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  1. Good point, Gringal - you're right. I've edited my original post. Thanks - PB
  2. That's a wonderful true story with the best ending ever, Captnaselli. I'm so happy that your wife is okay.
  3. Does anyone know a good neurologist or neurosurgeon around here (not in Guad)?
  4. That is a really great idea, Lexy. A friend of mine and I were thinking about doing a GoFundMe to raise some money to buy him an x-ray machine. I think your idea of just starting with a jar is a great one. I will also get on the GoFundMe as soon as I can and will post it here. But I'm thinking that maybe, more importantly than the x-ray, might be to raise money for him to have an overhaul of his clinic. I'll ask him if he rents it or owns it.
  5. Thanks everybody, and thank you CG for your defense of Dr. Pepe. His life is devoted to helping all these animals, and at great personal expense to him. I had no where else to bring Bailey because of the contagious nature of his mange and kennel cough. I couldn't bring him home because of my own animals, and I don't have a separate space where I could have kept him. Pepe agreed to bring him outside every morning so that at least he could get fresh air all day. Of course, like 99% of all emergencies, when I found him it was 7:00 pm on a Saturday. Pepe met me at his clinic, like he always has before. I wish I had a ton of money so I could just buy him a brand new shiny clinic with a big yard. I love Pepe and am extremely grateful to him. ❤️
  6. Thank you to everyone who viewed this post. Unfortunately, George Bailey, while recovering from kennel cough, then contracted distemper, and he just didn't have the immune system to be able to fight it, and very sadly, I had to put this sweet boy to sleep. RIP sweet George Bailey. He was a really special one. ❤️
  7. MAKE IT A WONDERFUL LIFE FOR GEORGE BAILEY! I brought George Bailey to dr. Pepe's a few weeks ago. He couldn't stand up, the light in his eyes was out. He had clear evidence of a life of abuse. I had to leave him with Pepe to be treated for mange - he's had to be isolated from the other animals. The mange is gone, but he is going to stay with Pepe 1 more week to be sure. I go visit him and walk him every day. The light is shining from his eyes - he is such a sweet boy -- about 2 1/2 - 3 years old. I had him vaccinated and neutered. When I walk him he is so friendly and calm -- completely unafraid of loud trucks, other dogs and people. He just seems to be so happy to be feeling good and to be around people who are nice to him. He would be wonderful for anybody! Just by himself - or with other animals; just for 1 human, or a family of humans. He's great with absolutely everybody! Please consider showing George Bailey that it truly is a Wonderful Life - FOR HIM!! <3 Please post or PM me. You can go visit him at Dr. Pepe's too. His clinic is just by Telecable on the carretera in Riberas.
  8. Spanky has found a wonderful loving new home with my beautiful friends, Rick and Robin. Thank you Rick and Robin for your warm and loving hearts. All's well that ends well. Thanks everyone. xo
  9. My name is currently "Spanky the Adorable". I'm sure you can see why! Especially the Adorable part. I was dumped in somebody's carport, all covered in fleas and ticks and bloated with parasites. waaah! :( A nice yady rescued me and I am now all cleaned up and parasite free. I am the sweetest thing in the world -- and humble! I am so well behaved and easy -- I am also easy to just pop (not poop, lol) in your bag to take me around doing errands! I love that! I am about 7 months and am about as big as I'm going to get -- approx. 6 pounds. Me needs a wonderful hooman! Please let me if you are interested in sharing a wonderful life with me! Muchisimas gracias!
  10. Wow! I can't thank each of you enough for the great information. I will look into each of your suggestions. I really appreciate it so much! 😀
  11. Thanks Angus and ComputerGuy - I'll look into both those. Internet TV: ComputerGuy, what would make this too complicated for Mom? How (who) do I go about setting it up? Thanks!
  12. My mom has been using this horrible DISH service for 13 years -- with this giant 8 foot saucer on her roof. They now charge her almost $80 a month and have removed most of her channels. She wants U.S. live CNN, C-Span, History, MSNBC and Discovery, and the main ones (ABC, NBC, CBS, etc). What is a better alternative? Gracias in advance! Poe Bango
  13. Here it is called by its element(s) name: Sulfato de Magnesio. Farmacia Cristina where El Torito market is is the only place that carries it. Go to the counter in the back and you'll see it in plastic bags inside the counter.
  14. Hi Everyone - Since finding a good, reliable pet sitter is so difficult here, I would like to recommend a wonderful woman whom I have now had pet sit for me 3 times for my 3 dogs and 3 cats. My animals absolutely adore her, she stays home with them and showers them all with love and attention. She is an American who lives here full-time, speaks Spanish and is highly competent. She doesn't have her own car, but she does have a current driver's license so she can use your car -- mainly in the event of an emergency. Her name is Kathleen. If you want to connect with her, you can email her at: NeverHomeAlone@Outlook.com.
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