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  1. Beautiful Ajijc (and area) has most amazing sunsets and cloudscapes. I have hundreds of images of them.
  2. I would go even further. Get rid of all the shabby buildings, build a 4 lane line road, line it with attractive trees, street lights , put a bike path along the side behind the trees. Forget the stores. Provide a space for strip mall for small businesses on the west of Ajijic or libramiento with parking lot. The way this area is growing it will need a better flow of the traffic very soon. The resent proposals are just a Mickey mouse alternatives and waste of money. It will not do much (a little band aid for bikers) and will create a chaos for years to come. Think bold . Where the money will come from to do this??? I do not know.....make a suggestion.
  3. It is not a progress which is troublesome for this area, it is the big demographics change which this " progress" caters to . (in my opinion). It will attract people.... but probably not the crowd who came here for the past time atmosphere ( which was such a refreshing change of pace.) Becoming more and more as NOB. Read what people are missing here..?? Their lifestyle NOB. It is mainly all about the money. There will be more fast food outlets, condos and shopping. Guaranteed. Is that a progress? I guess for some. And yes, I am bitter about that.
  4. Sad indeed. There was so much talent in the area then. The demographics changed dramatically and so did the feeling of the town. RIP Audrey.
  5. clicked on the links of Machael Tolleson Gallery, Sonia. Amazing talent. Thanks for posting.
  6. We all have a different views on high end furniture but would you like something like this? http://www.kreiss.com/ located on AV. Pablo Neruda 3024, Providencia 4a. Secc, 44630 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico or: http://amparotaylor.com/ Av. México 2795, Vallarta Nte., 44690 Guadalajara or this: https://www.boconcept.com/es-mx/ or: leather furniture: http://sulibazzi.com/emodern.n/ Calle Sierra Grande 2463, La Esperanza I think you should be able to find something you like in Guadalajara. Perhaps not all in the same store. Happy retirement.
  7. Andi, We drive from Green Valley to Navojoa and the Best Western there is a good choice .As you enter the town it is on your right. There are many hotels along the main street but I do not know about pets. Just to let you know that there are no rest areas like in US so your best bet for bathroom break is either the gas station or the toll booths, most have some snacks. Also, you will have to have enough pesos to pay for tolls and gas, Mexico is still mainly cash society. The drive is pretty straight forward. Stay on the 15D and follow the signs to the next bigger town (Mazatlán, Tepic, Guadalajara) The roads are good. You might go through a military check stop so do not be alarmed. That highway seems to have a big military presence (Which is good). Smile a lot. Also, be mindful of your car's gas consumption because from Mazatlán south you will not see very many gas stations . La Nueva Posada is a wonderful place to stay in Ajijic. I did not know that they allow dogs in there.( I have never seen one.) Have a safe trip .
  8. Thank you Shira and MtnMama. I am not member of either Facebook or InsideLakeside so that's why I did not know. Looks like she knows what she is doing to have such endorsement.
  9. Excuse my part-timer ignorance but where does Julie Hensley advertises her sales? Seems like everybody knows. Except me. :-)
  10. Do not forget that more than half of the GDP of the county is consumption and if one live abroad he/she is not participating in the economic growth of the country. There is a big tax on consumption in Canada which probably supplements for the OAS and GIS , medical and other benefits.
  11. I was looking at a satellite tonight (flashing several colours) which could be the UFO talked about here.??
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