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  1. Yes, and make sure they don't forget to list all their Google search links.
  2. It all comes down to money. Money is God. Disease is of secondary importance. Spending money in righteous ways is the work of the Devil.
  3. I don't actually like Soriana that much. I prefer it to WalMart. The rest is nitpicking.
  4. Where do you get your information, or do you just make stuff up? Carlos Slim has nothing to do with Soriana (which is 100% Mexican owned, and when I say local, I mean Mexico). The brothers that started it, however, were originally from a Spanish province called Soria.
  5. It's also Mexican. A Mexican family. I like Mexican. It's all rhetoric at this point. My comment about hate was in anticipation of the WM haters. I have nothing against progress. I do have a distaste for corporate mismanagement of lives. Now, perhaps there are stories of Soriana underpaying, importing goods made with child labour. That would cause me to think. But...
  6. Good points. But two brothers started it, and I believe they still own it with other board members. But the point one can take away from this is really for those people who hate everything WalMart.
  7. Works well for you, does it? Because their Website gives no indication of what they provide. Everything takes you to a payment plan.
  8. They've never really been invested in soups. And the pasta (especially the premixed Knorr type) has been slow to restock for some reason. Now that I am wanting more, of course.
  9. WalMart is, fortunately, not the only option. When it comes to fruit and veg, they are deplorable. Our local store is the butt end of the supply chain for WalMart, and it certainly looks like they get only the leftovers. But the open-air markets have suffered greatly over the past years, with very little local produce, most of it coming in bulk from the Abastos and who knows where. Soriana the other day had a major quality upgrade in their produce section. No idea if it is related to what's happening, but for the first time ever I was able to get a really good selection of stuff. Even their broccoli was on ice.
  10. Good news. A family-owned business with many strengths. I'd like to see them add food-bank donation boxes, although I have no idea (apart from recent posts on this Board) if there is any reliable effort in that direction generally. Walmart, too. I would add that Sorian's fruit and vegetable department has suddenly started looking mighty fine, after years of neglect.
  11. They seem to have missed the part about "distancing".
  12. It's at Sunrise, which is actually SAT, but I think people know.
  13. Trump is fulla crap. How come the total number of fatalities throughout China is about 3,200 vs 9,000 in the US? And the outbreak started there? Over 1.3 billion people in that country, vs. 300 million in the US. OH, right, I forgot: intentional biological warfare.
  14. Good description. I've never seen it named. But yes: If that light is blinking, the equipment has not received the optical signal. If it is off, and the Internet light is blinking or solid, it has Internet. The PON light indicates the modem is "activated", much the same as the TelMex modems use the DSL/WAN light to indicate it is an active unit. I was lucky in Riberas: our CFE poles were replaced long before iLox turned up.
  15. Only Sony, Sharp and Philips use Android for their "smarts"; so they are the only ones that might take a Zoom app. All Smart TVs come with a basic browser app. However, on mine for example, it is almost impossible to use the remote control "mouse" to click on the right links; and in the end, you cannot install an app that way on a TV anyway. It has to be from the TV's app settings. And, as Curmudgeon points out, you won't have a camera on the TV, so castng from your cell phone is really the only way to go if you are looking to get Zoom on a large screen other than a computer.
  16. Doesn't work for Smart TVs that don't use Android, which is most. of course, the question was do routers accept VPN.
  17. Generally speaking you have to buy a pre-configured router from one of the VPN companies, or learn how to download and install Tomato or DD-WRT software, which cannot be done on iLox, TelMex, or Wiz modems, but probably yes on your Netgear.
  18. Yes, I have a very good friend in London who was supposed to be here right now, but of course all flights were cancelled. He is isolated and tells me there is no one allowed in the parks.
  19. Yes, it's going to be USB that you're seeing. Here's USB standard, HDMI, and USB C. Along with regular phone type USB.
  20. No, most of their very few trucks are grants. It's not something I keep track of, but I certainly have read all the reports over the years of the last four administrations here, and they ALL made huge loans, they ALL stole tons of money when they left, and the municipality will never get out of debt. How long is it until the next election, when the debt moves over to the next Presidente and the current one walks off with everything he can... You ask about "credible plans"? Here?
  21. In fact, the police in London are rousting and fining and locking people up.
  22. mexijims, I would like to know as well. As someone who used to do Websites, I get asked for this info a lot.
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