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  1. ARGH!!! 3:47 am this morning, my UPS's starting to beep/scream and the fans were no longer working. I got up, checked it wasn't just our house but the entire Barrio and called CFE. Was told it was a large outage and should be fixed within 4 hours. Fortunately within 30 minutes or so, it came back on. Good thing as this time of the year without any fans, it was HOT! Clearly, as more demand is placed on the current transformers and electrical lines, we will continue to see these problems. I've begged CFE for years to help us in the Barrio de San Sebasti√°n. After much effort, petitions from fellow Mexican neighbors, we did get 2 smaller transformers to replace the one small transformer and have had fewer problems but especially during this time of high demand, we're struggling. Hopefully CFE will be willing and able to provide the electricity for our growing Ribera. Hope springs eternal. Val.
  2. Hey there,

    Hope you're doing well, staying safe and healthy. Do you know a contact to report abuse/neglect for an animal in the Lake Chapala area?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Val Jones :)

    1. MtnMama


      Good to hear from you. All I can find is a phone#, 376 765 8025.

      Marci376 765 8025

  3. Hi, Can anyone provide updated contact information to report animal abuse/neglect in the Lake Chapala area? Many thanks, Val Jones
  4. I've been with the Mexican insurance company, GNP, for almost 20 years. Fortunately, I've only had to use it for a hip replacement and a foolish crash on a scooter (never again) that caused a break in my color bone and a couple of ribs. The hip replacement required meeting deductible and small co-pay but the scooter incident was an accident so it had no deductible and was covered 100%. I have been happy with the Agent and the coverage. Currently, my monthly premiums are about $220 USD. I pay for the full year, in advance. Salud! Val Jones
  5. Sounds GREAT! I hope they can make it work. Wonderful location! Salud, Val.
  6. Rob was such a wonderful man and great friend. My heart hurts with his lovely wife, Patsi. RIP, Rob, we miss you. With love and condolences, Val Jones
  7. No, not at this time.
  8. Thinking of his family during this difficult time. Val
  9. After reading many positive postings about this restaurant, we went last week. We were so pleased with the cleanliness, attention to COVID precautions, GREAT salad bar and reasonable prices. We definitely will return for a more "order from the menu" dining experience. Several things sounded delicious but we were more interested in checking out the fresh options on the salad bar for our first visit. The owner, Diane (Diana) made an effort to visit each table to introduce herself and ask how the dining experience is/was. We always consider that a positive experience. She was receptive to requests and hopefully we'll see more seafood options in the future. Seems she and her staff are working smartly and gradually introducing additional menu items bit by bit. Our waitress was absolutely delightful. She mentioned she was here for vacation while her university was out on holiday and she'd be returning (on scholarship) within a couple of weeks. Thrilled to see local talent recognized, appreciated and supported by scholarship opportunities. Cheers! Val.
  10. Guest ended up getting his test done in the parking lot of the GDL airport. Said it took about 1 hour from start to results. We sent him with our driver with plenty of time to accomplish this task. Cheers and wishing safety to all, Val.
  11. Yea, we were out as well. FINALLY got through to their tech support number and was told that there was damage to the fiber optics cable near SJC on the Carretera and they hoped to have full repair within 5 hours. Seems it did take about that time. Grateful for their attentiveness and willingness to make the repair on a holiday weekend. Cheers, Val.
  12. So sorry to see this....LOVE Bruno's meals! I hope no one was injured and they can repair damages quickly. I agree, we'd all like to see them locate to a space with parking and open air dining but if not, we'll continue to support them with bi-monthly take-out orders. LOVE their Rib-eye, Filet, baked potatoes, salads, etc. Cheers! Val.
  13. Does anyone know if Soriana is still providing testing in the tent out front in the parking lot? Thanks, Val
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