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  1. nothernewbie


    Tried that and it didn't work. May try again although being able to record is important to us.
  2. nothernewbie


    I have been using USTVNOW first with ROKU and then PLEX. I have been happy with the programming and DVR but in each instance ROKU and then PLEX unplugged USTV. Now USTV has its own box which you can get free for paying a year in advance. Before doing that I would like to explore alternatives. Is this IPGUYS a similar option?
  3. nothernewbie

    Lost Shih Tsu

    Hope you have posted on Facebook especially Lakeside Advocates for Animals. Good luck in finding him.
  4. nothernewbie

    Need a Mexican Credit card

    I have had the same problem. For those of you using a non Mexican account did you use your Mexican address or the address it is billed to?
  5. nothernewbie

    Lakeside Express.com out of business?

    They do deliver fresh and frozen and keep they very well. I have never been dissatisfied.
  6. Dogs don't get heartworm from ticks but rather from infected mosquitos.
  7. nothernewbie

    New Restaurant open?

    I would have more hope if they had hired a chef before building the restaurant. So many think the facade is more important than the food.
  8. nothernewbie

    Los Pinos - A First Look

  9. I have had great success with the Thundershirts. The proof is that the dogs stand still when they see it and wait for it to be put on. I have three dogs all of whom have grown up here and they are all freaked by the cohoetes.
  10. Have had plenty of experience with Salas. PM me if you want more information. We now use Sergio Najar and love him. He is a great technician and a caring human.
  11. nothernewbie

    Picnic ham

    I ordered a whole ham from Juan and he is delivering to Lakeside on 12/24.
  12. Reference to condos on P. Ocampo - fact or speculation?
  13. He is probably not "mostly" anything but dog. As my grandfather would have said he is a Heinz 57. So many of the dog her are the offspring of many generations of mixed breeds that is is unrealistic to try to pin a breed to them. There are a lot of pitties (mixed) and Boxers here (both pure and mixed) that it is likely that there is some in there. The important thing for any dog is training .
  14. nothernewbie

    Looking for Saul the window washer

    Thanks so much. I used to find him on a search but had no success this time. Would you please give me your secret? Is there a way to search using multiple words so that you don't get everything with window or wash or chandelier?
  15. Lessons or walks for socialization with Art Hess would be my next step. Art is the local dog whisperer and I always do an occasional check with him if having anything questionable with my dogs. Here is his email address artthedogguy@yahoo.com. You might also try Jorge Rivera's dog school. I am not sure what his school name is but he is another dog whisperer. He has a daycare program at which the dogs get to play but there is also an obedience component as he makes sure all the dogs are well behaved. I contact him by Facebook but will get a phone number for you if you wish. If it were me, I would start with Art and progress to Jorge.