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  1. Yes,. Roberto Cerda is the Roberto I miss and his La Tasca .. I am glad to hear that he is doing well in Manzanillo. Roberto (Bobby) who owned Roberto's in several places is owner of La Terraza. As Ferret stated above. Thanks for clarifying Slainte39. I do not think I know Bob Snyder (who is in Cuyutlan?) Is that the same Robert Snyder who wrote an e-book called "Ajijc Mexico Living the Dream"
  2. I have not been to Bobby's place in Cuyutlan but sure miss his La Tasca in Ajijic. (If it is the same Roberto). Good memories from time gone by. It was a place I met " Pedro" .....who used to snort on this webbord and sounded like a complete "#$@&%". I was shocked that he could actually carry an intelligent conversation.
  3. Thank you for expanding on my post conejorapido. I thought that was very convenient central location.
  4. When we were renting in CVN and walked down that little goat trail (along Eldorado) to Superlake, there was some kind of RV park across the Little theater or El parque community . It was mainly open field but there was one RV there. I do not know about the facilities though or if they are still in existence. Maybe someone else knows. When we first came to Ajijic in 1999 there was no El Parque ..... the whole area was a RV park called PAL. The one Mainecoons is referring to is also out of town (closer to Ixtlahuatan ?)
  5. I remember that Jerry and his wife Sally lived in Brisas. Did they move at one point to Chapala Haciendas? or vice-versa?
  6. I understand Gixellia's point. The voice "from the other side." Obviously she is not one of "us" so we can trash her opinion. I personally love to hear the "other side". We can learn that some of our attitude is not welcomed in Mexico and the resentment is bigger and bigger. I have a feeling that the people from the north are not as welcomed these days as they were 20 years ago when we first came. People will choose Ajijic because the old timers created the infrastructure where English only speaking people can exist quite nicely. No need for Spanish. So it is overpopulated and that will only get worse because the area is not "equipped" for new tsunami from North. Just saying.
  7. We spent a little bit of time on" southside" and the property and the views were absolutely beautiful, ( right on the lake.) I liked it there many times more than anywhere on the north side..... but buying and selling there is another story. Maybe if I plan to die there and do not care what happens to the property afterwards. Otherwise, I most likely would not do that. There were cases that indigenous groups claimed properties even if people had (supposedly ) title . One can sell, but only to very new people that are not aware that "things" in Mexico are not the same as back home. . The same on the north side east of Chapala past the golf course...... in Tlachchilco area. We inquired, but it was long time ago, and I do not know how much time has changed. Be careful and good luck. I wish I would have the courage to do that. All the best.
  8. Ajijic tianguis acts as a social gardening place for gringos. Place to see others and to be seen. So maybe it has some "value". Good for people watching too . Bring your chair.
  9. I am glad you mentioned art, rafter. That is actually the beginning of Ajijic's popularity but it is hardly the reason people move to Ajijic these days. Demographics are changing . But the area is lovely and the weather is still fabulous (in comparison with other places.) One thing one cannot ignore living in Ajijic (or Mexico in general) is the noise factor. Mexicans love to celebrate so get in the mood. Dogs can bark all night on the next property , parties can go all night . It could be annoying at the beginning before people get use to it (eventually).Before one moves permanently should check if there is not a machine shop next door or a restaurant as all is mostly behind the walls and not so obvious at first.
  10. For sure.. Different name (again) but the same good old Pedro. Cannot hide
  11. Although I cannot recommend where to get one , I can recommend the one in Ferret's post: https://www.movilidadsinlimites.com/salva_escaleras_elite_recto.php We have it (in Canada) for couple of years now and it works well. No service needed so far. It works even if electricity is out (battery is continuously charged when "parked"). I use it seldom for myself but it has a remote control so I can send my laundry or heavier items up or down. Very useful for elders or people with limited mobility. We have a straight stairwell so installation was done within an hour .
  12. Is the pontoon boat a regular service? I have seen it on the lake but was not sure if it runs on regular bases. Tnks.
  13. Hi Cindy. Without knowing how your ceiling looks like, could you use a vinyl wallpaper? Something like this???: https://www.wayfair.com/home-improvement/sb1/vinyl-wall-paneling-c1864446-a131398~468092.html It is strong enough to cover some surface imperfections. It helped me but not on the ceiling. It could be a little expensive though.?
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