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  1. So true. Not every Mexican is employed by expats. . Mexican bosses are not so generous. Expats who brag about paying above average prices for goods and services are changing the very thing that brought them here in the first place.....cheap cost of living,
  2. John, I would park. It is not expensive . We like to be picked up and our friend always parks. It is nice to see a familiar smiling face on an arrival.
  3. Thanks for this warning Joe and sorry for the loss of your good frames. That place had several negative comments on this board in the past. I do not like to bash a local business but if you'll not going to be compensated for them then your warning is justified.
  4. To OP: You should be able to get your place lakeside for your price even in winter time.. If you want quiet, you will need to be outside the center of any village (and "eventos") therefore, you will most likely need a car. 3 months stay is considered to be a" short term" here and one has to pay a premium. $1000 outcry for 1 bedroom is from people who live here permanently. I know snowbirds who are willing to pay for 6 months to secure their preferred place and only stay for 4-5 months. As you have indicated that you might stay longer , start to negotiate with that option .Longer stays= better rent prices. Reasonably priced places are hard to find long distance as they are usually not advertised on internet. They do not need to be. What I would do in your situation is to get a B&B in town (plenty of them available) and start talking to people and get yourself acquainted with the area to determine which place is acceptable to you. Start with gringos popular hang outs and make friends. There is lots of information among them. Most do not post on this web board. There are also some bulletin boards you can check. Look at few places in different locations to get an idea what is available at what price. Visit real estate offices which also rent. They do not always list all their rentals on the internet. They'll " evaluate" you on your visit. Sometimes you have to be at the right place at the right time. If you rent over the internet, you'll never know what you'll get and it could spoil your feeling for the area. (machine shop next door or 6 barking dogs next to your bedroom window or all night loud music....) Of course there is a possibility that you could get lucky and stay for rest of your life. Best of luck.
  5. Me hijacking "jilling" ?????? I think you are confused. You should actually read my posts as I am expressing the gratitude to everybody involved to make this happen whatever the location is . And read yours. Your aggression is fixated on the word Ajijic . I do not take your attack on me personally. I have been snow birding to Lakeside way before you knew where Chapala is. I followed your first bike trip down and snorting on this board like a fool for years.. The fact is that you have changed your name here many times to be accepted and sort of mellowed over the years.... but you have a long way to go, dear. Now, lets focus back on the " art show" Are you hosting any of the artists this year?
  6. Lakeside location is less significant than the idea , support of artist and the effort to put it all together. Without it, the show would not exist at any location. Ones again.. ...Thanks to whoever makes it happen and all the participating artist (you are awesome and appreciated). And also....thanks kindly to Chapala Yacht club for space provided. No need for Chapalanians to be offended or militant when they hear the word Ajijic. I think that Chapala is a great town, but lets face it, when you talk about Lakeside art, you associate it traditionally with Ajijc, not Chapala. ..rightly or wrongly) All the best. Examples for newbies and people who cannot afford the entrance fee Just gorgeous
  7. The physical location is in Chapala but lots of organizers, artist supporters and volunteers are from Ajijic.
  8. They actually did in the "old" times. Pappy took words from their mouth in his first sentence. You must have missed the class.
  9. That spot is troublesome for sure. We observed and listened to these trucks when living in CVN for 2 winters in the row. I think topes are needed there more than in many other places. (As RV said above.)
  10. If you are an artist you have to know your audience. For someone the piece can be worthless (junk) and for somebody else it is a cherished piece of a treasure. There is so much of artist involvement, love and dedication to every piece. You cannot compare it to a machine junk made in China (or anywhere else). Some artist work months on their projects and people are not ashamed to offer couple of bucks for it???. Most artist are not doing these displays for money but for an appreciation of their talents. I haggle in Mexico .There is a place for it. All Mexicans haggle, it is their culture. It is not just for tourist but living here.... you have to learn when it is just not appropriate. One has to pay entrance fee for every such exhibition everywhere in the world. It costs money to organize it and it should be a previlige to see and appreciate these pieces. Ajijic exhibition of Mexican Art is wonderful (1st class) venue . It is one of the highlites of our winter stay. My thanks to all organizers to make it possible for people here to see (and hopefully buy a piece or two). All the best.
  11. Islander


    For everybody who love salmon (or is a foodie) : Come to Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island for holiday. We are a culinary region and there is enough salmon in our Bay to be enjoyed. This picture is of commercial salmon fishing just as seen from our deck. Some season (not every year) they open 3-4 days for commercial guys and they fish day and night. This was for coho run. detail There will be no argument that your fish is mahi-mahi (or what so ever) you get it either from the fishing boat or catch it yourself. Beside fish and shellfish you can get fresh almost everything from the little farms around, from vegetables to poultry. There are not very many "high" end restaurants in the valley, just plain good eating. Most wineries around have small restaurants. One reason (from many others) we love Ajijic is that we can source most of the food fresh too ... and enjoy it the great weather while Cowichan Bay is grey, rainy and miserable.. Cheers
  12. That is good Slainte39, I'd love to hear more from our Mexican friends. It would be very valuable here.
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    A company such Costco would not risk being sued or lose their solid reputation in Canada.
  14. Islander


    You are funny sometimes. You are not saying anything different about the steelhead than me or the "inaccurate " Pacific salmon foundation" website which link I've provided. No new wisdom there.... except that you fish and therefore you know it all . Do not get shocked but many other people fish too... especially when they live in the community where fishing is a way of life. Calling an official a Pacific Salmon Foundation an inaccurate news link ...LOL. That is little shallow...do not you think? I just wanted to let people who love to eat salmon to know that the Steelhead is very good eating (less fat than salmon) that's all . Sorry all your salmon lovers for this link being hijacked by silly argument. Nothing else for me to say. .
  15. Islander


    No, not a farmed trout, it is Steelhead. Much bigger than rainbow trout. Stores cannot get away naming the spieces what ever they want in Canada without consequence. The "hot dabate" was about the genetic evidence of this fish . The steelhead has been bouncing between the salmon and trout categories for years. Until last year a website from Fisheries and Oceans Canada describing them as a type of Pacific salmon. This year the salmon sheet describing all different varieties does not have steelhead listed any more. Science changed the family tree but in other parts of the world they still relate them to Pacific salmon. Correct info on Steelhead here: https://www.psf.ca/species-lifecycle/steelhead
  16. Islander


    Nobody eats more salmon than me when on Vancouver Island. We usually buy it from natives. But I like the "Steelhead" I am getting from Costco better. Steelhead is not a real salmon even if people call it salmon. Steelhead starts its life out as a Rainbow Trout. If the Rainbow Trout migrates to the ocean, it becomes a Steelhead. There was always a hot debate if steelhead is a salmon or trout. I think it has settled right now that It belongs to the same species as rainbow trout — Oncorhynchus mykiss — but it acts a whole lot like a salmon. In any case it is a good eating.
  17. This webboard was set up for people help each other to manage to live in foreign country. And there are some good examples that it works....for people on any side of the spectrum. If someone comes and tries to pontificate their political views and other believes they migt get bitten. Do not forget that this platform has an international audience and you are not in Kansas any more. All the best.
  18. Cynoff works very well. We even brought it from Ajijic for our home on Vancouver Island. Works like a charm.
  19. To OP: Coming for a week and staying in central Ajijic without a vehicle is fine. There is not enough time to do long distance exploration trips. Hop on the bus and go to Chapala, walk on their malecon and the main street up and down. That will give you basic idea what the town is about. Talk to a real estate person to show you few areas around Ajijic where foreigners like to live.. ( You might be a customer in the future.) There are lots of real estate offices around. You might need a taxi to get your supplies home from the stores. (Walmart, Superlake tianguis etc) But other than that enjoy your few days in Ajijic. You might need few days to walk around to get acquainted. On your following trip (if you decide to come again) you will be much wiser and know if you need to rent a car or not. That is what I would do on my first short trip.
  20. So true,.... don't you even think about building in that direction (past VLD). Listen to stories of people who tried. No new roads would change that . On top of that anything east of VDL is in not in Chapala municipality. A disadvantage for anybody who does not speak Spanish. So I doubt that there would be many people wanting to move there. To OP. We rented in Vista del Lago few years back and we liked it. We did not think that the fees, regulations (etc) were any worse than any other fraccimientos we rented at lakeside. But we only stayed one winter so our knowledge is very limited. The treck to the "town" could be tiresome if you would have to do it often. Our stay there was pleasant, quiet and uneventful.(Limited cultural experience) The restaurant setting is very nice. We drive out there couple times every winter just for that reason. It is not heavily traveled road and the drive is pleasant. , Living there full time could be another story which I have no knowledge of. (Only rumors which would have to be checked out). Not sure if this note is useful info (to OP) but maybe will help few newcomers. All the best.
  21. We were satisfied with Luz who comes to the Lake Chapala Society .The glasses were generally (not always) done within a week. The eye exam is free but we give her a tip.
  22. David, If you are not in the neighbourhood of any of the "bus stops" just find a spot where bus can pull over and wave . If the bus is not full he will most likely pick you up. (not guaranteed .) You cannot do that in crowded area as "down town" Ajijic. When we are in the bus we just politely ask driver to stop for us at designated point. They always do. When we lived in Chulavista Norte we waved down the directo bus right at the entrance ..... and asked to drop us right at the entrance in the opposite way. The same when we lived in Villa Lucerna. They stopped for us at the street we needed to get out or in. Every time. They do need a spot that they can pull off from the road (at least partially) or otherwise you will be ignored. Mexican people are very warm and accommodating if you are polite, respectful and not demanding and bossy. We did not use the bus service for couple of years now as we bring our car down. And with increasing gringo population it might not work as well as it in the past. I just do not know now. Perhaps someone else can comment in recent terms.
  23. Completely irrelevant and immaterial to OP's case.
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