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  1. Just talked to a friend, who thinks this is all a Government conspiracy anyway. He is a regular at zona gym. The owner told him he will open for a few hours a day for the regulars behind closed doors so it looks like it's closed.
  2. El Tejado, Chamorro al Horno. 1 order 2 meals for me. &75p Homemade Tortillas Miguel Martinez #433 Chapala Closed Wed.
  3. Been going to Fernando for many years. Have always been happy with the service and price. He recently installed all new equipment, ie chair etc. And I like that he was born in Chapala and he is totaly bilingual.
  4. AT&T is open in Chapala across the street from Farmacia Guad, Near the new auto parts store. I have not been there.
  5. Anyone know of a good homeopathic doctor in Chapala?
  6. I've had mine for 2 years. Replaced my tank. Works much better for my on demand water heater because the pressure is constant, but the pump runs every time, even if you only want a few seconds of water. Haven't seen any rise in the elect. bill. I love it!
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