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  1. I do not think that ejido and communal mean 2 different things . An Ejido or 'propiedad comunal' is an area of communal land which is lent to the people to use for farming and raising their families but remains owned by the government and regulated by Agrarian Law. An Ejido land is not private property and it may only be sold to Mexicans (by law). President Salinas modified article 27 to permit the privatization and sale of ejido lands but transferring ejido property into private ownership is a time-consuming process, and there are no guarantees it will succeed. There are a several cases around Lakeside where the ejido land was "sold" and the ownership is still questionable and debated. I just read El Cartero's post which I agree with.
  2. We also got a mx. car insurance via that site. It is easy and fast. They use currier and we got all documents in less than a week.
  3. South side of the lake is cheaper now because the gringo population is sparse (but on the rise). The more northerners will move there the more expansive it will become. It's just matter of time. Ajijic and area is getting crowded. My vote is for Chapala Haciendas too. Nice area which feels like a country but close to Chapala. You do need a car to live there. It is only a short drive to town. I have a feeling that you will be happy wherever you're planted and that the whole area will appeal to you. All the best.
  4. My thoughts: 5 days gives the OP an idea if he/she even wants to be in the area. On our first visit I knew right away that I loved the place (in 2000) but not everybody did in our group. But as OP..... we did not want to cut ties with our "origins" only to have a place to escape from our northern lifestyle. As we age we visit less often and shorter time. Time has changed many things since we first visited and although the climate is still favourable our lifestyle south became not so dissimilar what we have up north. Which can be positive for everyone coming down nowadays. Easy Mexico living. No need for Spanish, shopping in Walmart, Costco, Amazon... etc. Northerners are the reason for prices climbing rapidly as Mexicans are taking advantage of this tight community of "rich" foreigners around Ajijic. But, If one comes from California or New York it is considerably cheaper living in comparison. In fairness, there are still plenty of local attractions, such as history, rituals, interesting sights and nature for new people to be amazed by, if they do not mind to mingle.. It has not changed (so far) and perhaps good reason for living lakeside.... until that time when you can say "been there, done that". IMHO... the spirit of the place has changed with the new crowds coming down which could be good or bad or just simply different .....depending on who you are and what expectations you (or I ) have at the present stage of our life. I would like to also mention: in Mexico you are on your own. Do not expect any help in case of trouble (especially if it includes Mexican national). If you cannot handle it stay where you are. Existing Mexican laws are not generally followed. One has to learn the unwritten "law of the land". It is not wise to say to Mexican: it is against the law or... you will sue. Suing in Mexico not a gainful proposition .
  5. I would suggest: Senecio confusus ....Mexican Flame Vine Pyrostegia venusta ( orange trumpetvine)..... I see lots of this vine around the village. I am fascinated by Thunbergia Mysorensis "Acanthus Family" but maybe not the best choice for your purpose. The one in our yard had very solid metal frame. I think it was built specifically for this vine. Quite amazing sight of long pendulums .
  6. I thought that these 2 pictures could interest some newbies. I believe they are Steve Miller's photography Lirio in 2005
  7. It looks like a large 4 bedroom unit. Ideal rental for middle class Tapatios weddings in the area. They would love it for a short party stay. That is their prime recreational area on the lake. Although, my good Mexican friend (in real estate) says that she will not rent good properties to Mexican national . They are not the neatest tenants. I could also see some Mexican corporations actions to be held there if properly marketed. The Monte Coxala (upscale spa) is very attractive (unique with beautiful views) and is close by and the noisy fish restaurants in that case could be welcomed. Monte Coxala is considered a high end "hotel" So.....who do you hope your clients will be??? Tapatios? This is a recreational area for Tapatios and a residential area for retirees on fixed income. And there are us....Snowbirds and Sunbirds. We come for short period of time to escape our northern climates, cold and hot, get little jolt of Mexican culture and head back home. I know that majority of people in this category will not rent in that specific location (for many reasons) even if I also know that there is a shortage of higher end short term rentals. Shorter than 6 months is almost impossible to find. Beautiful views are not so unique to the area. All the communities on the hill have lovely views. This building seems to be right above carretera . Sorry, at first glance (on their website) I do not see anything interesting about it. There is a reasonably organized Lakeside Real estate business . Few agents are long time residents (one has to dig them) and they know lakeside real estate situation well. I would talk to couple of them to get better picture (with open mind) of lakeside real estate dynamics. They might provide more information then your friends about advantages , disadvantages even dangers of these investments. I would also like to mention that these hills are not a solid rock (as OP suggested) and the area by SJC suffered many land (rock) slides in heavy rain in the past. Good luck.
  8. Seems like many of the real estate projects in the Ajijic area had "clouded/controversial" nature such El Dorado where Radisson Blue is being constructed , Chulavista Norte was a nightmare in early stages for homeowners (ejido land claims.)...but on the end, developers just muddled through. The developers of these places are not generally respected , except by the people who got their pockets filled with bribes. I agree with Maincoons that La Floresta (on the lake) would be the most desirable area by far. That is where the heart of lakeside is. That development has a huge opposition but one day it will come. I would not rent a luxury condo by fish restaurants in San Juan Cosala. Especially not for a short term. There was going to be a development in that area which never happened . It was advertised for years. If someone wants to build a "luxury" do it where "luxury" already exists...like on the hill in Las Salvias (and close to the action) and not in middle of nowhere. I do not consider La Reserva "luxury" development. On the contrary. Just another suburb community. Of course (as always) this is just mine personal view.
  9. Sorry Pete, CVN= Chula Vista Norte up libramiento. That residence had so many interesting plants. I have a blog on it and if you want I can send you a link via PM.
  10. Cedros, We had Hibiscus acetosella in our yard when we were renting in CVN couple of years ago. I made a lots of pictures of it. Does your look like this? Beautiful plant. The red (maple like) leaves are as gorgeous as are the flowers..
  11. SMA does not have the same climate as Ajijic and the elevation is much higher so colder in winter time. Good that they have 4 fireplaces in that real estate post.
  12. OP said that the dentista is highly recommended here quite often and there is only one female dentist who is highly recommended on this webbord.
  13. "El Gordo" is sharing his "profits" with the boss, so he is well loved. We had some "dealings" with him too in the past (who has not?)I do not believe for a minute that this "revenue" will end up in government coffers for projects like .... fixing the roads. So always ask for "folio" ....do not pay mordida , even if it seems easiest way to get out of the hassle.. I was told that poor Mexicans in general love thieves, as they can buy their stolen goods for cheep. They are seen as "Robin Hoods". Taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Very "noble" but a major rub with me of living in Ajijic . That and many other types of noble and not so noble crimes.
  14. My main rub is the crime (not on your list) and the inability to curb it due to lack of law enforcement. Justice system which will always favour Mexican national or the one with deeper pockets. Corruption within the whole system and the fact that narcos are running all of it with their brutal tactics. Including the local business and government. My biggest plus is the weather (not on your list) . The area is very pretty with lovely views. I agree on the friendliness of general Mexican population. It is one of the big pluses. Except for inconsistency of their services which one have to learn how to deal with . Because we do not live in the area full time, the rest of points seems to me trivial and petty. As for prices....it is always set up to the level that population can bear. Gringos in Ajijic raised it to the new levels. Go 20 miles outside of Gringolandia and situation will be different. Very different. It got to the point that except for taxes and maybe solar power the prices are not that different in Ajijc area then ours up North. That includes restaurants. If you come from California, New York or Vancouver you might disagree. Gringos accept the prices as they are presented. Same as back home. They take it or leave it. Learn little bit of language and learn how to haggle.... Mexican friendly way. Much more useful to take Spanish classes than debating the sex issues or the other issues listed in OP previous post. Send your maid to do the shopping for you where she shop for her family. She is not going to go to Wal-Mart . But seems like newer generation of gringos in Ajijic cannot live without their brand names products. They are imported and therefore expensive. For example, a can of Bush's beans is triple the price in Superlake than the price of same beans on the shelf in the grocery store north of the border. Life is easier to live in Mexico the Mexican way. JMHO
  15. We stayed there twice. Their grounds and the location is perfect. They cater to well to do Guadalajara people and are not entirely Gringo friendly. But that is about it. Their rooms (few years back) and the food was not so great. Although we go there occasionally for Bohemia Obscura, Nachos or club sandwich . It is pleasant place on the lake to sit and people watch on Sunday afternoon. I personally would stayed in Posada Nueva. It is much more charming and welcoming.
  16. My off the rail post: We know that women come from Venus and men from Mars. They have a different logic, they look differently, act (behave) differently, think differently...etc. The OP has a right idea when he wants a balance of group thinking . ....but why in the world would any "lady" want to be part of any of these (above) discussions is beyond me. There are so many better quality "things" to do with the precious time, especially at the later stage of one's life. JMHO Hope you'll find what you're looking for OP All the best.
  17. Just a note for people who do not know that neither Dr. Haro or Dr. Barragan do implants themselves. They have someone from Guadalajara (I believe) to come to Ajijic to do implants for them ....so probably good to check on these individuals (do not know if it's a same person every time) Dr.Barragan did not even do a root canal in our case. He had someone else to perform that task but that could have been because he was busy. All went well but it was little bit of surprise.
  18. There are not too many independent thinkers these days for a debate. The society is run by social media and "ideologists" who will pontificate their views to the death and are not capable to listen the arguments of the "other side". Which make debates useless. You can see it around all the time. Including this webboard.
  19. My friend uses a grill lighter but I just put it under a broiler. Making sure the custard is very cold . I have to use a dish which I know will not crack by the high heat,.....the colouring and caramelization is less even than with a torch but (in my opinion) this is still a very practical method and can be done in a pinch.
  20. Solo piano is not a Mexican choice of music entertainment. I do not see any pianos in local restaurants. Mexican musicians instruments must be portable as they travel from restaurant to restaurant …..table to table. Interestingly there is still love of the old Mexican tunes among the old and young alike. There are pianos in private homes (mainly northerners) but the only public piano I am aware of is in auditorium. Because we do not live in Ajijic full time my knowledge of the music scene can be out of whack . It would surprize me if there is a regular solo piano entertainment anywhere in the area. If there is.... I would love to know.
  21. Small trees I noticed around Ajijic : Vitex - for blue flowers Calliandra haematocephala (different than a bottle brush bush) Caesalpinia pulcherrima - smaller than Delonix Regia (Tabachin) but flowers are similar . About 12' in maturity (as Cedros said) Plumeria - yellow and pink Poinsettias can grow into small trees and look very attractive..
  22. http://www.saudicaves.com/mx/ ------website----contact info on the bottom
  23. It is interesting how we all see the world and its affairs differently .
  24. People with deep pockets have right of way. This is not a sarcasm, just how things are done in Mexico. Unfortunately.
  25. Not work, no .... but will happily get all social benefits that are available for poor Mexicans.
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