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  1. My understanding is that the last state in which you lived is where you vote and where your estate is probated.
  2. I adopted a dog from the Ranch who had lived there for eleven years. Boy was I surprised that he never messed in the house. So you never I ow. Senior dogs are the best especially for senior people.
  3. I have had tremendous success at Comey in a Ajijic. Not sure how it is now as the young man who worked there and was a genius has left luckily soon after my project was complete.
  4. It is on Ocampo between Privado Ocampo and Pedro Moreno. P. Ocampo is where the old Hacienda del Lago was.
  5. Here is a copy of the Facebook post. MIKE AND SADIE Hello people! We are 2 5ish year old pug siblings who are sad because our human parents got very sick and had to return to the States. We have been waiting for them for 2 weeks... getting fed and put in the house at night.... but we are super lonely. Our Mom asked this nice lady to help us find another forever family. We hope it happens fast... or maybe while we are looking someone can foster us so we are not all alone. We have some chronic eye issues( what pug doesn’t?) and we are behind on our vaccinations. Our Vet is Ladrone and they have our files and are on standby to help! We crate at night and are house trained... get eye drops and eat special food to keep our waistlines trim. We want to stay together because we are best friends AND this is what our Mom has wished for us. Please give us a look and your love ❤️
  6. There are two five plus year old Pugs looking for a home. Their owners got sick and have returned to the states. They can be seen on Facebook or let me know if you want a contact. They can also use a foster
  7. Went there yesterday and they are coming today as are they for my friend. Seems they are not focusing on prepaid so worth going in and asking.
  8. I am perplexed by the statement that they are finished with Ajijic Centro. I am prepaid and have not been installed. Guess it is time to go to their office. Anyone else in the same position?
  9. Cari LeClair is the person behind the export of dogs for all of the above. When she started it was under the auspices of Happy Tails which mission is spay/neuter. Cari has also been a volunteer at the Ranch and so the story began. The name "Bone Voyage is new but the players are the same.
  10. In addition to placing dogs both Lakeside and NOB there are organizations which hold spay/neuter clinics multiple times a year. Most of us are also involved in those. If you have a way to solve the problem please do share. In the meantime we will keep doing our best to help the innocent dogs who have been let down by humans. With respect what are you doing?
  11. They make every effort to place dogs here but there are too many and not enough homes. Yes, many dogs are euthanized in the states. The thing is that the plethora or paucity of dogs is regional. Bone Voyage works with areas of the US and Canada where rescues are eagerly sought and very quickly find homes.
  12. Bonevoyage is a non profit rescue group created to send Mexican dogs north to better homes. We work with the local shelters and with people in the Lake Chapala area that have many street dogs in their care. We also assist individuals that find street dogs and don't know what to do with them. We are all volunteers working together to try to minimize the amount of homeless dogs in the area. Bone Voyage has a new Facebook group which I encourage you to join. The group of dedicated volunteers has already sent over 300 dogs to homes NOB. The more attention and help they get the more dogs get to benefit. Please help, the community is greatly benefited by this.
  13. Try Dr. Ladron or the cat shelter next door. They may be able to lend you one.
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