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  1. I am following the air quality regularly. Today, Lakeside is "good"....but avoid Guadalajara if you have any lung problems
  2. Waiting for a specialists appointment in Canada for 6 months is pretty normal. Actually, most are much longer than that. I am just commenting on how good you (we) have it at Lakeside ....in case someone will say "but we are in Mexico not Canada" I was a patient of her mother in early 2000's . She was also very capable and popular .
  3. That is a beauty, Mostlylost.
  4. Previous winter we rented a house Lakeside where the owner had dozens of orchids hanging outside in orange and mango trees . No one really cared for them. A sprinkle hit them once a day but it was potted in a very loose medium (moss and bark) in little wooden crates with narrow slats far apart so the water just drained through quickly and roots were hanging our.. I was amazed how much they bloomed on what seemed like a neglect. We never met the owner (just manager) but he had to be an orchid enthusiast as there was also an orchid greenhouse with assortment of climate control equipment but it was empty. All the plants were in the trees and also some in the pots around the property.. like this cymbidium Personally. I have not much success with them either.
  5. Until one sneezes (or coughs) on it just before its packed for delivery. Or lick their fingers. Not everyone is wearing mask. I like RV's approach because we are in the vulnerable category.
  6. There are few hands handling your food or product not just delivery people.
  7. I did not find the OP's post offensive. He explained what happened (in detail) and asked if anybody knows if there is a discount when paid in time. No different then 95% inquirers here. He did not argue, complimented the officer for being nice and wearing mask. What is wrong with that? He acknowledged the problem with his title line (by original critic) and eventually got his answer. The rest was unnecessary. Sometimes it feels that this place is a hornet nest. No matter what you say you get stung . Its been like this for a long time and will be forever unless the main players change. I know that many people follow this board for information but do not want to take any part in it. Just sift through to get the important part (thanks for that "jrod") and maybe treat the rest as an entertainment (with no value ). Sorry, had to say it.
  8. This is such a useless discussion. All the "intelligent" people know that you will never convince the other side because "their truth" is different from "your truth" (learned that expression from a Canadian indigenous lady and have adopted it) That goes for any ideology, political view. religion etc. .....arguing your point makes no difference what so ever...... to either side of the spectrum.
  9. May your soul rest in peace Jimmy .
  10. I like the location and hope that the developers will succeed in finishing it.
  11. What "bmh" said applies to handmade carpets from Turkey as well. Do not know about machine made. Sorry. I would try upholstery shop.
  12. So true. Not every Mexican is employed by expats. . Mexican bosses are not so generous. Expats who brag about paying above average prices for goods and services are changing the very thing that brought them here in the first place.....cheap cost of living,
  13. John, I would park. It is not expensive . We like to be picked up and our friend always parks. It is nice to see a familiar smiling face on an arrival.
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