune system that cannot provide safety and life for themselves and others. Alth
  13. After losing both parents, one grandmother, one mother in law and countless friends to lung cancer as a result of cigarette smoking, I'm grateful for this new legislation. I grew up in a household my first 17 years with two parents who were heavy smokers. As a result, I have chronic bronchitis. If smokers could participate in their addiction without affecting others, I'd be all for it. Consenting adults are free to make their own choices. I take exception when their addiction affects my health and disrupts my ability to enjoy life outdoors without the stench and pervasive smoke from their
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