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  1. I like this post. Say it as it is. There are lots of misconceptions about Canadian health care . Might sound good on paper but in practice is another story. We had always good experience in Mexico.
  2. I noticed a truck acting as a "gas station" on the highway to Manzanillo. That was before the shortage.
  3. That was exactly my first reaction when I read the original posting. I do agree with Xena's and Gringal's comments. It just OP told us the reason why (her husband is handicapped but she did the shopping and he stayed in the car) ....and I also know that too many people abuse the system. Any system...... like bringing their "support" (really?) animals to places they do not belong.
  4. Cedros, if I would have a friend who suddenly disappeared from my life I would also want to find out what happened. Hope you will find answer to your question.
  5. La huerta (feminine) is larger, usually commercial vegetable, fruit growing plot versus el huerto (masculine) is a smaller garden by someone's house. ???? and ....Huerto Café in Riberas is a good place for lunch . That is as I understand it. Tastes are very personal.... and if you ad a good ambience , good service, no dogs ,no smokers and no loud music, the choices are pretty limited.
  6. And beautiful calming evening picture from this very house (from 10 years ago}
  7. Where ever you will go you still will pay gringo prices. Maybe just not as outrages as around Ajijic. Our Mexican helpers know places no gringo on this webboard would consider or even know about. Just a thought. Good luck in your search.
  8. Send your gardener to buy you some. They know how to haggle. Sometimes we do send our housekeeper to buy "things". Much cheaper.
  9. To OP; Which nation are you referring to? Does not seem like Mexican or NOB. You can start to prepare food at home and sell at local markets. Many people are doing it. Sell it frozen or have an ice box. If it will be "tasty" and reasonably priced, people will follow you . Developing clientele is important and not so easy. I do not know about any venues in Guadalajara though. Maybe check out the one MC suggested. Good luck.
  10. Cedros: these are pictures from Ventusky from yesterday and today that will give you an idea what is happening..: It is a good program for general pictures of what is happening (weather ) on this planet. I think it was developed by couple of Czech meteorologists and I found it pretty clever.
  11. There you go...and I thought that I was being funny. Sarcastic actually. Canadian Government is indeed very popular with all the ideologues in the world but the business and investments are leaving in a hurry. And that is a fact. Sorry that my choice of words offended you as Canadian. And as to my "science" comment ....I would probably react the same way as you if I would not work big chunk of my life in the field. First: I did not call all scientist "dirty". That are your words not mine or interpretation of what I said.. I can say with authority that not all the science and scientists are created equally. "Science" is very bendable..... depends who funds it and who benefits . Yes, I am worried about the young minds being easily manipulated. There is plenty of unethical activity within the noble organizations and some can be very dangerous. You are entitled to your opinion and I accept the fact that we see a world around us differently. You do not want to listen what I have to say....fine. I am not offended. I read your comments since you moved here to help your mom. About a decade ago? I do not always agree what you have to say (or how) but I respect you for many reasons. So I will read your posts as long as we will have interest in this area. Some of us judge people by their hearts not their words. It is time for me to leave this thread.
  12. More like years Heem. Just in a different place and time than you. Thankfully.
  13. That is, if you believe that these "scientists" are coming from US universities which promote an independent thinking. I do not. They promote collective thoughts and others are not welcomed. Masses are so easy to brainwash (history proves that). Most useful science came from independent thinkers and they often battled with a common "sensible" wisdom of that time. Of course (as always) this is just my opinion and everyone else's might differ. And....not all "civilians" are uneducated. All the best and keep warm and safe.
  14. Like present Canadian Government example : kill industries and put people out of work. Then legalize a marijuana to ameliorate their suffering and get revenue from this new "clean agricultural" industry. Way to go, Bravo.
  15. Climate change is a global phenomena. it's been here since our planet was born. It will not disappear even if all humanity suddenly evaporates.. By the way.... ours is not an only planet which experience constant climate changes. We should be mindful but killing all industries in North America will not stop climate to change. Preaching about it became today's new religion or fashion . Some people have to believe in some kind of "cause" . It became very politicized . Where ever I go I am bombarded with "global warming" and" climate change" slogans (in BC). I am not a friend of this fanatic energy. Maybe we should worried more about weakening of Earth's magnetic field. It changes quicker then climate. There are many possible (and worrisome) catastrophes in waiting which could affect our civilization. Not just US or Mexico . Hang in there and enjoy what you have and like.
  16. Talking about anxiety . Just look at the people with these little dogs. People love them so much that they cannot leave them home alone. Dogs develop insecurity and anxiety being alone. The owner does not do the dog any favour to take them everywhere all the time. Dogs are very loyal and it is good to TRAIN them that it is OK to leave them alone for short period of time. A dog and his (hers) owner will develop healthier relation. Both will be living with less anxiety in their life and the owner will be able to visit a doctor without being worried about their pet being home alone.. Sometimes I feel very sorry for these little critters.
  17. My take: There are many people (including kids) allergic to these critters. I cannot even imagine to sit on the airplane next to one. I think they will allow animals on board until they will have few emergency landings or a death. I can walk out of a restaurant. Little more difficult from a plane. When a dog licks me I have a rash over all of my body which takes weeks of medication and misery to get rid of. Worst yet reaction to cats.(My lungs will shut off.) So.... I have to be so very careful. Many people around here are on an immunity system suppressants and it takes not much to trigger an attack .So they have to be careful as well. I do understand people's love for their pets but I do not understand their selfishness and militancy. Luckily not all pet owners are same and most are loving but responsible and educated to recognize some of the issues others have. Peace.
  18. There are many outsiders who bought ejido lands lakeside. (for example in Tlachichilco). I personally know cases that ejido community sold piece of land to foreigners. They sell you a title but people who bought it were fighting to get a written deed. Some were able to get a deed but some did not. Many northerners are ignorant about the differences and do not find out until its too late. Having a title does not mean you own it. "Title is the legal way of saying you own a right to something. ... Deeds, on the other hand, are actually the legal documents that transfer title from one person to another. It must be a written document," A Deed must be documented and registered. Chula Vista Norte started that way as well. I wonder what the situation is there know but we rented a house there for couple of years (2014/16)and I believe the owner had a deed. But I know he had a fight with a developer for some time after he bought a lot there and got another piece of land just a street down and build a beautiful house on it. This was in 2000. I know this info second hand (property manager) so do not know any other details only that it was an ugly situation and many people suffered consequences.
  19. I can only guess how Chapala administration feels about all this activism. Gringal has it right. If you move to foreign places learn how "things" are done. Understand the culture and try to adjust , embrace it and learn how to live within. If you cannot, it is probably better not to move in the first place. "Better" life means different thing among people. We had these meetings before. Honestly, (in my opinion) they are done to make us feel better...to calm us down. To get it off our chest. "They" lived here much longer then "us' and the issues we will raise are not new. Unfortunately the people "we" will be talking to have their bosses and they will only do what they will do. If boss suggests the bridge to Jesus it will be a priority over any Ajijic sidewalk. In some instances "the bosses" are harsh and not flexible. That is a fact. As always we can suggest but not demand. I think the Harry and Hector moderation should be positive for both sides. Thanks Harry. Accountability in Mexican system is not the same as where we came from ....and if we try to change it....well, good luck. Look around you there is so much to enjoy. Cheers.
  20. I have a feeling that the approval for development went beyond the local government and all the local activism will be ignored . Happened before........unless you get all the Mexican nationals from entire village to protest. But, I would almost bet even that will not stop it. It might slow it down but eventually it will happen. Protest of foreigners will not make much difference. It does not mean a squat when it comes to money and higher up politics. As many people on this board said to us oldtimers who lamented to so many changes over the time........you cannot stop the "progress". Green spaces mean nothing when it comes to housing developments especially when they are labeled as "sustainable".....what ever It really means. There are many buzz words developers can apply to a project to push it through. Sort of like putting a "gluten free" label on eggs,.....which mean lacking some harmful substance that it never contained in the first place.? Changes are dictated by flow of money and by present politics...not by common sense. Good luck and all the best.
  21. There is an advertisement on this very website https://www.chapala.com/themoon.html You can e-mail Kevin for information. It does not say where it is located in Ajijic.....but by its name . it sounds like a Billy Moon's old property. But I thought that property was recently renovated and turned into a Boutique "hotel" named Villa Corona .????? They advertise rooms for rent at various internet sites. They are 2 parts of this property, the "mansion" and the adjacent "workhouse". So maybe the latter????
  22. Yes, I know....senior moment. I have no other explanation. For some strange reason I was thinking Chula Vista when I typed that silly comment. Sorry about that. We rented in Villa Nova several times , Chula Vista too...and everywhere else as the matter of fact, from Vista del Lago to Villa Lucerna.) . We are Lakeside winter residents (renters) for 18 years.
  23. That is exactly how it works here. Do it yourself. You've learned well. Morosos are a problem, especially when they are Mexican nationals. Suing will not bring a positive results for you, just frustration. Laws in Mexico are generally not followed...... quite successfully. That is why it is important that people must be diligent before they buy a property.... which is not always easy.. especially when they assume that "things' work the same way as where they came from. That is why so many "long time" residents say do not buy but rent. Observe and learn first. We accidentally found a document that 50% of residents did not pay duties in the area we were interested in (10 years ago.) That was a shocking.....so services were non-existent.....most people did exactly what you did …..took care of themselves. .
  24. I stand corrected Bisbee Gal. Of course. I am getting old. I was thinking of Chula Vista. Not that it sounds same.
  25. Hi, If you live in Villa Nova your address is San Antonio. Not Ajijic. Maybe they will expand in the future.
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