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  1. So true,.... don't you even think about building in that direction (past VLD). Listen to stories of people who tried. No new roads would change that . On top of that anything east of VDL is in not in Chapala municipality. A disadvantage for anybody who does not speak Spanish. So I doubt that there would be many people wanting to move there. To OP. We rented in Vista del Lago few years back and we liked it. We did not think that the fees, regulations (etc) were any worse than any other fraccimientos we rented at lakeside. But we only stayed one winter so our knowledge is very limited. The treck to the "town" could be tiresome if you would have to do it often. Our stay there was pleasant, quiet and uneventful.(Limited cultural experience) The restaurant setting is very nice. We drive out there couple times every winter just for that reason. It is not heavily traveled road and the drive is pleasant. , Living there full time could be another story which I have no knowledge of. (Only rumors which would have to be checked out). Not sure if this note is useful info (to OP) but maybe will help few newcomers. All the best.
  2. We were satisfied with Luz who comes to the Lake Chapala Society .The glasses were generally (not always) done within a week. The eye exam is free but we give her a tip.
  3. David, If you are not in the neighbourhood of any of the "bus stops" just find a spot where bus can pull over and wave . If the bus is not full he will most likely pick you up. (not guaranteed .) You cannot do that in crowded area as "down town" Ajijic. When we are in the bus we just politely ask driver to stop for us at designated point. They always do. When we lived in Chulavista Norte we waved down the directo bus right at the entrance ..... and asked to drop us right at the entrance in the opposite way. The same when we lived in Villa Lucerna. They stopped for us at the street we needed to get out or in. Every time. They do need a spot that they can pull off from the road (at least partially) or otherwise you will be ignored. Mexican people are very warm and accommodating if you are polite, respectful and not demanding and bossy. We did not use the bus service for couple of years now as we bring our car down. And with increasing gringo population it might not work as well as it in the past. I just do not know now. Perhaps someone else can comment in recent terms.
  4. Completely irrelevant and immaterial to OP's case.
  5. What an odd and cynical thing to say to a lady who successfully raised 3 daughters. I would think she has tons of experience. Do you?
  6. That is a key...... being younger helps . No problem for younger kids. They love it. 16-17 is a difficult age.
  7. I understand your feelings Slainte39..... but you missed the important point.... the essence of the situation. It has nothing to do with loving Mexico.
  8. I am sorry ditch....but you completely missed the point of this conversation .....( and few others). No matter what skin the girls have, they were born and grew up in Mexican society. Every society has its unwritten rules and at 16 they know the ropes how to sail in it. (most likely) The OP's daughter will not have that luxury. Any white faced (or black faced) kid coming here at very young age will be well adjusted at age of 16. . Throwing a 16 years old girl without a language skills into a different culture is asking for trouble. Who will teach her what is right and wrong in her new surroundings?. Probably not her parents if they do not speak Spanish and are not familiar with Mexican culture ( I could be wrong) They will most likely need a help to navigate the system and seek advise on local boards as so many new people here. How about if she choses wrong friends? How about if she gets pregnant at this very young age? She does not have an extended family here to take care of her and her baby. There are just so many things that can go wrong at her age. Of course I am just talking in general terms without any knowledge of OP situation. They only asked about teenage friends for their 16 years old daughter because they want to move to Lakeside. If she fights the idea ...my feelings are that it will be an uphill battle for them. Again ...move to Mexico with kids, by all means...... it is a good thing for them...... but do it when they are young..... and I guarantee they will love it. Thank you mudgirl, you got it . Most is just blah, blah.... Hugs.
  9. You did not moved to Mexico when you kids were teenagers Thomas. Seems like you live Lakeside for long time. Completely different story. Your kids grew up in Mexican society. Your comment has no relevance to OP's situation. When I look around I see a tremendous cultural difference of 16 years old girls (and boys as well) between Lakeside and up North where we live during summer. I can point them out if people do not see them. My comments don't mean to be negative. We love Mexican family dynamics but it takes time and knowledge of the language to understand it. Very different than what most of us grew up with. We have oodles of lovely Mexican friends and prefer to rent our winter stay from Mexican owners or managers. (for many reasons). Despite of all this I would not bring a 16 years old daughter to live Lakeside permanently without her understanding it..(the good and bad). . I still maintain...... If you want to move to Mexico with kids do it when they are very young. They learn fast and perhaps will teach "you" some aspects of getting integrated in the society and being less critical of their ways. All the best.
  10. 16 years old lady will have a new set of friends in a foreign country which language she does not speak. Without knowing the reason for OP's decision to move at this point in their lives I think 16 is a worst age to move her . If she would be 6 years I would say go for it . Kids adjust easy and at that age we can still protect and influence them. . 16 is a rebellious age . Unfortunately parents have no idea or no influence what friends their teenage kids choose. If it was me I would not move with 16 years old girl to a country which culture and customs I am (or her) not familiar with and do not speak the language. I would feel that it is my responsibility to let her to have her "sweet sixteen" ...to to finish her education and start her own life ........ unless....... I could not have that choice. I understand that sometimes it is easier said than done but realize that we have to live with consequences of our actions (good or bad) for rest of our lives.. That said, there are relatively good schools in the area and the permanent disruption of her present life could even be a " good thing'....I just (personally) would not do that at her age. As always, these are only my thoughts on this matter. What ever the decision....all the best..
  11. There is a tribute to him in Mexico News Daily. Its there for couple of days now.That probably prompted this post. I am also curious why now.... this year and not last or the one before. Rolly Brook was a real treasure to all ex-pats (and wanna be ex-pats) in Mexico. He died in February on my (important) birthday). I still remember that day. He deserves to be remembered Happyjilling, Anytime. JFYI: He would have been 89 next year. Not next Tuesday. Born in 1931 according to Mexico Connect. https://www.mexconnect.com/articles/4226-rolly-brook-1931-2015 Rest in Peace Rolly.
  12. really, ???? Rolly passed away in 2015. He was the founder of Mexico Connect forum... So what is your post about?
  13. For most people selling their house they enjoyed and loved for decades is not a practical solution if stair lift or home elevator solves the problem. Moving houses is not an easy chore. Gringal, these lifts are battery operated and charged when in "parking" position. So, power outage is not a problem.
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