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  1. Way more attractive. Nice design work and detail.
  2. Did you read this chapter? Because you don't know what you are talking about. Why do you have to take issue with every piece of information presented on this board to help people? Here is an excerpt concerning labeling products that are imported from the United States. What does the Abastos have to do with it? " The next step is to label the load according to Mexican law NOM-51 SCFI-1994. The labels must be computer generated by the importer, in the same font style, size and color as the original label. Every case must be opened and two or three labels applied to every bag, bottle, can, or box. The first label includes the item name, the country of origin and the weight in grams. This label must go on the front of the product. Without this label, the product cannot cross the border.The second label must list the translated ingredients of the item, the nutritional information and the name and address of the importer.The third label goes on mixes and other items that have directions for preparation which must be translated into Spanish. The law requires that this label cover the original instructions and not be placed in another location. While this creates frustration for the foreign consumers at Lakeside, the spirit of the law is to protect Mexican consumers and to avoid confusion for them." And after delivery: " The load then goes to the inspection area of the warehouse where Mexican customs checks the entire load, to ensure that all items have the required two or three translated labels, that the taxes and customs fees have all been calculated correctly and paid, and that the supplementary paperwork for all of the items in the load has been obtained from the manufacturers. One entire load, for example, was delayed at border until additional paperwork was obtained about the country of origin for a new line of chocolate bars."
  3. As of this moment, staff are still updating this week's pages for the regular online edition, so that Subscribe problem will be gone by 11:30 am, they figure.
  4. Okay, the newspaper staff is updating that problem. It was overlooked while they focused on the VIRTUAL EDITION, as pointed out by NLU. I've update my OP at the top of the page. If you are seeing last week's headlines, refresh the page. Get to the virtual edition directly here: http://s3.amazonaws.com/theguadalajarareporter/virtual/2020/apr/a11-2020/index.html And the paper is being provided free exactly for the reasons ibarra posted. No one is making any money offa this, advertisers are not interested, so the plan is to do this at least until the Easter season shutdown is over.
  5. Yes, it does appear to take several seconds to show up. I see where the sign in issue appears: at the bottom of every article it says "Sign in or subscribe to view the complete article". Let me see if I can find out about that.
  6. Chapala closes tourism spots to battle Covid-19 http://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/55015-chapala-closes-tourism-spots-to-battle-covid-19
  7. I have lots of pictures of long care lineups all over, of people leaving Guad last week to get to PV and other places, and photos of residents blocking beach towns. I don't know if our municipality advertised in Guadalajara against coming here for their holidays, but judging by the number of Tapatios in town, those ads would have been ignored by a large number of people. Trouble is, we have all those ticky-tacky boxes out in the Senderos area, and lots of "weekend homes" lakeside, to which owners are entitled whether they are vacationing or not. So the retens are an enforced measure to try and keep people from gathering and being stupid by telling Easter vacationers to go home. This hasn't stopped families and groups in Riberas from throwing almost nightly get-togethers.
  8. For the most part. But two days ago, one of the managers was on my cash, and stubbornly had his mask under his chin, even while I questioned, poked and prodded him to act more safely. With a lineup behind me of people not distancing, and not wearing masks, he finally pulled it up over his mouth... but not his nose, never once looking me in the face, ignoring any more of my comments. I asked the line in general "Correcto? Verdad?" and got that deer-in-the-headlights" stare.
  9. Just received this message. Starting tomorrow, Friday Apri 10, 2020: NOTICE: A FREE April 11 edition of the Guadalajara Reporter is now online at www.TheGuadalajaraReporter.Net. No need to log in or subscribe to read this week's virtual print edition or the online stories. Keeping you up to date on the COVID-19 coverage nationally regionally and locally. TO ACCESS THE FULL PAPER, CLICK ON THE "VIRTUAL EDITION" to the right side of the page on the home page. http://s3.amazonaws.com/theguadalajarareporter/virtual/2020/apr/a11-2020/index.html
  10. Ah, if only the phrase "planning and research" was in their vocabulary...
  11. I got stuck behind the dreaded watering truck, but not for long, as guys were out directing us around. What struck me, though: I don't know what kind of trees they put in, but even the slowest growing is going to have roots that break apart that concrete within a few years.
  12. The road is great. The rest is unnecessary, wasteful, and problematic for traffic.
  13. Thanks, cats. Never really noticed the cable connection on the back of the modem. As it stands, I don't really feel like running 30 or 40 feet of cable through my house or even through the walls to my TV. Someone else on this board said there were 10 English channels, though I trust you way more than him.
  14. Wow, lakeside7. A new low in your never-ending stream of complaints. The mask making is a charity: "an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need." In fact, you can't even get them right now, as they are devoting all their energy to helping lakeside villagers, not greedy, self-important, bloviating gringos. So go spend your 30p and feel really good about yourself. I'm disgusted.
  15. Who cares? Who really gives a damn? This thread is about shopping at Soriana. Start another thread.
  16. I have not had occasion to hook up my iLox to my TV to see what it's like. The only people I know who have it, were set uo during installation of their iLox. iLox's Website suggest we use our TV user manual, lol. And so far they have not answered my query. Anyone done this?
  17. Parking lot was full today, but it appeared to be for the long line going into the vet next door. In any case, Sue just messaged me with the new hours. Thanks, everyone.
  18. I suspect that, much like the flowers planted along the highway from the airport to Guad when the G8 (whatever the number was), watering will be curtailed very soon. Too much work, too much money. A stupid idea. Worse than stupid.
  19. EDITED: I thought it was closed, but have been informed by nice people (including Sue from the Shelter) that they've simply changed their hours from 9 til noon. for now. Good to know.
  20. The 01-800-123-2222 works fine from my TelMex landline. Same without the 01. Using just "1" first does not work. On a cell, use only 800.
  21. You won't see those kinds of labels unless they are leaving the big bags in the aisles. So I don't know what you are referring to. The vendors at the tianguis also bring in loads of stuff from the abastos. One reason it isn't nearly as good as it used to be for fresh stuff. You do know that fruit and veg are classed, not just by type but by size and quality. And it's a lot cheaper for someone to buy a class 4 apple than a class 1, and so you see a lot of subpar product out there now. There you will see those bags. In fact, it was Pancho's whole schtick to hit the abastos in the wee hours of the morning to get the best stuff, especially stuff he learned that the expats wanted, to stock the originally very small fruit and veg stand.... and grew it into what you see today. Or at least what it was when he left. Judy King has a chapter in her book about Superlake when Pancho was there. An entire chapter, that explains how they import from the US, and the trials and tribulations they face every step of the way, and the high cost of the effort. Shopping, shipping, trucks, drivers, border duties and import fees, custom labels in Spanish for everything... the list is endless and goes a long way towards explaining the high cost of a lot those things by the time they get here.
  22. Half the stuff in the store is imported from somewhere. And while they may have just received a CostCo shipment yesterday, how long until CostCo loses regular importation? And just maybe the sign is their generalized way of pre-answering dumb questions.
  23. It means next Monday or Tuesday, the 13th or 14th of April, specifically. And border probably means when they are allowed to import stuff.
  24. The link does not work... it is going into your own Yahoo email somehow.
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