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  1. That is the one I am using now . Not bad. I like to see the beautiful lake view while up North.
  2. Congratulation. What an achievement! Then, you forgot to mention that you've presently moved to a little dirty hick town in middle of Mexico and try to entertain few gringos on Chapala webboard. Bravo.... .
  3. I would not be so hard on people who used to live lakeside but moved to other place for whatever reason and still participate on this board . Like RVgringo, Moreliana , Puppysmarket, and such.....and even some posters living in other areas in Mexico can have a good and knowledgeable comments here. Especially if their "other half" is a Mexican nationality. There are lots of posters here that try to give a good advice and share experiences . I have learned a lot from them in the past 15 years and would like to thank them. It is especially useful for us who do not live lakeside full time but are part time residents (although part-timers are hated here by many-- over past 18 years we have lived lakeside longer than people who live here full time for 6-7 years ) There are also people who love to criticize what ever is said, acting superior, needing to win their argument and they are basically useless here. They also like to treat it as an entertainment platform to pontificate their "smarts". I just skip over these. I see basic questions from people who are registered on this web board for dozen of years so it is not just useful for newbies . Sometimes the questions are posted the way the new arriver think that he/she is entitled to get an answer they expect and cannot comprehend that things are not done here the same way as NOB . I suspect that they might not last for very long. Very legitimate question "Bdlngton.".
  4. Kimanjome, I like that the fact that you want to make it right and getting educated on that matter. I am sure you will find a solution which will be fair and satisfactory to you and your domestic help. Cheers
  5. Dogs (as I see it). There are more dogs than people Lakeside. There is a sea of dogs around... despite the effort to neuter them.. One can see and especially hear them everywhere (day and night). Foreign community homeowners are obsessed with cats and dogs. . So just bring your 4 and adopt few more . Plenty around to be adopted. You will be a hero.
  6. Lets face it....Armando it is not a hip place with the "take action crowd"..... it's just an old fashion casual elegance which some people are uncomfortable with. Even the term "romantic" is subjective. Someone might think that take a girl to fashion mall is romantic. Very difficult to select a restaurant or clothing or house or anything else for a stranger ....if one does not know the person who is asking. personally. Maybe selecting Armando shows our age. It is definitely not "hip"
  7. Luis – Huicho Salvador – Chava Jose – Pepe Jose Maria – Chema Gustavo – Tabo
  8. Sorry to say, unless one stays on cuotas I think that Mexican towns and villages would be very hard to navigate by RVs. Going to a beach would be fine, there are RVs parks along the coast. On cuotas people mainly stay at gas stations or booths. I do not think it is very practical way of travel in Mexico...even if the country is beautiful. Depends on what is the objective and the knowledge of the country.To come down and stay at the beach for winter is perfectly fine but discovering the colonial cities ....not so much. Very difficult and sometimes impossible. JMHO. There used to be a blog several years ago ( I followed) about a young couple who took that challenge and describing the troubles they went through. Fortunately most Mexican people are very gracious and they got lots of help of local police. They had a fairly big rig, though. I admired them because they stuck with it for several months. It could be doable if traveling with some very knowledgeable, Spanish speaking person who knows where to go and stay and the tricks of RV travels in Mexico. Good luck and hope to hear from you from the road :-). Its going to be an adventure.
  9. It would be a useful and needed project in the area and I like the location as well. Hopefully not a high-rise. But as so many others, it will never happen.
  10. So sad. I did not know him personally but really enjoyed his blogs. He was quite adventuresome and knowledgeable . RIP Sparks. You will be missed.
  11. I agree. With the bypass in Guaymas and another one in Mazatlan It is 2 day drive. We used to do it in 3 days (the way some people suggesting) but lately we do the drive in two. Way too early to stop in Navojoa for overnight unless you start late from Nogales.
  12. http://www.flickriver.com/photos/patti-jo/4797714942/ Banded garden spider/Argiope trifasciata
  13. Check some of the new(er) developments such as Los Sabinos , El Dorado or Riviera Alta. They are such developments you are describing catering people from NOB. Although most are 2/2 and I am not sure about the internet..... and a pet acceptance depends on individual owners.. Both can be dicey. Most rentals are NOT all inclusive. Usually you will have to pay for your own consumption. $ 1400 all inclusive is on low side if you rent from NOB owner and Mexican owners are usually not fond of that style of living. There are lovely houses in the village with your own pool and your own equipment . Time frame is in your favour as most landlords are willing to lower the price in May for long term renters. I wish you luck. I can see that people from North who never were in the area have very wrong impression what can be had and at what price . All amount of reading will not tell what this place (any place) is like. One has to come and stay for at least a year to find out. I would advise.... if people do not like noise they should look some place else to live. There is plenty of noise everywhere. Many "eventos" in places you would not expect them to be (Mexicans love lively celebrations) , next door pack of barking dogs (collecting dogs is popular lakeside activity) , Tapatios weekend party houses( Lakeside is a weekend place to come and have fun for many people in Guadalajara) and so on. All this is a problem in new developments as well but maybe not so pronounced as in the centro. It takes a while to sort all that out and decide . Lakeside has one big advantage...it is Gringo "friendly". It is easiest place to live in a foreign country without making an effort to learn their language. This webboard (and few others) is also a valuable tool to get help. Seems that many are depending on it and thankfully others are willing to share their experiences. With so many foreigners, Ajijc is also a good place to be scammed. Maybe not different than where some people are coming from but for many .......be careful who you trust. In Mexico you are on your own. No laws are generally followed or respected and suing is unusual and useless. End of rant.
  14. Purchasing power of Canadian $ between 2006 and 2017 is a wash. We are getting almost twice as much pesos for a C$ now but pretty well everything is twice as much expensive. Even if the labour around Ajijic is still reasonable (in comparison where we live in summer) it too has more than doubled. Used to pay for maid $20 pesos now is 50-60 pesos. I am talking from a renter's point of view. We do not own a house Lakeside so I cannot comment on saving on taxes, heating/cooling etc ....just consumables, gas, transportation, services.....all that doubled or more. In addition there is a gringo premium on many things if one does not speak Spanish and does not know what and how things work in Mexico..
  15. Or the flat tire one.....or an uncle John is coming for visit (so many people fell for that one) and so on. First time I hear about the funeral home calls . Its new to me. There is a large senior gringo community here, probably thinking about the arrangements. So yes......thanks for the warning. By the way , Angus seems to think it was legit
  16. Do we even know if she really represents that business or just wants you to send thousands of $ to her bank account. (preferably from OXXO) It smells like fraud ....Especially if Semalu knows that no friend was at any funeral home. I am with Semalu....be careful who you give (or send) money to. So many scams out there. Thanks for the warning.
  17. Good thinking. Upper Chula Vista should not be confused with Chula Vista Norte. Two very different communities. (We rented in both.) Upper Chula Vista is one of the oldest affluent districts in the area and Chula Vista Norte is newer one. Although for people living in La Reserva (and such) Chula Vista Norte might already look ancient. Both Chula Vistas (even original " Lower") have decent size lots, in the contrary of recent developments (10 years and newer) where I feel like a sardine. But they are popular with the new tsunami of foreigners.
  18. Pueblo ARTISTICO was always Ajijic's claim to fame and attracted people if this ilk for decades ..... until recently..... it seems more and more people are coming to this area for reasons that does not include involvement and love of that genre. Ajijic is going through a transformation to accommodate a new generation of immigrants. The Art is sort of tolerated...something else to do on a boring day. Although, locals still value and are proud of its past and contributions of Niell James who brought up the love of the art to this community and thanks to that (as posted above) Ajijic has very respected artists nationwide. I think that Mexicans in general have a great appreciation of arts. It has always been dominating and respected trend in the country. Gringal mentions present activities for kids (thank you) and hopefully they will bring out a talented new generation of Mexican artists. "Have Hammers carpentry" is another arm of the trade that contributes in development of young Mexican kids to be artists and big thanks to people who are involved in positive influence on these young Mexican kids. .. Hopefully Ajijic future can be still considered as" Pueblo artistico" rather than a "Pueblo of many barking dogs".
  19. Happy belated birthday wishes RVG, I always valued your witty (and sometime humorous) input on this board. Hope we will hear from you for sometime yet. I bet that Chapala is not the same without you. Cheers...enjoy your Agavero
  20. It is a nice and upscale neighbourhood (my favorite) .......but you must have a vehicle. You just have to be sure that your neighbour does not have a barking dog or the next door is not a party weekend house for people from Guadalajara. Otherwise it is quiet part of lakeside (on a steep hill) remote from the village activities. You will have to use your car to everywhere you go unless you are young and fit but the views are beautiful.
  21. On Vancouver Island ( where we live in summer) it is still sold but the clerk in Canadian Tire told me that they will not carry it in the future. Right now it is locked in the case with other "dangerous" chemicals . One has to run all around the store to get someone to open the case and listen to a speech about its dangers. There are dozens of products in these cages. And it is catching on around here as we pretend to be leaders in the green initiatives. No matter what. Some make sense but many others do not. And yes, that crop above is cultivated everywhere around the Island. Always was. Sorry OP for deviating (but you got the good answer already)
  22. I was in Dra Martha's Office for Liquid Nitrogen treatment (non-cancerous) and the price for one session was 800pesos (if I remember correctly) The follow up treatment was 250 pesos. That was about 18 months ago. Seems like she is much more reasonable at LCS. Liquid Nitrogen was recommended by her but it was not the right answer for my issue .
  23. If I would be new to the area I would appreciate all the info how others are dealing with the issue. Any issue. Then decide if my original idea was the best. Tomgates info is a very good deal if one needs a housekeeper as well..
  24. Cedros, Do you know about ruins of Hacienda La Maltaraña—also called La Bella Cristina near Jamay on east side of the lake? Or is it out of the area of your interest? Build by Manuel Cuesta Gallardo, in 1873..... I do not know if it served as a typical Hacienda or was just a "La Mansión".
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