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  1. It turns out my surgeon informs me that A positive blood can be used for platelet donations. So if anyone has A+ or knows someone who does please let me know.
  2. Thanks Natasha. The meds a person is taking certainly figure into the equation along with other things making it very difficult to find donors.
  3. Could you please send me his name and phone number in a private message and I'll contact him if he makes his list available to patients outside of his practice
  4. Tom for some reason my surgeon insists on blood donation that have a negative RH factor only. The blood bank at this hospital does not seems to have an interest in swaps. Also there is the 65 age limit which automatically eliminates many in my circle of friends from donating.
  5. Thank you for the suggestion and your kind thoughts.
  6. Yes I'm sure the age limit will come into play, so I called the Hospital and the person from the blood bank confirmed it was 65.
  7. I hope its not considered inappropriate to post this here. For the second time in a little over a year I'm facing open heart surgery in the next couple of weeks. If there are any kind souls who would be willing to donate blood on my behalf it would be greatly appreciated. I think here in Mexico the cutoff age for donors is 65. I have a negative RH factor blood type, that being AB negative, so any negative RH blood type would be helpful. Once I'm through this I'll return the favor any way possible. Please ask your friends as well if you don't mind. Please communicate with me by p
  8. Juan Alvarez should work the best. You will pass the Office Depot store to your left (west side of Ind.) on the way up. Walk back down Ind. on the east side of the street to Clement Aguirre and you'll be across from the OD entrance. To return walk up Ind. on the same side of the street that OD is on to catch the MacroBus for your return. Its helpful to use Google Earth as the MacroBus stops are clearly visible and most companies have a web page that shows their locations in Guadalajara.
  9. Please refer to my post above if you have not done so. You have to open a Mexican bank account and you can't do that unless you are here and already have your residency permit, either temporary or permanent. Once you have the bank account opened you can then deal with the US Consulate in Guadalajara to arrange for the transfer. It will not be done immediately so you will probably end up with a deposit or two still going to Thailand unless you have a bank account still in the states and can have you deposit sent there in the interim. If you have a USA bank account you can use a debit card f
  10. To be more clear its the next street past the light at Paz Liquor and Superlake.
  11. Its a little ways down Gonzales Gallo which is the next street east of SuperLake.
  12. Deleted This happened to me as well but I found that by right clicking on the windows logo to the left of the taskbar the options will reappear, as Computer Guy mentioned. Previously the left click did that and the right click showed the list of programs and one with think there would be an option somewhere to choose your preference but no such luck. its just a little frustrating when things change like that. The other thing that happened to me was that the battery notification icon disappeared and that can also be restored by clicking on the little chevron in the notification area
  13. This might help if web pages are slow to load because Telmex has sucky DNS servers and their ip addresses appear to be hard coded into the router and can't be changed if its a Technicolor model, and might apply to other models of the routers as well. These steps apply to Windows 10 but should be pretty much the same for other versions. This will only apply to the target device and will override the DNS entries in the router only for that device. Go to "Control Panel" > "Network and Internet" Under "Network and Sharing Center" click on "View network status and tasks". Click
  14. I keep two accounts at bancomer. The larger account has no debit card so the only way I can get pesos out is to transfer them to the smaller account tied a debit card, and this I do when the amount of the smaller account get close to the minimum or If I intend to make an ATM withdrawal that would bring the account below the minimum. Works for me. a
  15. From US Treasury to Banco de Mexico and then to your Mexican bank account, and you get a very favorable exchange rate. You need to notify the SS section at the US Consulate in Guadalajara and register your Mexican address. Then give them the CLABE to your Mexican bank account. http://guadalajara.usconsulate.gov/service/other-citizen-services/social-security-and-other-federal-benefits2.html
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