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  1. My TelMex speed in Riberas is about 1/8th what it is normally. Something is definitely up (or down). Perfect timing, since my iLox is out too.
  2. He is responding to moronic statements. You should spend less time trying to prove how smart you are. And why pick on him? There are so many far more worthy of your scorn.
  3. In the briefest of time, you managed to join the fray yourself. Hard to resist, isn't it?
  4. Slainte is one of the most successful businessmen I know, with a wide and varying background in many things. He is extremely intelligent, and outside of this board I have never heard him being supercilious, rude, or thoughtless, or patronizing in any way. Take that however you want it, but DO NOT try to suggest he did something or said something to anyone on this board first to warrant that kind of response, because it's just BS.
  5. No. Two emails, no response the second time. My pay due date was Saturday. Natch, they were closed on Good Friday, and I don't think they are open on Saturday. I don't pay online (cannot, won't accept my cards), so maybe that's it. "On the ball", are they?
  6. EVERY comms app has had attacks. WA is encrypted end to end, and is just as good or bad as FB Messenger, FaceTime, Skype, all of them.
  7. Are you up with iLox at the moment, John?
  8. lakeside7, you are number 2 on my list of well-known sh**-disturbers on this board. It only stands to reason you would be my follow-up judger. You are just upset because I've had to put you in your place before for being such a know-it-all "mother" to those who don't need it.
  9. O course, now my iLox is down in Riberas...
  10. iLox responded to my email, on this Easter Sunday, and activated my VOIP.
  11. I don't even know how to set up the iLox VOIP. I've plugged a landline into both ports on the modem and it provides a dial tone, but when I try any number I just get a busy signal. When I call the number from my own phones, I hear a ring but the phone itself does not ring. Modem settings internally show the phone number as idle, with no way to turn it on or off. I have sent an email to the NOC... they have not been very responsive lately. I asked a week ago about the TV channels; no answer.
  12. mudgirl, it really is time you stopped destroying threads with your constant patronizing. No one cares about your pointless and continuous judgey posts. Just because this person opened himself up to the possibility of a personal attack does not mean you have to. But you do at every opportunity. Try to be nice for a change.
  13. And yet people get sick all the time from communal pools at the best of hotels, because truly, who knows how well they maintain them. Just happened to a family member a few months ago on the east coast of Mexico. Sure, someone here will say it wasn't the pool. We say it was.
  14. Hello dere! Each membership card allows one person inside the store, and each member is only allowed to buy so many of each thing: chickens, canned goods, water, various "select" goods. So if they have two memberships and 20 people want water, 16 of those people are probably out of luck. I do NOT know if they have made any kind of arrangements with management, considering they are running a business that had two previous owners, at least one of whom started getting their goods delivered lakeside from Costco after the bus-burning incidents along the corrider to Chapala some years back.
  15. A drawback I discovered recently is they only maybe two memberships to CostCo, and thus are limited in the number of items of any one type that they can purchase. So that is causing part of the inventory problem with deliveries.
  16. You must call and report because it may be an isolated case. CFE and TelMex only respond to an "area" if they get more than two calls about the same thing.
  17. But I agree with your first post, ibarra. This board is ostensibly here to offer help, especially to newcomers, but questions like that are impossible to answer in the greater sense.
  18. Industry sources have argued the factory is an export-only plant that operates under special rules that allow it to import raw materials and parts duty-free, on the condition they be re-exported and not sold on the local market.
  19. As reported elsewhere on this board: directly from Pancho's mouth: staying open.
  20. Try Farmacias Similares. https://www.farmaciasdesimilares.com/#!/busqueda/555/alcanfor-mentol-eucalipto-trementina-salicilato-de-metilo-ungüento
  21. If you have FaceBook, here's exactly what's been happening this afternoon at the split coming into Chapala from Guadalajara, by the Ch. Haciendas retorno. Lots of cars being turned around, some then just parking on the side of the highway to ponder their next move... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3524904010858791&id=100000176810278
  22. Is there a link out on the Web somewhere that says: Click here to join the conspiracy theorists group? Because we have a new group of haters and negators. Almost all the recent posts are from new members of this Board.
  23. It is also Good Friday, and many many stores are closed.
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