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  1. For sure.. Different name (again) but the same good old Pedro. Cannot hide
  2. Although I cannot recommend where to get one , I can recommend the one in Ferret's post: https://www.movilidadsinlimites.com/salva_escaleras_elite_recto.php We have it (in Canada) for couple of years now and it works well. No service needed so far. It works even if electricity is out (battery is continuously charged when "parked"). I use it seldom for myself but it has a remote control so I can send my laundry or heavier items up or down. Very useful for elders or people with limited mobility. We have a straight stairwell so installation was done within an hour .
  3. Is the pontoon boat a regular service? I have seen it on the lake but was not sure if it runs on regular bases. Tnks.
  4. Hi Cindy. Without knowing how your ceiling looks like, could you use a vinyl wallpaper? Something like this???: https://www.wayfair.com/home-improvement/sb1/vinyl-wall-paneling-c1864446-a131398~468092.html It is strong enough to cover some surface imperfections. It helped me but not on the ceiling. It could be a little expensive though.?
  5. You are right Wookie, fees did not seem to be outrages. 1.) The Upper Chula vista (the original one) is very hilly and has beautiful views but no way you can live there without a car. It is quite a hike up and down to(and from) the carretera,. But....if I would have to choose from 3 Chula Vistas this would be my choice (but it is very personal). 2.) Lower Chula Vista is sort of flattish and very walkable. No problem for reasonably able person to live there without a car. No lake views there. 3.) Chula Vista Norte , where we spent good chunk of a year would be my last choice...although if you live on the lower part (closer to the libramiento) you can walk to Supperlake or Walmart. We walked down and fetched the cab going back.(sometimes we had to walk to the intersection to catch a cab). The main problem we had there was the trucks noise from the libramiento. I am not sure if it is so pronounced in the upper part. We also had a barking dogs problem....but we had that problem in almost every place. One positive in CVN is that streets are wide, paved and even so one can easily walk within the community. Trash collection in CVN was good and I did not notice any bashura laying around during our stay. Sometimes the collection was irregular but we always got a notification when it happened. There were several break-ins while we were there (not us), despite the security gates. Again, we are all sensitive to different "things" and my priorities might not be important to another person.
  6. Cumbres is part of Chulavista Norte. There is a big evento place and they are noisy . The area is still mainly undevoloped and it will take lots of years living with all the construction going. And helli pad.... If you can live with all that .......the views are beautiful. When we rented in CVN there was a always some problem with water supply. I think even now (as I speak) they have a problem with system leaks. This is just my view and opinion.
  7. True not only for traffic laws but any law. Good to "see" you here Pappy.
  8. Even more bizarre is that US is shipping coal from Westshore Terminals in Canada (Vancouver) . We have around 40 Chinese ships around our Islands waiting patiently their turn....for weeks,..... sometimes months. https://vancouversun.com/opinion/op-ed/james-kerr-canada-should-not-be-shipping-coal-overseas-for-the-u-s This is one in my view. Ugly thing. Our shores are lined with them. We are back home now. Cleaning the mess from winter storms.
  9. Social media "science" here at its best.
  10. Batteries also require large quantities of assorted metals and minerals in their manufacturing process. These materials are often mined, produced, and transported at great expenditures of money and energy, leaving behind a significant environmental footprint. Use and consumption of these resources also produce waste, contributing to the environmental impact. Graphite (anodes) mining often generates toxic dust and requires corrosive chemicals like hydrochloric acid to process it into a usable form. Graphite is mainly sourced from China. Future technological innovations may (or may not) lead to cleaner battery production. We are not quite there yet.
  11. There is always need for a reliable service around here. Thanks for the reminder.
  12. "Me either" . I did not used her in LCS but at the office on Libramiento. She charged me "pretty penny" for what she did.
  13. Our squirrels are way too smart to go into these traps no matter how tempting the bait is.. I found this video when looking what other people do to control them. Watch the squirrel on the fence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNltR4iCRCA Our Mexican squirrels have different look than the ones we have on the V. Island.
  14. Although I agree on everything you said , the winter weather on the Island is less than desirable. Wet , cloudy and sad. But... summers are glorious. And scenery is unbelievable .We live on Vancouver Island but closer to Victoria. I would not like to live anywhere else but I am happy to come to join you for a few months in the winter. And they are few of us. The rental manager we rented from ....several times (Mexican lady) told us she does not like to rent to Mexicans. She does not even have the better properties on her website . She "evaluates" each customer in person. She feels responsible for the properties . That is why it is sometimes hard to rent over the net if a person is a new to the area. It is good to establish connections. =========================== On our deck in summer(on the Island) and no less impressive view from one of the lovely Lakeside places we stayed in winter.....not so dissimilar views. No swimming pool or palms on the island and no outside gas heaters in Ajijic.
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