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  1. Wow, I did not know that (I rarely use Skype that way). Under the dial pad is a link that says SET YOUR CALLER ID SO PEOPLE KNOW IT'S YOU WHO'S CALLING. You pick your country and number. Very cool. Thanks for that.
  2. From everything I've read, property taxes go to the State, not the municipality.
  3. If a Smart TV is involved, a cable can be avoided by using the cell phone's "cast" capability.
  4. I use Skype; the numbers are completely obfuscated, so they may suspect something when they see the display, but they have never questioned me. 20 years now.
  5. Probably all BS or one-sided and not representative; there's always going to be a stupido working somewhere. Brother just flew back to Canada on AA, with stops in Houston and Chicago, and got to sit wherever he pleased. No one was seating anyone next to anyone else. Only a handful on the plane.
  6. If your receiver is the 600 or 800 series, you should have no problem. This suggests the box is borked. Shaw is assuming you are in Canada, of course, and they have pushing the new LNBs to death (as you know, won't work here anyway). If yours works on one box and not another, it needs repair or replacement. You might ask Mike Merryman, or take it to Jose Teleservicios Calverio in San Juan Cosala: they have been able to fix some, not others; I would guess they can only handle the electronics of it, not the internal settings.
  7. I know of only one reliable Web designer, who I assume also will act as Webmaster, but you'd have to ask directly. Doug Friend: 3310690084 doug-at-lakesidewebworks.com
  8. Hang old CDs or DVDs nearby. The breeze causes bouncing reflections.
  9. It will be more than just a cable; there will be an MHL adapter as well. But they do have them. Note that some of them don't work, depending on the phone and the version of Android. And no real way to tell until you try it.
  10. I have to raise an eyebrow every time someone mentions how WalMart has killed the little guy. The truth is, every giant corporation has killed the little guy, and it's always been from a small start, back when you would have applauded their fortitude and ingenuity. And I can't even say "that's the future" of business, because it's been the future of business worldwide for decades and decades. Yearning for the days of Pop's Soda Shoppe is like wishing we could have kept horses and carriages instead of getting automobiles. I still regret the tire industry stealing the food out of the mouths of the guy in the B.C. comics who crafted the first wheel out of stone. Whether you agree with their tactics or not is another story.
  11. I get your point, and I know from ticking. BUT I think you are over-thinking it. That chart could have gotten so intense with details that no one would have looked at it. I don't have the report, but I would suggest they were a lot more scientific with the research. One overarching point that many may have overlooked, coming as it does right at the end of that thing: "These materials filter out approximately 50% of 0.2 micron particles, similar in size to the coronavirus."
  12. Shows you exactly the kind of charitable spirit this board is made of, helping others. https://super.walmart.com.mx/?_ga=2.232913054.14596564.1585952416-1423843774.1585167935
  13. No, of course not, but unless you are willing to spearhead such a move and be ready to suffer the slings and arrows, then you can't be saying things like that. A sewer project is always being considered. Half the reason it won't float is the non-resident Tapatios (Villa Nova and Ch. Haciendas, to name at least two I know about for sure, have all kinds of morosos who own land but refuse to pay fees for anything because they aren't full-timers) who won't pay. Another half is, yes, people who just don't want to pay anyway. But another 100% reason is it would mean ripping up the streets for years, blocking you out of your garage, screwing up every essential service for days or weeks on end. Just ask people in Ajijic who woke up one day years ago to find their streets dug up, or came home from work to discover they couldn't get into their own garage for the next two years. And a 200% reason: no way Chapala is ever going to invest that kind of money in what they consider to be the ### of the municipality. There, that's about 400% of my reasoning.
  14. I think even the least intelligent among us understood that the picture of a pillow was enough to invoke the concept of "pillow case".
  15. There was no poll. There was a guy walking around telling people he had plans to do it. There has been someone coming up with that every five years or so since I've lived here. There were two times I distincly recall: when I lived across from where you are now, and a few years back in the place I'm in now.
  16. We all feel for you, but it does not give you the right to act like every other :() on this board that you disdain. If anger was the arbiter of manners, we all would be dead long ago.
  17. I have the latest version of the app on my Android 10.x phone. I don't use it, because the sign in for their Webpage is different than the sign in on the App itself. (This is ridiculous and another example of sheer incompetence: I sign in with a user name on the Web, but they want me to register with an email in the app.) All sites I researched either tell me to go to the Google Play store or, in the case of official CFE sites, have had the link removed. This leads me to believe that the incompetence extends to an inability to provide a working or updated app. There is no room for half-assery when it comes to Websites on the part of an essential service. Similar problems have plagued TelCel and TelMex many times. In the app store, no matter which country I sign in from using my VPN, I get the same message as you, even on the Mexican Play store.
  18. Holy crap, people. Give it a rest. This is not called "The Berate Board". Since when does everyone know better?
  19. Right, missed the name in your post. I guess I spoke to soon... I turn him away every time, and every other week when I am out I get his card under the door, but I toss it without looking. I'll pay more attention, because whoever it is undoubtedly will turn up her before long.
  20. I'm not sure how wearing gloves at a store works... if those gloves touch it once, they just pass it off to every other package. No different than bare hands. So are they only good for protecting yourself? And when do you take the gloves off... before you take your mask off? After you take your mask off?
  21. If I know the name of the company, I can tell you if he is one of those guys who works really, really hard trying to drum up new business at the same addresses over and over and over, ad nauseum... and who should then be reported for lieing to people to get your business under these circumstances. If such a thing were true, all the trucks would be out in full force, trying to sell as much as possible before the "deadline".
  22. In my hometown in Canada, the big grocery chain Loblaw is promising food delivery by the 16th of April...
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